It Doesn’t Add Up….Or Does It? The Math of TSTO Easter

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I see that many of you are now starting to unlock the Easter content and are so far loving the event!  What’s not to love?  Hunting wabbits and free stuff!  Oh and did I mention FREE donuts?  Not only are donuts in the questline (check here for the post) but many Tappers are reporting they’re STILL earning donuts from tapping neighbor’s buildings, as long as they’re maxed out on Friend Points (check here for more details on donuts in FP)!  Not a bad way to have an event start off, right?

So now that many of you are starting to unlock the content, and some of you are acquiring your first Easter Box, I see some of you starting to question the math of it all.  As I explained in my odds post with this event you’re guaranteed to unlock all of the items, as long as you’re diligent with your tapping.  And some of you are starting to say…’wait a min!  81 attempts to guarantee it x 500 Eggs = 40,500 Eggs/color!  That’s impossible to do!’

And you know what?  Those of you thinking like that…you’re right.  It is impossible to do in the way you’re thinking.  The problem is…you’re thinking about it all wrong.  You’re taking the literal conversion of exactly how many eggs you get and coming up WAY short.  However, as they say…there’s more than 1 way to skin a cat…er bunny?

Those of you taking the literal conversions into account you’re forgetting an IMPORTANT aspect of this update….games of chance.  Let’s break it all down and I’ll show you how you can earn enough to unlock everything….with out using donuts.  All you need is diligent tapping and patience.  You may not get something until the very last day, but keep your patience and don’t lose your cool!

egg council guy 2

Let’s start with the basics…how many eggs you can earn and where you can earn them.

Remember, the color eggs you earn most often greatly depends on if you’re pink or blue (check out this post to see which one you are).  Which ever group you’re in that’s your dominant egg color.  So when I say you’ll earn your dominant egg color I mean it to indicate the group you’re in.  So if you’re in the blue group your dominant egg color is blue and if you’re in the pink group your dominant egg group is pink.  Got it?  Good 🙂

ico_mystery_blueeggsl     ico_mystery_pinkeggsl

Ok so let’s start with the main questline.  You can find the full main questline walkthrough here, and it breaks up exactly how many eggs you’ll earn and where.  So over the course of the entire main questline you will earn 5,215 of your dominant color egg.   That’s from completed task bonuses and character actions.

Let’s talk about those character actions now.  Once you’ve unlocked the task in the main questline (ie that part comes up as a quest for you to complete) you will unlock that task for that character to earn Easter Eggs, instead of cash, for the Easter themed specific task.  UPDATE: This only applies to Nelson and Ralph, because they run through a different questline.  Ned and Moe’s should unlock prior to having to do it in the quest.  Which characters will earn you eggs throughout the entire event?  Here’s the complete this:
Homer– 12hr task to Steal Easter Eggs- Earns 25 Eggs of your dominant color
Ned16 hr task to Hunt Bunnies- Earns 30 Eggs of your dominant color
Ralph– 16hr task to Collect Easter Eggs- Earns 30 Eggs of your dominant color
Nelson- 16hr task to Raid Bird Nests- Earns 30 Eggs of your dominant color
Moe- 32 hr task to Hunt Bunnies with Prejudice- Earns 55 Eggs of your dominant color
Crazy Cat Lady (if you purchased her)– 24hr task to throw Bunnies- Earns 70 Eggs of your dominant Color

Pink Player Homer Blue Player Homer

So conservatively…and assuming you didn’t purchase Crazy Cat Lady and sent Homer on his task twice a day & everyone else once a day (except Moe)…you can earn at least 3,775 eggs over the event just from making the characters do tasks.

