What a Wookie wants… MORE HOUSES

So I’m sure we all agree that we would like some new houses instead of perpetually creating doubles of the ones we have to flush out our Evergreen Terrace.  I decided to feature homes for people we already have plus a couple extras.  These additions actually shouldn’t be too hard to add as most Simpsons homes basically look similar.  NOTE:  I am not computer programmer so I completely wrong about this.  Without further ado here we go…

First off we have the Hibbert house…

Next… Moe’s home…

Of course, what neighborhood would be complete without Professor Frink’s humble abode

How about some generic houses EA?  Watching the Simpsons movie gave me a couple great images (yes I took pics of my TV lol).


Lots of new colors to include my favorite… The yellow house.  I really, really want a yellow house in my town.  That’s where I’d live!

Here’s 2 more… Not sure if this first one is actually Bumblebee Man’s residence but it appears so.

If you remember this scene from the movie, you’ll know the next shot was the Sea Captains houseboat and him pulling away to avoid Lisa.  I must admit I tried to put his house on water in Evergreen Terrace when Squidport first started with no luck.  I think that would have been awesome if it had been possible.  (hint hint EA)

Lastly, because I want to place this with the other apartment building and give EA a chance to add Manjula and the octoplets… Apu’s residence

Just a couple of the residences we could have added for our enjoyment…   I know we all look forward to future characters, but I would settle for these and maybe some new regular decorations.  Here’s to future amazingness in our favorite game!  You stay classy Tapperinos…  What houses would you like to see added?

7 responses to “What a Wookie wants… MORE HOUSES

  1. Like to see the older buildings come back

  2. What about the president’s house that was across the street from the Simpsons? And they really should add the maison derrière. Maybe the “republican headquarters” castle too! Oh and the stone cutters 😉

  3. Brilliant list of dwellings here wookie. Definitely need more houses. Got 4 brown houses to create some barracks to go with fort sensible and training dummy but that’s as close as I’ll get to house farming

  4. I think at this point i would like to see any new houses.

    Was a bit disappointed that the decorations in kl were the same, I’m for new flowers.

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