Where Did That Come From? – Meathook, Poppa Wheelie, Hooch City and More…

As with most TSTO events these days, this event is kind of an amalgam of several different Simpsons Episodes, pulled together with a loose storyline, to make the TSTO make sense…mostly.

In this case, there are two primary episodes from which most of the content is being pulled, one obvious…and one not so obvious. But both, with the same over-arching theme…boozing and running wild.

Now, I’ve certainly had more than my share of carousing in my life…mostly revolving around Rugby, being in a band, and just being a kid who liked to party.  But, I admit, I was never one to fall prey to the ritualistic partying that goes with St. Patrick’s Day, or the general mayhem that seems to be part of being in a gang. Although it could be argued that Rugby teams have a sort of “gang mentality” to them from an onlooker’s point of view. But, I assure you…rugby teams are nothing like Motorcycle gangs. To begin with, we don’t have motorcycles. But, the rest…well…there are some similarities in our group think-group drink mentality.

And, in this particular episode of the Simpsons…Drinking, Carousing, Rough-Housing, and absconding another man’s woman, are all points that could certainly draw similarities.

Let’s take a look at where HALF of the TSTO stuff comes from in this update!

Take My Wife, Sleaze (E8S11), is one of the funniest episodes I have re-watched in some time. In fact…if I am honest, it may have aired in the Simpsons “dead zone” when I had stopped watching the show for a few years. But, I am REALLY glad I watched it again, as it is loaded with hilarious lines and clever, weird music.

I’ll give you a run-down, including some of the best lines from the show…and you can see where some of the best Premium Items from this update come from.

The show starts with the Simpsons watching TV together, and seeing an advertisement for a 50’s Themed Restaurant.

They decide to go, and there at the restaurant, Bart sees the original “TV BAD BOY”, Dennis the Menace, which is voiced by Jay North…the original Dennis.
(As an aside…this show was short-lived, and off the air before I was even Bart’s age…so it is a pretty obscure reference).

There is a dance contest staged, with the prize being a vintage 1950s Harley Davidson motorcycle. The lyrics to the song that plays (an homage to “Jailhouse Rock”) is a hidden gem…

Announcer: Here we go with “Mental House Rock” by Johnny Bobby.

Song Lyrics: Doctors threw a party at the loony bin
You gotta be crazy if you want to get in
Napoleon is playing has imaginary sax
The dance floor’s filling up with maniacs
Let’s rock… Do the mental house rock
Let’s rock Do the mental house rock Whoa! Wow! A ’50s nostalgia cafe.

If you won’t dance with the doc
He’ll give you electric shocks Zap, zap, zap!

 Homer and Marge win the bike…but it turns out that Homer doesn’t know how to ride it, and so Bart has to teach him.

Homer becomes proficient, by riding the bike everywhere, with Bart’s help.

A father/son bond is formed…and another hilariously weird song plays in the background…
You showed me everything
Oh,you took me by the hand
Puppy dogs and Lincoln Logs And castles made of sand
You gave me the courage to spread my newborn wings
Spread mayonnaise and marmalade And other spreadable things
So I guess you are my hero And there’s something you should know I want to make it clear so I’m gonna sing it slow
If you weren’t a man And my father too I’d buy you a diamond ring And then I’d marry you.

Truly weird lyrics…

Homer rides the bike everywhere…including dropping Bart off at school…
Nelson: Sweet hog, Mr, Simpson
Homer: Remember to rebel against authority, kids!

After seeing a bunch of 1950s motorcycle gangs on TV…Homer decides that the COOLEST way to own a bike, is to start a gang… so he does.

He won’t do his homework, he only salutes the flag with one finger and he comes home every night with other people’s blood on his shirt.
He’s a rebel, I tell you. A rebel without a cause.