Now let’s break down the bunnies.  When you whack or zap bunnies they’ll earn you either 1-2 eggs (and sometimes bonuses like Baskets or the Faberge Egg!…Faberge Egg chance only happens AFTER you’ve completed the main quest).  Now Bunnies “spawn” in your town at a rate of 1 every 5 minutes automatically.  They will max out at 40 bunnies, but up to 20 bunnies will store in the “bank”.  Meaning they’ll keeping “spawning” but won’t show in your town until you’ve cleared out some of the 40 bunnies in your town.  Once you’ve cleared 1 of the 40 it’ll be replaced instantly by one of the 20 in the bank and a new one will “spawn” and sit in the bank.  Make sense?  So basically every 5 hrs you can get 60 bunnies from your town automatically.

bunny 3 bunny 2 bunny 1

Now assuming you go into your town every 4.75 hrs and clear out the Bunnies and do this at least 3 times a day….you’ll earn at least 5,200 eggs (figuring it’ll give you 60 bunnies at a clip because it will take you 15 minutes to find every bunny in your town).  Taking into account that some will give you 2 eggs and some only give you 1.  In this example we assume 20 bunnies out of 180 gave you 2 eggs when tapped.  

Another way you can get MORE bunnies in your town is to plant carrots at Cletus’s farm.  Carrots are unlocked during part 8 of the main walkthrough.  They take 4 hrs to grow and when complete they award you 10 bunnies.  So assuming you plant carrots at least 3 times a day once unlocked, that’s an additional 30 bunnies in your town.  Again these bunnies can give you 1 or 2 eggs each.  We’ll assume for this example you’ll earn 36 eggs per day.  Conservatively once you unlock the carrots on the farm and grow them continuously you could earn an additional 720 eggs, at least.  Note: Clear out your town of Bunnies before you harvest the carrots from the farm.  Other wise the 10 bunnies will count towards your total bunny count (and could result in you getting fewer than 60 Bunnies every 5 hrs) UPDATE: Confirmed…you can use Witch Marge to speed this and year 10 bunnies every 2 hrs.  Full post with details on this here


Towards the end of the main questline you are awarded Frink’s Egg Generator.  This will earn you 75 eggs of your dominant color every 12hrs.  Assuming you do this twice a day, once you unlock it, you could earn an additional 2,850 eggs of your dominant color, at least.

easter machine 1You can also earn eggs from your friends.  This is on a sliding scale and you can find out more details on this here. Assuming you have at least 75 neighbors (and i know many of you have 100, and you visit them everyday) you can earn at least 435 eggs from neighbors per day (based on 75.  At 100 neighbors you can earn 510 eggs per day).  Over the course of the event that converts to at least 8,970 Eggs (13,260 for 100 neighbors).

Pink Player Neighbor tap 2


So here’s a break down of the Eggs you can earn up to this point:
5,215 Eggs for Main Walkthrough (Once Complete)
3,775 Eggs for making characters do tasks (Homer twice a day, others 1/day)
5,200 Eggs from Bunnies in your town (60/5 hrs..clear town every 4.75hrs)
720 Eggs from growing Carrots on Cletus’s Farm.  4hrs- 3x/day
2,850 Eggs from Frink’s Egg Generator (clearing it twice/day)
13,260 Eggs from 100 Neighbors
For 30,020 at this point.

But we’re not done just yet….

Easter baskets are another way to get eggs.  Easter baskets can be won in the Golden Easter Box OR won when you zap a bunny (in addition to eggs)….don’t spend donuts on them!  They’re a 1 time use but when placed in YOUR town you can earn up to 400 free eggs from your neighbors for EACH basket you place (free meaning you don’t lose eggs).  In addition you can give your neighbor 100 eggs of a color you don’t need (your dominant color) in exchange for 50 of a color you do need.  Exchange rate may be bad BUT at least you’ll get useful Eggs in return!

pink basket blue basket

So those are all the ways you can EARN eggs in the game.  But I know what you’re thinking…it doesn’t equal anywhere NEAR what you would need to be guaranteed to unlock all of the prizes.  Or does it?

You see, what most people are forgetting, part of earning more eggs comes from buying Easter boxes (with Eggs, not donuts).  Not everyone in this game is weighted the same when it comes to earning prizes.  Everyone is broken up into 2 groups, pink and blue (as I explained in this post).  Whichever group you’re in means that Easter Box has a better advantage for you, so you’ll unlock all of the prizes much sooner than 81 attempts.  This is because the odds for each coveted prize are higher and weighted in your favor, while the odds for the non-coveted prizes (the fences, trees, ponds etc) are lower and weighted towards the other group more.  Meaning you’re less likely to land on a fence in your dominant group than you are your non-dominant group.  With me so far?

