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Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough: Ay! Nada es Bueno! Bumblebee Man

Hi Tappers!

Back with another premium walkthrough.  The continuation of the level 23 quest if you will, on the premium side.  Let’s take a look at what happens when you purchase Bumblebee Man….

New Character Unlock!
bumblebee man character unlock message

A Del Dos Sano Terrible
After Tapping Bumblebee Man

Bumblebee Man: Ah! Un bueno dia to playa beisbol in the parko!
Make Bumblebee Man Ay, Dios no me ama!- 30 min

After tapping Bumblebee Man

Bumblebeen Man: Ay! Nada es bueno in el world-o!
Make Bumblebee Man Nada Es Bueno!– 1hr

Bumblebeen Man’s Secret Shame-O
After tapping on Bumblebee Man

Bumblebee Man: I have a terrible confession to make- I don’t understand Spanish. I’m from Norway!
Lisa: Really? How is that even possible?
Bumblebee Man: I only know a few Spanish words and phrases. Ay, ay, ay, es muy mal!…is one of them.
Reach Level 12
Build the Library
Make Bumblebee Man Attend Lessones Espanolas
– 4hrs

Me Averiado el Cuerpo!
After tapping Bumblebee Man

Bumblebee Man: Me wonder-o-que is la Senorita doing-a?
Reach Level 20
Build the Town Hall
Make Bumblebee Man Commenco El Divorcio!- 

Dateline: Unemployment
After tapping Bumblebeen Man

Brockman: …I am sorry, but I dont go on without my danish! It’s my journalistic credo! I don’t care, I want my Danish! PRUNE! What? What do you mean you don’t need me? That’s not on the cue cards.
Bumblebeen Man: My moment is finally here! My stinger can barely contain itself!
Make Bumblebee Man Fill In as News Anchor– 8hrs

Channel Ocho!
After tapping Bumblebee Man

Bumblebeen Man: Time for work-o! Ay-chee-wawa!
Make Bumblebee Man Acto en Show el Channel Ocho- 24hrs

And with that, your Bumblebee Man, and level 23, quest has come to an end!

What a Wookie wants… MORE HOUSES

So I’m sure we all agree that we would like some new houses instead of perpetually creating doubles of the ones we have to flush out our Evergreen Terrace.  I decided to feature homes for people we already have plus a couple extras.  These additions actually shouldn’t be too hard to add as most Simpsons homes basically look similar.  NOTE:  I am not computer programmer so I completely wrong about this.  Without further ado here we go…

First off we have the Hibbert house…

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Should I Spend Donuts on Bumblebee Man?

Wondering if you should spend donuts on Bumblebee Man?   Well before you hit that confirm button, lets break down the Pros and Cons of adding Bumblebee Man to your Springfield.
bumblebee man character unlock message
Character: Bumblebee Man
Donut Price: 60 donuts
-He’s one of the more inexpensive premium characters
-His quests are in Spanish
-Earns 50% more than regular characters on all tasks
-Comes with a quest, and a secret that you can only uncover by playing his quest out.
-Has few long outdoor tasks, and requires a lot of other buildings that you may not have to complete the longer indoor tasks (Library, Town Hall, Channel 6)
-No interaction with other characters
Final Thought: As a whole I’d say go for it, but not until you’ve progressed past level 20 in the game. Then most of the buildings will be unlocked for you to build.

Bumblebee Man’s Task List:

Task Length Payout Building
Whoa es me! 10m $26/7xp Channel 6
Ay, Dios No Me Ama! 30m $60/15xp Outside
Nada Es Bueno 60m $105/26xp Outside
Attend Lessones Espanoles 4hours $300/70xp Library
Fill in As News Anchor 8hours $420/105xp Channel 6
Commenco el Divorcio 12hours $600/150xp Town Hall
Acto en Show El Channel Ocho 24hours $1000/225xp Channel 6

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