 Homer: The first meeting of Hell’s Satans is called to order.
Ned: I move we reconsider our club name. Make it something a little less blasphemous. After all- we don’t want to go to hell.
Lenny:  How about the Devil’s Pals?.
Homer: No.
Carl: Or the Christ Punchers?.
Ned: The Christ- I- I don’t think you understand my objection.
Homer: I’m the president, and the decision is mine. We’re Hell’s Satans. Besides, I already made our club jackets.

Homer is excited to show Marge that his new club made it into “Outlaw Biker” magazine…

Marge is less thrilled to see she is the month’s Cycle Slut, with a picture that Homer snapped when she was asleep.

Marge: You took a picture of me when I was asleep?.
Homer: Well, if you’d been awake, you would’ve said no! You can see the bind I was in. “Her turn-ons include thievery and liquor. Her turnoffs include underpants, pedestrians and justice.

Their interlude is interupted by a commotion on the lawn…that turns out to be another biker gang, with the same name…
“We’re the Hell’s Satans from Bakersfield California!”
And this is when we are introduced to Meathook, Ramrod and the rest of the gang.

I can understand why they used the city of Bakersfield…it is truly the armpit of Northern California…no. Seriously. Armpit may be a compliment…

As punishment for stealing the name of the rival biker gang, they make Homer eat his jacket…and his shirt…a bunch of Frisbees and a handful of POGS (remember pogs???)

Over the next few days, the gang moves into the Simpson House a WRECKS the place (just like the skin we get in the game).  They make a mess of everything…but, as you would suspect, Marge is soon cooking for them, and doing their laundry.

They finally leave…but they take Marge with them on their road trip, heading to a giant Biker Festival in South Dakota (no doubt a reference to Sturgis).

Homer comes after her, determined to steal her back…(even though there is no danger of sexual attacks, as the bikers aren’t really into Marge…much to her chagrine). This is where we see Poppa Wheelies.

By the time Homer catches up to everyone, Marge has started training the gang about the importance of a solid, balanced life…and getting a job…where they all learn to fill out resumes.

Marge: And when you get a job interview try not to call your employer a punk or a skank….Oh, don’t call them skanks. And what else have we learned?.
Ramrod: Ooh! Ooh! That, uh, violence is wrong.
Marge: Excellent, Ramrod. Civilized people solve their disputes with words.

Meathook: We’ve given up our violent ways. We just want to live peacefully with your wife.
Homer: No! My wife is not a doobie to be passed around! I took a sacred vow on my wedding day to bogart her forever!
Marge: Oh, Homie.
Meathook: There’s only one reasonable way to settle this. You and me in the circle of death.
Marge: Oh! I just swept the circle of death.
Homer: You and me, chopper to chopper. Give me back my wife! Okay.

The Fighting Ensues….

Meathook: Okay. You win. I don’t blame you for wanting her back so bad.
A woman like that only comes along every couple of miles.
Marge:  Oh!
Ramdrod: Hey, can we at least keep her till the orgy in San Berdoo?.
Homer: What do you say, honey?.
Marge: No! No dice! Good-bye, everybody!

There were some funny Guest Appearances in this one…
John Goodman played Meathook
Jan Hooks added some extra voices
And the hilarious music tracks were done by the band, NRBQ.  Remember NRBQ?   Me neither…

The Other Item in this Event is Hooch City…which literally appears for 2 seconds in the episode, “What to Expect When Bart’s Expecting” is the nineteenth episode of season 25. It originally aired on April 27, 2014.

It is a really odd, disjointed episode…but there is drinking in it…and the proprietor of “Pappa Wheelies” makes a cameo in the beginning, when they are complaining about “Big Box Alcohol” taking all of the business away from small booze outlets.

It also features Duff Man, and the Duff Girls, introducing the New Seven Pack from Duff.

In short…the more you drink…the happier you’ll be.

The only real tie-in between all of this, is alcohol and debauchery…which usually go hand in hand.