What this means is you will need a LOT less than the 81 attempts to unlock all of the prizes in your dominant group & at that point you can stop “playing” that box and exchange eggs with your neighbors.  Give them 100 of your dominant eggs, which you no longer need, in exchange for 50 of your non-dominant egg which you do need.

In your non-dominant box (and we’re still talking about pink and blue here) the odds are stacked up more against you.  Less likely that you’ll unlock the coveted items and more likely that you’ll unlock the non-coveted items.  While the odds aren’t terrible, they’re not the greatest either.  While you certainly can unlock everything in less than 81 attempts…actually a LOT less (for me it was 27 attempts).  Some of you may need all 81 attempts to unlock everything (but I honestly think you’ll hit it much sooner based on the percentages and probability…but there’s always that 1 tapper).

Think of the 81 as a fail safe.  Basically a way that if you haven’t unlocked the character/item at a certain point you are guaranteed to get it at that point.  But more than likely the odds are that you will unlock it all sooner.

Additionally….once you’ve unlocked the coveted/unique items in your box they will be replaced by 250 Eggs of a different color.  For example if you clear the Block-o Store in your Pink Easter Box it will be replaced by 250 Blue Eggs.  Similarly if you clear the Egg Council Guy from your Blue Easter Box it’ll be replaced by 250 Pink Eggs.  So MORE opportunity to earn Eggs within the Boxes!

ico_stor_easter_125blue ico_stor_easter_125pink

Now let’s talk about the Gold boxes.  You win Eggs for your Gold boxes by playing each Easter Box.  The odds that you’ll land on Gold Eggs are the same for both boxes (45%…) and they are pretty darn good BUT your dominant color box you’ll only land on 100 Gold Eggs and in your non-dominant color box you’ll land on 300 Gold Eggs.  But these pile up even faster than fences and umbrella’s when you’re trying to unlock items!  So it’s pretty quick to earn enough Gold Eggs to buy a box.


Now with the Gold Eggs it’s a little tricky.  The odds are the same for everyone BUT unique/coveted items are replaced with….250 Eggs of a color (blue or pink) when won.  Which means more chances to earn eggs via the Gold Box!

Banana Dictatorship and Bunny 24601 are all replaced with 250 eggs of a color. -Banana Dictatorship is replaced with Pink eggs
-Bunny 24601 is replaced with Blue eggs.

This is important because…the odds for the Banana Dictatorship (16%) and Bunny 25601 (12%) are high (and they’re guaranteed to unlock at a max of 20 min) so there is a good chance you’ll land on these fairly early in the process.  Once replaced by eggs those eggs hold the same odds to win…and again those odds are high.  While the fences and gates are still at higher odds (although the gate isn’t much higher),  Kodos, Kang, Hugs & Shary are all at lower odds.  So there’s a very high chance you’ll unlock more eggs, to get more spins!

Whew!  Everyone still with me?  Still awake?!  Bueller? Bueller?  😉

I KNOW it’s a lot to process.  So here’s my advice: don’t over think it, just play!

Don’t get frustrated that you haven’t unlocked Shary Bobbins on day 5…you have plenty of time and you will get there.  You have 26 more days to earn all of the eggs you can get.  Just keep checking on your Springfield (preferably every 4.5hrs), visit your friends daily, clear your handshakes, zap the bunnies, send your characters on tasks to earn eggs and ENJOY it!  It’s a hilarious questline that’ll make you giggle and a fun update!  So relax and enjoy Tappers….or should I say Zappers? 😉

What do YOU think of the update?  How are you doing at unlocking the prizes?  Have you tried the Egg Swap yet?  You collecting eggs at a furious pace?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

139 responses to “It Doesn’t Add Up….Or Does It? The Math of TSTO Easter

  1. I don’t think a retraction is necessary, but some of the language in the odds post was misleading. (Specifically, statements about guarantees and recommendations not to buy eggs.) The unique Easter gifts were not “guaranteed” for freemium tappers. The most diligent tappers might have opened 50 gold boxes without spending any donuts. I didn’t want to get fired, so I probably only hit 40 or so.

    Shary Bobbins was listed at 2% probability (is that after the first 20 spins?). That means 98% of the time, you would not get her. After 50 tries, about 65% of the tappers would get her. The other 35% would not. A solid 20% of tappers would hit the 81 box limit before getting her. Obviously, that’s not going to make everybody happy.

