3/5/14- In Game Update: Episode Tie-In (Updated and complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Little update just hit our games everyone.  Working through the details now but you’ll need Homer free to complete the first task! 🙂

Milhouse kicks off the Episode-Tie in with dialogue, so make sure he’s free.

More details as we go through them.

Get to tap tap tapping!

UPDATE 2:45pm EST: Ok guys sorry this info took so long to get out.  Having issues with my phone wanting to cooperate!  Anyway double episode Sunday means 2 part Episode Tie-In.

Part 1 should auto-start between Homer and Lisa.  This is a 3 part quest-line where you’ll need to have Homer, Lisa AND Cletus free to complete.  Ending with a new item to grow on Cletus’s farm.

Part 2 will start after you tap Milhouse.  A dialogue will pop up between Milhouse and Bart.  No quests with this, but at the end you’ll be given the option to buy a new premium (NP) character.

So to quickly recap…with out giving away any spoilers….Part 1 will give you a new item to grow on Cletus’s farm and Part 2 will give you the option to purchase a new NPC for donuts.  

Not much too this Episode-Tie in…in fact it’s a little disappointing.  BUT nevertheless more details, including spoilers, below the fold.  

Freedom: New premium character (non-playable)- 40 donuts (Limited-Time):

GMO Pomato: New crop on Cletus’s Farm.  Takes 4hrs and costs $80.  Rewards $225, 25xp

Part 1 Between Homer & Lisa:

I Say Pomato, You Say Pomahto Pt. 1
Should Auto-start

Lisa: Ugh, I hate March.  There’s nothing at the Farmer’s Market except fried dough and figurines carved from last year’s gourds.
Homer: Cheer up.  “March Madness” is coming, by which I mean my behavior on St. Patrick’s Day.
Lisa: Is it so much to ask to fresh, locally sourced vegetables in middle of winter?
Homer: Yes.  Yes, I’d say it is so much to ask.
Lisa: Well, I don’t care.  I’m going to keep loudly and annoyingly demanding what I want until I get it. (note from Alissa: gee this sounds familiar!  EA trying to tell us something?)
Homer: You are wise in the ways of parental manipulation.  I’ll go see if Cletus has any of these…uh…what are they called again?
Lisa: Vegetables?
Homer: Eew!  Yeah, those.
Reach Level 6 and Build Cletus’s Farm
Make Homer Visit Cletus’s Farm- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

I Say Pomato, You Say Pomahto Pt. 2
Cletus Starts

Cletus: Welcome to Spuckler Farms, your source for hupcaps, questionable fireworks from Mexico, and roasted varmint parts.
Homer: Two possum drumsticks and i squirrel tail for me.  Are you growing any fresh vegetables for my daughter?
Cletus: Sorry, but the main thing we farm here is government disability pensions.  Every new young’un pretty much guarantees us another couple hunnerd a month.  Double if he’s got a actual tail.  Which they mostly do.
Homer: Yea, it’s great to be on of America’s takers.  But no vegetables, huh?
Cletus: Well, now that you mention it, a MYSTERIOUS SCIENTIST done come by last week and give us a big bag of seeds.  Said they was genetically modified hybrid of potatoes and tomatoes that’d grow anywhere, any season, and cut the time to make potato-tomato salad in half!
Region CaptureHarvest GMO Pomatoes– Costs $80, Takes 4hrs, Earns $225, 25XP

I Say Pomato, You Say Pomahto Pt. 3
Homer starts

Homer: Lisa, I’ve done something unusual – I’ve satisfied your request.  Here, a bag of farm fresh “pomatoes”.  Half potato, half tomato, all delicious.
Lisa: Uh, you don’t mind if I run them through my “Li’l Forensic Scientist” DNA kit do you?
Homer: Take your time.  I’ve got a crate of Mexican Fireworks and Flanders’ lawn ornaments to blow up.  I’m set for hours.
Make Lisa Investigate Pomatoes- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Make Homer Pass the Time- 
24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Lisa: Well, Dad, those pomatoes are total legit…if you ignore the fact that they contain DNA from a combination of at least 15 different mammals, fish and birds!
Homer: That explains their delightfully horsey aftertaste.
Lisa: We should also check under the sofas and in the closets, because I’m pretty sure I saw one sprout little legs and run away.  Stil, GMO foods may be the only hope for our generation to survive the messed-up planet your generation is bequeathing us.
Homer: Bless sweet death for saving me from having to live through your awful future.

