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Free Donuts with Easter Content

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with something many of you may not have noticed (I know I didn’t).  Thanks to a couple of astute readers for pointing it out…EA is giving you 10 Free Donuts with the Ressurection of the Rigellian Christ content (i.e. the returning Easter Content)!

You’ll see this popup appear when you log into your game….

But it’s so ambiguous (and we’re so programmed to see these popups appear whenever there is new content in the store), many of you (myself included) may not have even noticed the free donuts.  But hey free donuts are free donuts, and 10 free donuts are great!  So I wanted to point it out to you…just in case you missed it!

And hey EA, a little note….when you give players free donuts it’s a good thing.  Make it really well known so they don’t miss it! (and say how many your giving)  They’ll like you better for it, I promise!