    Personally, I missed out on Shary, father Sean, and chirpy boy/Bart jr. I got hugs bunny, the egg council guy, all of the buildings, over 70 fences, 8 ponds, 5 umbrellas, 6 trees, 5 egg piles, etc. Missing a few premium items was disappointing, but I was happy to get a lot of other free stuff.

    • Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it. 🙂

      I do not feel like the information should be altered in anyway. It was written before any glitches had impacted the game. It was only about all the numbers that the files contained. Those never changed during the entire event. The guarantees for the max boxes as well never changed. Those stayed as we first reported them. I do not understand the issue there. The guarantees were built in and if reached (or sooner) the prizes would have been rewarded as such regardless of player.

      I understand with all the variables and differences in each and every players game that the results may not have been favorable for everyone, but there is no way anyone could have foreseen it. We provided many other posts after that reflected better on the experiences of the game play.

      I actually prefer to leave this one as is. It shows what the event COULD have been glitch free (and how it was for those that DID successfully get it all glitch free and freemium). It shows how all the numbers and variables were in the game that no one would have even saw had we not posted about it. It shows a whole alternate side to the game. In the test games I alone played I got Hugs in box 2, and box 21. Father Sean in 6 and 4. Shary in box 20 and the other I didn’t play enough to get to 20. Just to name a few. Too many variables to be able to customize a post for each individual player. I am sure you understand.

      The recommendations to not buy eggs, well you saw the reasoning for that with the release of the gold eggs. We saw it in the files and didn’t want our readers to waste their money on donuts for pink and blue when it was gold box items they were after in the end. If EA released it the way it was coded, we didn’t want waste. To not tell anyone and say spend donuts on pink n blue to get gold, that would be a waste. Not only that, but the more boxes you opened…the less you had to buy in the end if you did want to spend. We will always try to keep the donuts in our readers games vs paying them out. Get all free that you possible can. I do not see issue in that.

      The results…that is a different post. This one, just numbers. Just a guideline. Just the info of the event at the start. 😉

      Please know that we understand people are upset they did not get it all. It was a hard event. Glitch free, we would have seen many more happy tappers. But in the end, it is what it is. All we can do is give feedback to EA and hope it helps impact change for the next event. No reason to change a book in Chapter 1 because you did not like the ending in Chapter 25.

  2. So, are you ever going to do a mea culpa retraction of this post? 16 hours to go before the event ends and this quote “As I explained in my odds post with this event you’re guaranteed to unlock all of the items, as long as you’re diligent with your tapping” seems pretty hilarious. You were completely wrong in every way possible.

    So, what say you, Alissa? Mission accomplished?

    • I dunno, why don’t you ask the tappers that have won everything with out spending donuts and then you tell me if I should retract it.
      It’s possible, the guarantees exist in the coding. So not sure what exactly you want me to retract.
      By all means…start all the fires you’d like but you’re not going to spark an angry response out of me.

      • This is the first I’ve heard of any Freemium tappers getting everything. There was a thread on the EA forums and everyone agreed it was impossible without using donuts.

        Anyway, I’m not trying to provoke an angry response, just an acknowledgement that your math was off and that EA designed this event in such a way that 99.99% of “diligent” freemium tappers would not get anywhere close to everything.

        • Well thanks for reading. The results from our readers however do show many successful Freemium players had acquired all the prizes donut free, and the results are still coming in. The thing is no matter the business, company, or product…you will ALWAYS see more from those that complain vs those that are happy. It is a known fact in the Customer Service world all over. I would have to see the most recent stats, but I believe it is somewhere close to 85-93% of calls or comments are complaints. Happy people tend to just stay happy and have no reason to tell anyone. The forums are for issues, so that is mainly what you will see there…issues.

          The Math was impacted a little after the post was wrote due to the basket glitches, but there will still many that continued on glitch free and got all the prizes just fine. The Math still worked out just not for as many as we hoped. Many of players, including myself, opened the Gold Prizes WAAAAAAY before the 80 marks. Most actually got them at 20 to 25 boxes (this includes Shary & Hugs).

