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3/5/14- In Game Update: Episode Tie-In (Updated and complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Little update just hit our games everyone. ¬†Working through the details now but you’ll need Homer free to complete the first task! ūüôā

Milhouse kicks off the Episode-Tie in with dialogue, so make sure he’s free.

More details as we go through them.

Get to tap tap tapping!

UPDATE 2:45pm EST: Ok guys sorry this info took so long to get out.  Having issues with my phone wanting to cooperate!  Anyway double episode Sunday means 2 part Episode Tie-In.

Part 1¬†should¬†auto-start between Homer and Lisa. ¬†This is a 3 part quest-line where you’ll need to have Homer, Lisa AND Cletus free to complete. ¬†Ending with a new item to grow on Cletus’s farm.

Part 2 will start after you tap Milhouse. ¬†A dialogue will pop up between Milhouse and Bart. ¬†No quests with this, but at the end you’ll be given the option to buy a new premium (NP) character.

So to quickly recap…with out giving away any spoilers….Part 1 will give you a new item to grow on Cletus’s farm and Part 2 will give you the option to purchase a new NPC for donuts. ¬†

Not much too this Episode-Tie in…in fact it’s a little disappointing. ¬†BUT nevertheless more details, including spoilers, below the fold. ¬† Continue reading