The Glitch Report: Valentine’s Day Edition, Another Addicts Open Thread


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Saturday to you…or is it?!  We’ve been seeing reports in the comments left and right from Tappers for the last couple of days about all kinds of new glitches that have been introduced with the Valentine’s Day update.   We’re seeing reports of everything from the servers not connecting (for over a day), Whale troubles, games crashing & some Tappers just being locked out completely..oh and let’s not forget those glitching roses!

Just for some basic info for our favorite Addicted Tappers…if you’re experiencing glitches with the Valentine’s Day update follow some of these basic troubleshooting steps:

Basic Troubleshooting
Game Constantly Crashing

And if those don’t work for you…as always we suggest Contacting EA and opening up a support ticket with them.  While they are sometimes slow to resolve the issues, they are very helpful and do their best to resolve your problem and make things right as soon as possible.  AND they often reward donuts for your troubles!

NOW..onto the point of this post.  Since we’re such an AMAZING Community of Addicted Tappers here at TSTO Addicts we thought you guys could benefit from each other as well.  So on this open thread tell us if you’re experiencing a glitchy TSTO.  Let us know what the glitch is, what you’ve done so far, if you’ve contact EA & if anything has resolved the problem yet.

You never know…another Tapper could be experiencing the EXACT SAME PROBLEM…and could benefit from your input!  So share your glitches and your feedback…it’ll help you become less glitchy about the problems! (see what I did there?) 🙂

So share, share, share…we can’t wait to chat with you!

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66 responses to “The Glitch Report: Valentine’s Day Edition, Another Addicts Open Thread

  1. Problems with LAYERS the characters seem to disappear behind houses and fences, so all you can see sometimes is there feet walking along. This all started after the valentines update. I was wondering if it was just my simpsons Town, but I now see others with the same problem.


    I think I have everything others have put down here. I contacted EA and got a response, sent them all my information. Version, operating system, ect. heard back from them the next day or so and was told the problem was bigger than they thought and they would work on it. Meanwhile, I play what I can and hit the “b” game a little more! I just hope I don’t lose all my special little guys, building and deco! Love this site!

    • Glad EA is helping you out! Hopefully they’ll get it up and running for you soon! Glad you have a “B” game to fall back too! And thank you for the kind words! We love you too! 🙂

  3. I’ve got a… curious… glitch/issue…

    When my Springfieldians finish tasks/when I set them to do tasks, sometimes they have multiple sound bites playing on top of each other (doesn’t happen with all voiced characters, just most of them).

    Not sure how long it’s happened, only noticed it earlier when I had my headphones in as I was playing it whilst listening to my music.

  4. lately, when I visit other Springfields, there is not a single valentine available. there might be one Springfield that I can actually use my actions out of 5. Is this a glitch or is it because people aren’t collecting others? any ideas??

    • Could be due to so many are not able to get into their games too. Locked out for hours, so no way to clear out the cards in their towns. It is frustrating to a LOT of active Addicts to not be able to play and they are losing neighbors due to it.

  5. To Kemix1006. I have tried to add you but as I have a lot of friends it says I’m full (even though I only have 96 now I deleted some & I can click on requests to add me). Some EA fault no doubt! I play all day every day so if you want to friend me u must add me & I will accept. alessandra774 or alonsosasha (I have 2 games, 2nd game alessandra774) is level 34 & 1st game, alonsosasha is level 38. If I see yr request in the next few days I will add you. I go to every friend’s town every day.

  6. Did some checking – but not done yet – if I head over to Krustyland before collecting Valentines, they are not there to collect when I return. What I haven’t checked yet, is whether they are being credited before they disappear.

    • I have heard a few reports of this happening. I have not yet been able to recreate it myself. My suggestion is to screenshot your progress and keep it handy. If it IS effecting game play, I would notify EA on it. They need to be aware of stuff like that (not to mention compensation if it applies. 😉 )

  7. My characters have stopped walking around since yesterday. They just wait for tasks, and then will do them correctly. At least they did, but now Apu is just standing in front of the Kwik-E-Mart, feeding the octuplets, without walking anywhere at all…. I want them to wander, the way they used to.

    • I saw this off and on with the last two events. I think it is just an overload of information. Sorry. You can try restarting your device to see if it triggers them. Outside of that, not much else.

      You can report it to EA too if you want. Just to give them the heads up.

  8. Funniest glitch so far was when Brandine cheated on her task: I told her to watch TV but when I visited that town from my B game, Brandine was fighting terrorists. (I hadn’t gotten to that stage of her quest, so I had no idea why she had gone a-hunting…maybe it was the effects of the possum stew.)

    I also seem to be getting more than 3 Valentines a day from friends, especially if I collect Valentines, go to a neighbour, then return to my town–I might have more Valentines I just collected.

    Love the site! 🙂

    • Nothing wrong with a glitch in your favor, right? Lol 😉

      And thanks so much for being a part of the madness that is the Addicts. 😉

  9. I was through level 38 and as soon as I loaded the update it put me back to 37 and I had to redo all of the 38 missions.. not a big deal just figured it was worth mentioning.

