Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough: Ay! Nada es Bueno! Bumblebee Man

Hi Tappers!

Back with another premium walkthrough.  The continuation of the level 23 quest if you will, on the premium side.  Let’s take a look at what happens when you purchase Bumblebee Man….

New Character Unlock!
bumblebee man character unlock message

A Del Dos Sano Terrible
After Tapping Bumblebee Man

Bumblebee Man: Ah! Un bueno dia to playa beisbol in the parko!
Make Bumblebee Man Ay, Dios no me ama!- 30 min

After tapping Bumblebee Man

Bumblebeen Man: Ay! Nada es bueno in el world-o!
Make Bumblebee Man Nada Es Bueno!– 1hr

Bumblebeen Man’s Secret Shame-O
After tapping on Bumblebee Man

Bumblebee Man: I have a terrible confession to make- I don’t understand Spanish. I’m from Norway!
Lisa: Really? How is that even possible?
Bumblebee Man: I only know a few Spanish words and phrases. Ay, ay, ay, es muy mal!…is one of them.
Reach Level 12
Build the Library
Make Bumblebee Man Attend Lessones Espanolas
– 4hrs

Me Averiado el Cuerpo!
After tapping Bumblebee Man

Bumblebee Man: Me wonder-o-que is la Senorita doing-a?
Reach Level 20
Build the Town Hall
Make Bumblebee Man Commenco El Divorcio!- 

Dateline: Unemployment
After tapping Bumblebeen Man

Brockman: …I am sorry, but I dont go on without my danish! It’s my journalistic credo! I don’t care, I want my Danish! PRUNE! What? What do you mean you don’t need me? That’s not on the cue cards.
Bumblebeen Man: My moment is finally here! My stinger can barely contain itself!
Make Bumblebee Man Fill In as News Anchor– 8hrs

Channel Ocho!
After tapping Bumblebee Man

Bumblebeen Man: Time for work-o! Ay-chee-wawa!
Make Bumblebee Man Acto en Show el Channel Ocho- 24hrs

And with that, your Bumblebee Man, and level 23, quest has come to an end!

8 responses to “Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough: Ay! Nada es Bueno! Bumblebee Man

  1. Ok to ulock the library it said skinner promote s it nothing is happing do I need lisa skinner and bumblebee man free thanks birdlover6

    • Just make sure you have completed all the quests prior to it. Like the ones with Bart and Milhouse. If you have, and it still hasn’t triggered…try putting the Elementary in storage (this will pull Skinner out of the game with it). Once you have put it in storage, then log out and restart your device. Once it powers back up, log back in, go to your cardboard inventory storage box, replace the Elementary school back into the game (this will bring Skinner back too) then see if the quest starts.

      Let me know if that helps. 😉

  2. I can’t start his questline. What do I do?

  3. I love him. Got him as soon as I could afford the cost. His lines is pigeon Spanish is hilarious. El woohoo!

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