UPDATE ALERT Simpsons Season 29 Premiere: The Serfsons Epsiode Tie-In Has Arrived!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Right on cue, EA has served up another season premiere episode tie-in for us to enjoy! This time themed around this Sunday’s upcoming episode…The Serfsons!

I’ll be back once I pull all the info we need from the game…so, for now, know that Lisa kicks things off…

More info below the fold (updating as I go through it)

Things kick off with some dialogue from Lisa…

Lisa: Ah, this is the life.  No jazz-haters, no pageants, just me and the only friend I need: a good book.  You’ll never betray me, will you, Angelica Button?  I’ll take that paper cut as a no.

This will be followed by a 4hr task for Lisa (to DayDream while reading).  You’ll also have to place the Free All Smelling Tower.

All Smelling Tower– Free, 5×5 in size.

And there’s one lone NEW premium item in the store….

Treestache’s Grove- 60 Donuts, 1% Bonus on all Cash and XP 4×4 in size

And that’s it.  Super short, a few items and a short questline.  Something to get you excited for the Season Premiere on Sunday!

Episode tie-ins are notoriously short.  It’ll only last through the weekend when an end date of Monday, October 2nd.  This lines us up quite nicely to see Halloween 2017 on Tuesday, October 3rd….

What are your thoughts on the tie-in?  Excited for the premiere on Sunday?  Ready for Halloween? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

110 responses to “UPDATE ALERT Simpsons Season 29 Premiere: The Serfsons Epsiode Tie-In Has Arrived!

  1. Well I was a lil late so,I didn’t receive the tower. Insert a few choice words here #*$@** EA. Maybe they add at end of Halloween event.

  2. Free All Smelling Tower (thanks for the freebie, EA)
    Treestache’s Grove (no more NPC’s, EA – just nope!)
    Krusty Drive-Thru Station (thanks for the discount, EA!)

  3. Krusty Drive-Thru Station is back (and discounted!). Yee-Ha (also bought the Rich Texan)! I think they are trying to deplete our dounts pre-Halloween.

  4. Xavier Marin Garau

    I have just bought the Krusty Station, but when it was originally released there were parts of the station to expand it. Do you know if these parts will be available this time?

  5. Just finished the tie-in mini event. This morning I woke up to the chili cook off event. (This is an event I missed out on previously – so maybe it’s something I need heading into Halloween?) strange…

    • What “chili cook-off event”? I get no such thing! 😦

      • He’s talking about Homer’s Chiliad event from 2016. The same happend to me on one of my three devices where I didn’t finish the Chiliad event back then. It started at the same point where I had left it off, I can now produce chilies again, and there’s even a section for the Chiliad’s premium items in the store. Probably a bug, but a really strange one for sure.

      • After reading posts from other people, it seems that there is a “classic mini event” reboot for people who missed events in the past. A lot of folks got the “Deep Space Homer” event, some got “Rommelwood Academy”, etc.. I think there were 5 different events to pop up this morning (Sep 28). I got “Homer’s Chilad”.

        • Right, okay. Thanks to both for the explanation. I guess that explains the deep space homer “event” that my game is on right now. Cool, I guess. Wonder what other events there are, or if they’ll kick in upon completion of the current one. And annoyed that my Rail Yard issue still isn’t resolved (like what some are experiencing; though others have better luck) – track isn’t reset despite completion yesterday. Seems like so far no one knows why it worked for some and not others 😕

  6. My monorail prizes reset yesterday, now there are double monorail blueprints and a bunch of monorail content… what is going on?! We got the Lisa mini event last night, now a “Cheap Space Homer” event and a monorail event… crazy stuff!!

  7. I completed my monorail event really quickly this week, and have everything full to start next week, I don’t seem to be able to buy tracks again ?

    • Yeah, I’m the same. In my B-town, I finished it last night and the track reset. So I can work on another 5 donuts there.

      Tried storing the rail yard in my main town, just to see if it would reset the track there, but it told me I can’t.

      Oh well. Back to KEM farming!

  8. The Monorail tasks seem to be doubled. I’ve got to get busy to get 5 donuts twice. Glad I got Brandine.

  9. Anybody else being able to repeat the monorail track for donuts? I thought I was finished for the week, but it started over again. I’m gonna get as many donuts as it lets me, especially in this down time.

    • Yes, the monorail now resets once you’re finished rather than once a week.

      • Safi, I haven’t been able to repeat the monorail track, but have a different message at the rail yard: “Stay on track. New prizes available on completion.” Despite that message, all hand-ins (e.g., “small parts”) are grayed out as “completed.” I have plenty of resources, (I’m maxed out and then some) too. Any thoughts?

      • Hmmm….my monorail hasn’t reset. Still says completed even though everything is restocked 🙁

  10. Does treestache perform missions?

  11. This must be one of the smallest episode tie-ins I have seen so far probably because there is no returning items with it (could of been a good opportunity for the Old Tree Spirit to return), on the bright side at least there is downtime for me to finish the quests from Homerpalooza, work on Springfield Heights and get more donuts for Halloween since I passed on some items from the last Halloween event.

  12. Argh!
    Part 3 requires Bart
    Thankfully, I’ve only sent my characters on 8 hour tasks and I can rush Bart for free in 30 minutes.
    Send ’em on 4 hour tasks – no more than 4 hours.

  13. This blew chunks which makes me fearful for the upcoming Halloween event

  14. Should I still be able to earn ribbons? I never even started the fair quest as I thought it was an awful event. But still cannot send majority of major characters on ‘all do 12 hr jobs’ as they still have earn ribbon tasks?

  15. Ok, so the monorail prize track is now not limited to a weekly reset, plus anyone else noticed the Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant produces more blueprints than before? This with the Angelica Button narrative- Are we getting a platform 9&3/4 monorail station??? 🤔🤔🤔

  16. I also got the monorail donut glitch. It just started over again

  17. Saving my donuts for Halloween!!! Love it!!

  18. I want bats and coffins for the Halloween event. I just got Frank (Grimmy) Grimes through the vault and I’m totally diggin the animation and quest so far. But I hope EA goes with the tie in for the Halloween event ghost, vampires, magic. Oh and more costumes for the kids. I really enjoy the third and fifth seasons of THOH episode’s. I’d be interested in seeing what the community of addicts would stack up their favorite season or episode, or have you already done that before?

  19. Monorail Bonuts text has changed (from “new prizes available weekly” to “new prizes available on completion”), so… maybe we can get +5 donuts every day or two? AND just in time for Halloween? That would be freaking amazing!

  20. I meant a couple of players have commented on “monorail tasks”

  21. Cant wait for the Halloween event! Hope its not like last year tho, i liked much better the one with the fire where the kids told stories and got marshmellows and stuff.

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