    • I see a lot of people experiencing this. Due to this does effect the game play, I would suggest contacting EA and open a ticket and seeing if they can correct it or compensate you for the issue.

  10. The oddest glitch I’m running into is that random character sayings are playing as I enter my friend’s towns to collect hearts. It’s very weird.

    • That is weird…a little creepy too. 😉

    • I got the impression it was actually a new feature to announce long awaited connections to other Springfields.

    • I’ve been having this happen too, and there is also a glitch that kicks me off the server continuously when I go to visit friends, and it won’t let me add the friends that have sent me requests on this site, so I’m sorry to anyone who has recently befriended me 🙁
      I have logged a ticket and after several e-mails they have said their specialists are working on it.

  11. I cant login in the game. My credentials are correct, and also..- it shows the pop-up “An errored occured while processingthe login, please retry”. I’ll send out a screenshot.

  12. Same as many tappers below- texture glitches where buildings/people/decorations overlap. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling but same thing. I hope they release a hotfix or that it goes away when the event is over.

    • It is crazy, but I can’t help but giggle and laugh when I see lil legs dancing a jig or doing other things while barely sticking out under a building. I keep checking the files to see if a patch or fix hits. I am hoping something does. In the meantime, I am encouraging all having issue to contact EA if anything to let them know how many effected and how far spread.

  13. I had been lucky and glitch free, except for the occasional texture glitches, until this event. I frequently can’t get in the game with server issues or the game crashing right away when enter Springfield. When I am on it is very difficult to collect hearts as I crash every three or do neighbors. I have some neighbors, about ten, that I can’t access at all as their towns crash my game every time I try to enter. I have to I keep an eye on where they are on my friends list so that I can skip over them by going to the main friends screen and not using the quick advance buttons. because of this i am glad that friends are now alphabetical.

  14. I haven’t had any problems with the game, myself truth be told. Though as soon as the Valentines update rolled out and I was tasked with making Valentines Day roses…well, I was in the middle of making corn. The game AUTO FINISHED THE CORN for me and gave me the full profit of the crop, XP and all. Either way, I would LOVE to have more friends if possible, I’m Kemix1006 on Origin, so…yea.

  15. I posted this the other day but have still yet to find a solution…. It’s my wife’s town and she is NOT happy

    I will send a screenshot as well

    (1) numerous brown and blue houses including simpsons and Flanders have got stuck in placement mode and are highlighted green. I have followed steps to resolve them, but I do not have the option to store them.
    (2) my farm was half way through growing roses and reset
    (3) my rose bush I have collected is highlighted and unable to store, as well as not registering toward task goal of “harvest and place 3 rose bushes”
    (4) random trash is appearing
    (5) my “cherub bird bath” has disappeared and been replaced with a piece of trash

    I play primarily on kindle but sometimes log in on my iPod.
    I have followed troubleshooting steps for some of these issues already including:
    Logging out, restart device
    Uninstall/clear cookies and cache/ reinstall
    All with no results. I have opened a ticket with EA… But you know…

    • 🙁 I got your email. It is really odd that it has spread like that. I saw a similar glitch months back, but it never bothered game play. I hope EA gets back to you, hang in there. If we hear anything more, we will pass it on too.

  16. I still cannot get into my game. After the l log in the donuts turn a couple of times then the app sends me to the phone’s main screen. Contacted EA and my game is still a no go. I tried all the troubleshooting advice and tried another device. No TSTO since Thursday. 🙁

  17. There are about four neighbors whom I cannot visit. As soon as I tap on their Springfields, my game crashes. It weird because all their usernames start with either a “S” or a “T”.

  18. Mine is something I have not seen on here, but is mentioned multiple times on the EA forums. The game graphics seem to be losing track of which building, which decoration, and which character is on which graphics layer. characters will disappear behind buildings and decorations. Some buildings will overlap others, Buildings and decorations overlap each other incorrectly. I have tried all of the standard fixes as listed in Bunny’s post referenced above, but they didn’t help. So far I have seen no responses from EA in the forums.

  19. It seems like the building and the character layers are not working right, I guess it would be a glitch. When I have duffman party at the brewery all u can see is his feet. It looks like hes inside it. I contacted EA im just waiting to see what will happen

  20. This is the third day that I can’t play. It wants me to do an update but the update just won’t update. I’ve uninstalled reinstalled tryed getting the update from my app provider (Im with 1mobile because my android won’t allow google play) didn’t work I contacted EA support talk with a very help games advisor. He/She said that they would send the problem on to the the right team to look into it, and they would e-mail me back. Well still waiting with no luck. My partner is having the same problem. But to help with my tapping addiction, I’ve found a new thing to tap on. My partners belly. She laughs like homer dose when u tap on him, plus she has more sayings as well. 🙂 I wonder if its us Aussie’s having the problem?

    • It seems to be hitting in waves…U.S., U.K., etc.