          I think people just didn’t realize the complexity of this event and just how much work would go into it. Players asked for a harder event and EA delivered.

      • Sorry, but just because some people were lucky enough to clear them does not mean they were guaranteed to do so. I have spent all my free time on this. I even play halfway through the night (crazy sleep patterns not cuz I set an alarm!). I have 2 games. One couldn’t clear Chirpy&Bart, Hugs, Sean or Shari. The other couldn’t get Kang, Chirpy&Bart, Sean or Shari. To add insult to injury I am also 2 fences from sucking out. To gather 2000 blue eggs, in order to get 2 cracks at pink, in order to have a single gold box and then win….250 blue eggs is beyond frustrating. If I wanted to be rewarded like that I’d just stay in the office all day!

        • The guarantee was in the max box amounts. So yes, if a player in fact hit the max they were guaranteed that prize. (Those varied from 20 to 50 to 80). A lot hit the rarest items right away. We have many Freemiums that got all prizes, no donuts spent. Just tapping away.

        • There are guarantee unlock numbers built into the game. Which is what the wording in my post is based on. There were also unfortunate glitches that impacted many players from playing the game.
          Kang is also not a guarantee prize. It’s a non-unique item, there was no unlock number on it. When I said the prizes I meant the unique ones. Ones you could win multiples of (like ponds, fences, topiaries) do not count in those odds.

  3. Brandon (beez82)

    just wondering since finishing the main questline I haven’t since been able to get a pink or blue basket from zapping bunnies for the last week now!! is anyone else having the same problem???! I play few times during the day and struggling big time to built up eggs!! I definitely don’t think ill be unlocking all the prizes!! besides getting a lot of useless fences, ponds, umbrellas, the banana dictatorship building & the Mexican building I think that’s it! im thinking I fighting a losing battle here! LOL!

    • Still a week left. Hang in there. Some do go a while without one regardless of point in questline. They are random, so it is hard to say just when you will get them.

    • Grahambowski

      I did not receive any baskets after finishing the main questline UNTIL I got the Natural Faberge Egg. Then I got 4 baskets that night.

    • When I finished the main quest line, I ceased getting any baskets until I got the Faberge egg. Once I got that the baskets started appearing again, sometimes at a rate of 2-3 per day. Keep tapping away! I foresee a very unproductive weekend myself lol

  4. As of today, I got all prizes from the Blue and Pink Easter Boxes (Egg Council Guy, Johny Fiestas, Blocko Store, Chirpy Boy & Bart Jr.) as well as Bunny #24601, Banana Dictatorship and Fr. Sean. What should I do now? I’m a blue player, should I keep trading blue eggs for pink and only play Pink Easter Boxes? Should I keep all my eggs and just play both color boxes?

    • The best bet for getting golden eggs in opening your non-dominant boxes. Once I finished getting the good stuff in my dominant, I’ve concentrated on trading in my pink box, hoping to get golden eggs or the Blocko. I did get the Dictatorship and Les Mis Bunny so not a complete loss.

    • Awesome!
      Keep changing Blue for pink eggs. Don’t play the blue boxes at this point. The reason why is if you win pink eggs it’s still only 50% of what you spent on the box (250 pink eggs for 500 blue eggs) and not guaranteed every time. But if you switch them via baskets you’re guaranteed to get 50% every time. So 500 blue eggs in baskets will still give you 250 pink eggs…guaranteed. 🙂

  5. Do you guys still think we are guaranteed to win everything? I tappa tappa tappa every day, and am still freaking out that I might not get Shary -my personal most wanted tsto character ever. On a side note, I just finished the pink box yesterday, and haven’t seen any baskets or Fabergé egg since I completed the quest line over a week ago.

    • The guarantee is in the coding at the 80 attempt mark. I wish I could promise everyone will get everything but the odds make that promise impossible. There should be something coming soon to sweeten the deal but it’ll be up to players how they feel about it.

  6. Have free baskets been removed? Its been almost a week since i completed the quests and i havnt received a single basket or the Faberge Egg since :/

    • Nope it’s a ongoing issue with Tappers. They’re random. Some are getting them, others are going through a dry spell where they won’t see a basket for several days (myself included).

