Name Notifications-UPDATED

Many of you are now noticing a new type of notification popping up in your games. Letting you know a neighbor has ventured in there. It looks something like this…(this is from my Galaxy S4)

2014-04-07 12.08.02-1








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What a Wookie wants… MORE HOUSES

So I’m sure we all agree that we would like some new houses instead of perpetually creating doubles of the ones we have to flush out our Evergreen Terrace.  I decided to feature homes for people we already have plus a couple extras.  These additions actually shouldn’t be too hard to add as most Simpsons homes basically look similar.  NOTE:  I am not computer programmer so I completely wrong about this.  Without further ado here we go…

First off we have the Hibbert house…

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“Oh Good Glayven!”

Hello Addicts!!! 🙂

My Name is Bunny, you may remember me from such 2D pics as Troy McClure, Itchy & Scratchy, and many more to come. I was given the opportunity to share some of my geek habits with you. I have been a tomboy most of my life. My first geek obsession was Star Wars (I have too many collectibles to name). As a young kid, I stumbled across the Simpsons in their rarest form and fell in love. It still makes me giggle to think they are still up and running all these years. 🙂

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Should I Spend Donuts on Frink’s Lab?

Wondering if you should add Professor Frink and his Lab to your Springfield?   Well before you hit that confirm button, lets break down the Pros and Cons of adding Frink’s Lab to your Springfield.

TSTO Frink's Lab
Building Name: Frink’s Lab
Donut Price: 150 Donuts
Dimensions: 6×7
Payout: $150 & 11XP every 3hours
Return on Investment: $1.00/.073XP/Donut Spent
-Increases your Indolence Rating by 10 points.
-Good Glavin! It unlocks Professor Frink, a premium character with his own tasks to earn income.
-Comes with a quest line for Professor Frink.
-Professor Frink has some really cool outside tasks, like riding his flying machine and testing a gizmo.
-A little on the pricey side.
Final: It’s hard to think of reasons not to add Frink’s Lab and the good Professor to Springfield, aside from the cost. It’s a great addition to Springfield and helps increase your Indolence rating (with out having to add more Brown Houses)!

Want to find out more about Frink?  Check out his Character Profile here

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