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Easter Event…1 Week In Where Should YOU Be?

Hey Howdy Hey Bunny Zapping Tappers!

Well here we are 1 week in from when all those little bunnies invaded Springfield…how are you holding up?  Still having fun with the update?  Going crazy trying to find those wascally wabbits?  Sick of all my yolking around?  Wondering if this update is all it’s cracked up to be?  Worried you’re falling behind?

Yesterday we received an awesome email from Addicts reader davadrtol.  Here’s what he said:
Dear Addicts,
   I was wondering if you could do a post giving your readers an idea of where they should be in the present event if they want to get everything.  This really only applies to freemium players, of course.
I’ve been very dedicated and have collected 22 blue boxes (haven’t picked up the building or character yet), 3 pink boxes (just the fence and golden eggs) and 3 gold boxes (Fr Sean, gate and pastel fence).
With such a disjointed style of event it’s very difficult to know exactly where you should be.
Your help would be appreciated by not only myself but your other many readers.
Thank you for reading this.
P.S.  I am a blue box person.  To clarify what I have received in the blue boxes = 5 x ponds, 11 x gold eggs, 4 x fence and 2 x egg pile. 

I’m sure there are many of you out there that are starting to get nervous that you’re not unlocking the prizes yet, or that you’re running out of time to get everything.  So all yolking aside…let’s break down approximately where you should be at this point in the Easter Event..

 ico_stor_easter_100gold ico_stor_easter_125pink ico_stor_easter_125blue

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It Doesn’t Add Up….Or Does It? The Math of TSTO Easter

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I see that many of you are now starting to unlock the Easter content and are so far loving the event!  What’s not to love?  Hunting wabbits and free stuff!  Oh and did I mention FREE donuts?  Not only are donuts in the questline (check here for the post) but many Tappers are reporting they’re STILL earning donuts from tapping neighbor’s buildings, as long as they’re maxed out on Friend Points (check here for more details on donuts in FP)!  Not a bad way to have an event start off, right?

So now that many of you are starting to unlock the content, and some of you are acquiring your first Easter Box, I see some of you starting to question the math of it all.  As I explained in my odds post with this event you’re guaranteed to unlock all of the items, as long as you’re diligent with your tapping.  And some of you are starting to say…’wait a min!  81 attempts to guarantee it x 500 Eggs = 40,500 Eggs/color!  That’s impossible to do!’

And you know what?  Those of you thinking like that…you’re right.  It is impossible to do in the way you’re thinking.  The problem is…you’re thinking about it all wrong.  You’re taking the literal conversion of exactly how many eggs you get and coming up WAY short.  However, as they say…there’s more than 1 way to skin a cat…er bunny?

Those of you taking the literal conversions into account you’re forgetting an IMPORTANT aspect of this update….games of chance.  Let’s break it all down and I’ll show you how you can earn enough to unlock everything….with out using donuts.  All you need is diligent tapping and patience.  You may not get something until the very last day, but keep your patience and don’t lose your cool!

egg council guy 2

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