Oh Origin!! Server Issues

Hey there Hoppereenos, it seems everyone is LITERALLY jumping on the bandwagon after the Google Play Update for TSTO hit a lil bit ago. Since then, those pesky lil servers are on overload. Some are in their games, others not so lucky.

bart screen

For now the status of the servers show as online, so I am wondering if there are isolated patches where more traffic is hitting. Hang in there. Some have been able to get in after a simple restart. It always comes back.  If not, well…they will have to deal with the wrath of one angry fluffy Bunny. Lol.





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  1. Plz reply immediately I having a problem with my tapped out it says I hate this screen and it canny connect to server I have no clue what to do? I need help? I’m using s iPhone 5c iOS 11

  2. Was saying can’t connect to server all day yesterday I tried everything to no avail then late last night before bedtime I thought I’d try one more time I force stopped and deleted cache and my game started updating then let me on yeyyy but when woke this morning it’s back to saying can’t connect to server.. I’m dying here lool

  3. I was locked out of my game all day yesterday tried everything to no avail then very late last night I decided one last try before bed I force stopped and deleted cach the game started updating and let me on but woke up this morning and hey can’t connect to server again

  4. After 4 days still cannot connect not happy !!!

  5. hi. currently having a problem, i have over 5000 emblems, however, it wont move onto the next personal prize. i have the the sacred parchment, but it hasnt appeared as that ive unlocked in the list of emblem prizes. any ideas?

  6. “Can not connect to server” screen is all I am getting after missing a day (out of town) game has sent me back to square one (still signed in) a few time in the past few days, now haven’t been able to connect all morning. went to EA, they want me to do a survey, it will only let me choose from apple devices… I want my stone cutters!!!

  7. I had this issue for like 8 hours on may 27 … and today it has been over 16 hours without being able to load… i just get the bart screen… homer loading with rotating donut… bart screen…

  8. I know this thread is from a few days ago, but is anyone else having problems connecting to TSTO? I’ve tried about 8 times in the past 5 minutes, but I’m also on public wifi. I checked the EA/origin page and didn’t see any known issues there.

    I also logged on around 5 hours ago from work, and everything was fine. I’m on Android from my GS4.

  9. Has anyone had any issues getting into their Krustyland? I haven’t seen the park in a week. My game crashes every time I try to enter…

  10. Man that was driving me nuts last night. My internet tends to get wonky in the rain anyway, so I was checking everything when my town would not load. Finally realized it was the game after an hour and a half. I should have just gone to bed.

  11. Still no luck logging in. I even uninstall and reinstall the game on my iPhone 4s daily, just in case there’s an update. Am considering having the Blue Haired Lawyer write a strongly-worded letter to EA. :p

  12. Out of my fog & tappin again. didn’t think you’d get rid of me that easily did you?


    My IPhone 4S is working great so far 🙂

  13. I can, thankfully, get into my game on my iOS devices, but there is still a lot of lag in the game 🙁 Good news is I have decided to take this time and have a little fun redecorating. I’ve found that if you are in the build/move/rearrange screen there is no lag at all…

  14. Popping back in to say that I still can’t get into my A game on my Le Pan ii, but got into my B game fast as on a SG3! Arrrgg, A has gotten about 60% better on the lag in friends towns but still a bit laggy in mine after today’s update (and I’m only level 21). Was completely locked out of B from Easter to mini update before today and now flawless. Go figure!

    • Lol. Yah. My GS4 was back to all pretty. Now…EA techs are in it again checking stuff. They have been using it last week to test some stuff due to the embedded issues in it since January. Hoping to fix problems once and for all. So even if I wanted to play…I can’t. Lol. But I don’t mind. If it helps all of you too…I am happy to sacrifice my game. Lol. 😉

  15. I’m able to log in on my Galaxy s3, but not on my Kindle HD. Weird.

  16. I was able to pay lag free and also visited my neighbors without getting kicked out once. Yay. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  17. Thanks Bunny, was wondering if it is on my end or theirs!

  18. I haven’t been able to log on all evening! Very frustrating. The game was working fine today until around 7 pm Pacific time.

  19. I haven’t been able to get into my game since yesterday! I’ve done all the usual things to try, but nothing’s worked so far. Soon neighbours will get fed-up of not having me clear my town.

  20. Oh well. Bed time anyway. Maybe it’ll be better tomorrow…G’Nite.

  21. Well, that was cruel. I haven’t been able to play the game on my iOS devices since the Easter update. I was hoping the update would’ve fixed things. And after I was lucky enough to FINALLY get the game working on a crappy android device yesterday, they take that all away from me. I have been playing this from the very beginning and never really experienced any bugs or glitches until after Easter. I don’t understand why they would roll out level 41 when so many users haven’t been able to play since the Post-Easter Update of Doom.

    • I had same. My game working after months of issues. I just think that everyone rushed the server at once and it is causing overload as it is only hitting sporadically and not everyone. Hang in there. They always come back.

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