Free Donuts with Easter Content

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with something many of you may not have noticed (I know I didn’t).  Thanks to a couple of astute readers for pointing it out…EA is giving you 10 Free Donuts with the Ressurection of the Rigellian Christ content (i.e. the returning Easter Content)!

You’ll see this popup appear when you log into your game….

But it’s so ambiguous (and we’re so programmed to see these popups appear whenever there is new content in the store), many of you (myself included) may not have even noticed the free donuts.  But hey free donuts are free donuts, and 10 free donuts are great!  So I wanted to point it out to you…just in case you missed it!

And hey EA, a little note….when you give players free donuts it’s a good thing.  Make it really well known so they don’t miss it! (and say how many your giving)  They’ll like you better for it, I promise!

20 responses to “Free Donuts with Easter Content

  1. I say thank you for the FREE DONUTS 🦄😊
    (just earned final Act One Prize and she’s funny – great one EA)

  2. Free donuts are indeed free donuts, amen to that! Which is appropriate and appreciated with His Holiness arriving in Springfield today – I’m the lightest on donuts that I’ve been in years and there’s so much stuff I want to get.

  3. 10 free donuts, woohoo, along with the kem farming, 5 days left of my 10 day cycle, finding Maggie, railyard, and bonut time with 8 days to go for act 2, even spent 5 million on rat delivery trucks, 250 donuts and counting, hoping to reach 500 in the next 5 days

  4. So you only get the donuts if you bought Easter content? Because I already own that stuff so I don’t get the free donuts?

    • Nope: Everyone got the free donuts. (I already have all of the unique items on offer as well, but it still awarded me the donuts, and then offered to let me buy some random Easter decos.)

  5. Thanks for this! I did not notice the free donuts! As for Shary Bobbins… she is one of the prize from the dreaded wheel of hate event that I did not get. I refuse to spend donuts on her no matter how many times EA brings her back. Just. Won’t. Guess I’m still mad. 😂😂😂

    • LOL!! Well…I finally got her. But, I DO keep her continuously in the air. I never let her down. It takes some quick tappin’…because I like to keep her in front of my Mapple Store (which is in my quantum physics zone), but she never touches the ground. I have the exact same reasons for this as you do…The wHell as I like to call it.

  6. Has anyone heard on ea on a solution for the freezing ? It would nice to join in on the fun

  7. Who reads pop-ups???

  8. When I saw the message this morning, I thought my game must have had the glitch where I see earlier events. Thankfully it was for Easter, not the Christmas event!!

    I can’t see or comprehend basic things at 6am 😀

    • then consider yourself lucky. i got hit with the glitch (again) not too long ago and support pretty much told me to grin and bear with it.
      well at least i dont have to check on it every hour since i cant get bonuts from monorail crafting so thats a plus

  9. I wish that EA would let us see whether or not we received those donuts. In other words, I’d like to receive the message AFTER I have logged in and can see my donut count. I can’t tell if I actually received any or not.

  10. Sharry Bobbins is in the store. I can’t remember ever seeing her available in the store. I’m thinking she must be a rare offer. I want to buy Sharry Bobbins but I want to see what Act 2 has to offer. I mean we have 6 days to buy the Easter content but Act 2 starts in 3 days.

    I will play the waiting game……….

    Ah the waiting game sucks let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos. 😆

  11. I didn’t read it closely enough. I thought it was just a popup letting me know there was a holiday themed item for sale in the store. I mean, it was, but also the free donuts.

  12. Wow, thanks for the information!
    I totally missed this!

  13. I did see it and it’s a nice gift… but.. I would have preferred to play with easternbunnys or eggs instead of criminals or whatever is playing now.
    It’s all the same since tapped out changed.. it not really funny anymore…

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