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Where Did That Come From? – Meathook, Poppa Wheelie, Hooch City and More…

As with most TSTO events these days, this event is kind of an amalgam of several different Simpsons Episodes, pulled together with a loose storyline, to make the TSTO make sense…mostly.

In this case, there are two primary episodes from which most of the content is being pulled, one obvious…and one not so obvious. But both, with the same over-arching theme…boozing and running wild.

Now, I’ve certainly had more than my share of carousing in my life…mostly revolving around Rugby, being in a band, and just being a kid who liked to party.  But, I admit, I was never one to fall prey to the ritualistic partying that goes with St. Patrick’s Day, or the general mayhem that seems to be part of being in a gang. Although it could be argued that Rugby teams have a sort of “gang mentality” to them from an onlooker’s point of view. But, I assure you…rugby teams are nothing like Motorcycle gangs. To begin with, we don’t have motorcycles. But, the rest…well…there are some similarities in our group think-group drink mentality.

And, in this particular episode of the Simpsons…Drinking, Carousing, Rough-Housing, and absconding another man’s woman, are all points that could certainly draw similarities.

Let’s take a look at where HALF of the TSTO stuff comes from in this update!
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