Hooch City- 50 Donuts, Generates 20 /4hrs

Destroyed Simpson House

 Poppa Wheelie’s- 150 Donuts.  Earns $200, 22xp/8hrs. Comes with Ramrod (who will have a job to earn drinks)

 Circle of Death- 165 Donuts. Earns 4.5% Bonus on Cash and XP.  Comes with Meathook

I can’t say that I understand all of the reasons they tied these episodes together…other than the booze.  But, I confess that I bought them all…because they will actually fit into my Badlands section, WAY better than all of the shamrock stuff.

I’ll write about the Shamrock Stuff in another episode…
Meanwhile…don’t drink and drive…don’t drink and ride…and for the love of God, stay away from the orgy in San Berdoo!

Do you remember these episodes?  Did you get the Premium Items?  Are you miffed that Homer didn’t get a Harley in the update? 


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  1. Wow Patric! You must really dislike Bakersfield. BTW, Bakersfield is in Southern California.

    • Ah… true. Was trying to see if anyone was paying attention. However, as so many of the Northern Californians would like to create the state of Jefferson, it would make Bakersfield Northern California after that was done, or at least middle California.

      Either way, my impression of Bakersfield shall remain unchanged. It is the part if the state that one glued over and ssys, “who would ever choose to live there??”

      So brown…kinda random in its existence.

      However…they do apparently have a “mini-comic-con.” Nothing says FUN like 37 people dressed up like Batman and Sponge Bob performing slam poetry sonnets about Wonder Woman.

  2. The Hell’s Satans episode is from season 11 episode 8, not season 8 episode 11 as you’ve posted. Dyslexics of the world untie! 😀

  3. Great screenshots. I think the lyrics from the son to father song are presious. Not that long ago kids equated ultimate love with marriage and so innocent they didn’t see anything wrong with marrying the ones they loved the most, mom and dad. It was even used in insults ” If you love it so much,why don’t you marry it?”. I wish the current culture would change back to produce kids like that again. Now a days you have 3 yr olds mimicking filthy rap lyrics and kids are quick to be jaded.

  4. Hey , i have one problem , i , in halloween 2017 i opened the nightmare pile in halloween mystery box , now i got shauna from valentines box and now i dont see any quest for her in pile , i know that there is one but not for me , any clues ???

  5. The frequency in which this update glitch is occurring is starting to trouble me. Even more so, because of the seemingly callous responses by EA support. To a KEMer, days equal many, many donuts, so having to be rolled back to a certain point in the game constitutes a legitimate loss, one that was inflicted by the ‘glitch’ in their code. If it were user generated, I could understand not compensating. Yet, as is, simply rolling back progress and not addressing the underlying issue is like trying to heal a gunshot wound with gauze…

  6. I had forgotten about the other gang hailing from Bakersfield. You’re right about calling it an armpit, it’s so bad that the homeless have moved out. We spent a week there and didn’t see one panhandler and only saw 2 Starbucks.

    • 😂👍

    • Greetings Patric and Fred!
      Fred, I urge you to go to Starbucks’ website and see how many stores we have here in Bako.
      Hopefully you won’t remove this post, which doesn’t break any of the rules stated below (just like my previous one didn’t).

  7. I’m still waiting for the Greaser’s Cafe (sure would be swell next to Barney’s Bowl-a-rama)👍😀

    Yes, that Biker Episode is fun-nay 😄

  8. Same problem here. Also getting red ribbons and offers to go back and get item/prizes that I missed in previous mini games. I can no longer tap on characters in the top left area . Their tasks are completed and that icon now unusable. So I have not been able to use that function and restart their task. I would have to go to the actual character in the town or remember the building they are still in.

  9. Henry winkler also does a voice in this episode right?

  10. Is there a system to how new land is unlocked? Free token ever level up maybe?

  11. Same here. Lost the ability to buy any of the new items too. They just dissappeared.

  12. Something just went WAY weird with my game. It rolled back to certain events and wants homer to do some Pie Man stuff. And the recycling isn’t working and neither is the IRS large area gathering. Just got a new Gil deal…don’t know if that’s what messed it up…

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