Region Capture1 Region Capture2

Part 2 Between Milhouse and Bart…unlocks the option to Buy Freedom

After tapping on Milhouse

Milhouse: Bart, I’m worried about this text message you sent me.
Bart: I said I was looking for a new pet.  So what?
Milhouse: But I thought I was your favorite pet!  Your little pet Milhouse who’s so great because he cleans up his own poops.  Mostly.
Bart: Milhouse for the last time try and remember you’re a human.  I meant an ANIMAL pet, something dangerous and exciting.
Milhouse: Like a gerbil in a ball?  Oh boy!  Just imagine the thrill of not knowing where he’ll roll next!
Bart: Sure.  You get your gerbil.  I’m getting the animal that dives from the sky at Mach 1 and eats your gerbil.

Region Capture3

And that’s it Tappers.  That’s all there is to the Episode Tie-in update.

What do YOU think of this little update?  Will you be spending the donuts to get Freedom?  Do you like having a new option for plants on Cletus’s Farm?  Will YOU be watching the double-episode on Sunday?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. OMG! i just saw my post….. write instead of RIGHT…..lmao sheesh! dang gone virtual keyboards!!!

  2. I don’t know if this Falcon is worth the 40 pink thingies. If it does not do more than say the Raven, I am indecisive at this point. I am curious to know if it is worth it and how many Tappers bought him. i would love to have him but i can think of more productive items to buy with 40 D’s.

  3. any idea if there is a time limit behind the quest line if you alreadt started it? as i started corn a couple days ago and don’t plan on spending 990donuts just to speed them up

  4. Woo Hoo !!!
    A 4 hour crop !!!!

  5. Ok, pomatoes are growing and the falcon’s flying and crawling around (is this all it does and the sounds?! I wished for more..). Also, I just realized that I’ll catch up with the game sooner than I ever imagined. Without many level updates lately and with the help of the Addicts (and especially bunny’s. Thanx ;D ), and with some donuts, ok!, I’m already level 34, tapping since Christmas. Can’t wait for the episode of course!

    • Awwwww well glad we could help. And yes, with levels not arriving as quickly as towards end of last year (almost every 2 weeks) catching up will be no problem. Addicted much??!! Lol 😉

      I’m hoping a lot more is coming to our games soon. 😉

    • I am on 35 tapping from christmas 2, but how did you get those many donuts to get freedom?, good luck,

  6. They really need to hurry up with a new level update actually more then one level would be great. Getting bored waiting

    • They have St Pattys close. Hope to see another level update soon too. It is unusual for it to be so long without one going off their releases over past months. I’m thinking/hoping they’re working on something BIG next that’s taking time. 😉

  7. Haven’t seen this mentioned yet, might of missed it, but Homer’s pass time task is identical to his Thanksgiving task to catch turkeys, just double checked my screenshots from back then and it was there.. Naughty EA!

    • We saw that too. I giggled when it mentioned thanksgiving animation in the files. I love that almost gonna blow stuff up animation. Lol

      • I love it as well, was just surprised to find it reused just a few months after! Do you ever sleep btw bunny?! What time is it there, 6.30am ish? Wasn’t expecting my comment to be put through for hours… 🙂

  8. Iv been growing corn I have 70 days to go but now I need Cletus farm to grow GMO veg. There no way I have 800+ donuts to finish the corn. Any ideas?