      But in other news…I am giggling at your description of belly tapping. 😉

      All you need to do now is have her give you donuts and you will be set. Lol

      • Gday Bunny thanks for the great idea! Guess what? It worked! They were pink and radioactive just like in tapped out. Now I’m turning yellow, my hair has fallen out and I now sound like Marge woho! Im off to Springfield now “Hey Ma I’m on T.V”

        • WOOHOO!!! I am so glad that it all worked out for you. I hate it when I want to help a reader and can’t. This makes me very Hoppy…errrr…happy 😉

  21. I’m a bit panicked right now: I logged into my Springfield and it said that my other device hadn’t saved, so I thought it was just a couple of XPs not collected, and I continued anyway.
    Turns out I entered a Springfield full of buildings lying arround and no decorations at all, lots of hearts and level 17 or so! Is it possible that they mixed my account with someone else’s? I’m level 38 with a massive spriengfield, 50 smthg hearts and about $2 mil!
    Any ideas? I don’t want to login again and make the problem worse!

  22. Thank you for this open thread! I’ve been able to get in today for an hour, so I did everything I could and assigned long tasks just in case. We’ll see how it goes. I bought PQBs, Up Up and Buffet, Howard’s Flowers, and Shauna so I don’t miss out if I can’t get in again…I already had Brandine purchased so I have all premiums except the Whale (which says new, not limited, so I know I’ll be able to grab it later) and the cozy hammock. I didn’t want to have any regrets.
    I’m hoping if I can win the poetry contest to have donuts for the whale and hammock! (And the Bowlarama)
    Alissa, your town is amazing! I was looking around and love all your limited time items! That fireworks thing at the end of the beach is divine! And the Welcome To Springfield and Isotopes displays!
    Anyway, thank you guys for hearing me out and listening to me!! I love you guys!

    • Aww thank you and you’re welcome! I did a lot of designing back over the summer when I had more time. 🙂

  23. Does anyone know why I cannot leave Valentine’s in some friends’ towns when it shows that I have 3 actions? They have the update and have Valentine’s decorations but I do not see floating cards on anyone in some of these towns.

    • Most likely because they haven’t cleared the Valentines sent to them by other tappers yet. Check out this post for more details: 🙂

      • So to that i remind you to not only visit your neighboreenos..but go in and gather your own valentines- they were sent with much ‘will you be mines ‘n such’ i think this method of acquiring hearts is very cool on EAs part. You get the majority from your visits to your friends- but they need to be ready to accept your high-di- ho- neighbor. 🙂

  24. The first two days of the update I was locked out from 12pm EST to 7pm EST. Since then i have received the “cannot connect to server” many times. I have found that it only goes away if i fully quite the game, sometimes a device restart is the only way to fully quit then open it back up, I then am able to connect again every time.

    Also it likes to freeze up while I am visiting friends. I have found that if I just don’t tap too fast it avoids this. I think this is because if someone had 30 characters all inside a building they all start piling out with cards above their heads as soon as I arrive. That is a lot for my device to handle so if I try to tap three people in 0.1 seconds it freezes.

  25. Mine still hasn’t been fixed. Mine rolled back to begining of level 38 (I know not that bad but I had already completed it once). I’m afraid to play, even though I had already started the Valentines Quest line before it rolled back. I did submit an e-mail to EA though. Hopefully it gets resolved soon because now I feel like I’m behind the 8-ball on giving/getting Valentines. :’-(

  26. Helloooo

    I’m trying to decide whether to buy up up and buffet! Or PQB’s parlor! Any suggestions?! Thanks much!

    • The Up Up and Buffet would be a better deal because characters can use it. It unlocks a special 10hr task for a handful of characters. See this post for more details on that. BUT it takes 2 days to generate cash for you…where as Phineas will earn you income every 16hrs. We’ll have full Should I buys up on each one soon. 🙂

  27. I can’t seem to get the full features of the new neighbor/friend thing. I haven’t rechecked this yet since I’ve restarted my device, but when I try to scroll through my neighbors I get to the end of the first 4 or so that shows then it kind of bounces/springs back to the top of the list. I’m hoping it’s a different story when I return.

  28. I can hear my game but I can’t see it. I have to restart my tablet evertime I want to play. All attempts to contact EA have gotten me nowhere. To say it frustrating would be an understatement.

  29. The update has been fine for me so far. The only weird things I noticed the other day was characters in Krustyland doing Springfield tasks instead. Homer was playing with his iPad in Krustyland along with Milhouse flying a plane. The other weird thing was that I magically got logged into someone else’s town. I tapped their buildings for them like a nice neighbor, left, and got back in my town.

  30. Suzanne Shisley

    After the update one of my Springfields looked right, missions started before update were still going, cash seemed a little low, but I recently bought a bunch of land so I’m not 100% sure. Anyway, a day later I started the Wiggum/ CBG spying mission all over again. I already have the courthouse and the judge. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Last update my other Springfield went missing for two weeks. EA fixed it and gave me 25 donuts for the trouble. I hope I don’t regret seeing how this small glitch plays out.

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