    • The only way out of it is to cut your losses of money invested and put Cletus’ Farm into storage. This will eliminate the Corn crop. Once you place it back out of your inventory, then you can plant the Pomatos. Sorry, wish there was an easier fix.

  9. With the farm/tile/stage glitch being gone now, what would be the point of ever growing corn again? I see that Bunny and some other addicts were growing it prior to today’s update. Why?

    • If you don’t regularly use Cletus’s farm to grow crops corn is a good way to earn a TON of cash and XP without having to do anything but wait 90 days. Plus if you use witch Marge to speed up crops you can reduce the time. 🙂

      • Mark (@brucejwayne)

        Okay, really hurt my head trying to figure out the math for using Marge to speed up the corn till completion.Do you have this figured out somewhere? I need to know for some reason.
        I saw Alissa’s post on Oct.9th but it only stated it shaves 4 hours when used against crops.
        Damn my persistent nature!

        • Yah…that is not gonna work. Lol. Too many variables. Let me give you a basic run down.

          So 24hr days x 90 days to crop =2160 hrs
          You have to wait for Marge’s task to complete 4 hrs to 2156 hrs / then it will drop 4hrs to 2152 hrs left. (Assuming you do this back to back to back.)
          So it starts to break down like so…4hr task, drop 4 hrs…
          And on n on n on n on. Like I said, this is if you start the second she is done, otherwise the variable completely changes. Frak I hate being a nerd sometimes. Lol. 😉

      • THANK YOU BUNNY!! That actually suffices enough to feed the Nerd in me 🙂 I can now breathe a little easier. Love that you responded with all that math GLAVIN! HOYVIN!

    • I like to keep ahead of the game. Test things out for YOU! I always am growing corn to test theories… like around Valentines when it auto completed the corn (I wanted to know if something on the next update would do same. I was correct in that the farm was used, but sadly no auto complete this time around.). Or to see if a new update brings back the glitch. For others, it is just something different to do with the farm for those that just don’t care to harvest it daily. Everyone has their own reasons for doing it. It is just fun. 😉

    • crisdoffer870

      Thanks Bunny, Alissa, and everyone else for the responses! I really wish I had witch Marge, but I started playing over Christmas. In fact I started late enough to also miss out on Costingtons and Clausco too. Until I know for sure that the glitch has come back, there’s a lot of Tomacco in my future, as I try to save up for the rest of the land and that zirconia. Have a great day everyone!

  10. You have a Milhouse typo…the o and u are switched

  11. are these quests available only for a limited time? have everyone on 24-hr tasks with 12 hrs to go…

  12. I love my new hawk! I really love critters roaming about in my town.

  13. I’m current growing corn – still have 71 days to go – but I don’t want to interrupt that. I got the starting dialogue with the option to buy the falcon. Homer is visiting the farm. My question is this: will I still be able to continue with this new quest line and will I still eventually get that 4 hour farm task after my corn has grown? Will growing my corn mess up anything for the upcoming St. Patricks day update? I’m not interested in using up donuts for the falcon, so I don’t see anything else available with this latest update to warrant stopping my corn growing. Am I missing anything?

    • Usually as long as you start the dialogue for the quest, even if it’s limited-time, you’ll still be able to finish the quest line even after it’s left the game. However, 71 days is a long time. They may speed up your corn for you, like they did for Valentine’s Day, when you click Do It on the task bar. But there’s no guarantee, but it couldn’t hurt to try it.
      There really isn’t much to the update beyond the Falcon and the ability to grow the new crop. So you should be ok if you wait it out. (but I’m not EA so I can’t promise anything)
      As far as the St. Patrick’s Day update…well we don’t know if there’s going to be one yet. We also don’t know what would be in it. BUT usually if something is tied to unlocking Limited-Time items and it relates to Cletus’s Farm they’ll allow you to speed up the crop and pay it out to start the quest. Like they did for V-Day rose bushes.
      Hope that helps! 🙂

  14. Bought the haxk. Was really hoping to see it eat the turkey…….oh well!

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