  7. Just read your post and am encouraged by the odds & I do play often enough. I completed the main questline yesterday & unlocked the natural faberge egg capability for my bunnies. My question was; since the unlock, have the random baskets been replaced by the natural faberge egg? If so, is it wise to purchase baskets now, or are the odds still in my favor to keep playing without spending donuts? I ask because I haven’t won a basket for zapping bunnies since completing the main questline. Thanks!

    • Baskets are random on their own .003 & .006 chance per files. (0.3% & 0.6%) the variables from game to game is just crazy. Between us Addicts…6 to 8 games at a time we manage (2 each and test towns). Not a single one alike.

      Just know this…in one of my games I got baskets after finishing main quest and BEFORE Faberge Egg. Wookiee just finished his main quest in one of his games and a few taps later he got a basket. Still no Faberge Egg.

      • Thanks for the info, before finishing the main quests I was getting one or two baskets a day. I haven’t received any since Saturday, but hopefully I will get more soon. Gotta save those precious donuts! Happy tapping/zapping everyone!

  8. hi addicts. my wish for this event is that once coveted prizes were won from the gold box (ie Banana Dictatorship) instead of replacing that prize with eggs, shrinking the options. I have won two Kang topiary but no Kodos. Wish Kang was no longer winnable. I hate getting blue/pink eggs from my gold box!!!!!! it takes forever to convert to gold last thing I want is that color back. I have three Easter gates wish I had a character. I would buy gold eggs if available. just hopping you could pass this wish along to ea if there are six gold prizes and one is acquired then the next time I spin I want a chance at the remaining five or give 500 gold eggs to spin again not a lesser valued color. thanks happy tapping

  9. Is there a bug? I never had two eggs from one bunny in my town and I look closely at the text and the counter. Get baskets but only one egg. Looks like others reporting the problem on average how often do you get two eggs?

  10. I’m tappin’ & zappin’ right along with the rest of ya. I have noticed a few things though.

    1. I have only received one basket from bunnies. I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong, but … I can’t seem to luck out with those baskets!

    2. The bunnies seem to congregate in my heavily tree-huggin’ library area. (I work at a library in real life, and I feel like my game reflects that.) I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed specific spots/buildings that’s the bunnies seem to favor …

    • My bunnies favor my woods, open spaces, and the Farm. Lol.

      No worries on the baskets. They are terribly random. Keep checking your inventory now and then though (lil cardboard box) just to make sure one didn’t sneak in without you knowing it. The are alphabetical so look in B for Blue Basket and P for Pink. 😉

  11. I have over a thousand pink eggs and 5 empty pink baskets sitting around. How can I move them to the baskets so neighbors can take a basket and leave me some blue ones behind? Cubalibra 220

  12. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong.. I have everyone on their Easter tasks all the time, always on time (Ralph, Homer, Moe, Nelson, and Flanders), I grow carrots every 4 hours (except when I’m sleeping at night), I collect from MK1 every 12 hours on time, and I collect eggs from at least 95 neighbors everyday. I can’t do the Witch Marge trick because I only started playing this February. Also, I’m almost done with the entire Easter questline in a few hours. Is there anything I’m missing? So far I’m only averaging 2 prize boxes a day, and have nothing significant to show for all the time I’m spending (no buildings, no playable characters, 5 easter ponds, tons of fences, egg piles, just lots of duplicate unimportant items.) Either I have terrible luck or I’m doing something wrong… 🙁
    (Not trying to whine here, just hoping for any feedback that will help.) Thanks 🙂

  13. (this doesnt have to be put through I just wasnt sure how to send it to you guys other than this way) An idea I had for a poll (or polls?) for the end of event (because I would be very curious as to the results): did you receive all the items offered in the boxes? If yes, did you have to use donuts? And again, if yes, rougly how many did you use? I am aware that its all random, but so far the odds havent been in my favor (I average 3 pink boxes and 1 blue box a day and a golden box every 2ish days). I would be curious because its been a week and I have only received one item that isnt unique; other than that I have only received fences, ponds, and trees (and golden eggs, but so far that has only gotten me fences and pink eggs).

  14. So can someone work out how much time it would take each day including the multitude of crashes I get each session visiting friend’s towns? Sometime it takes several tries to just get back into my town after a crash. My interest is being tested severely with this event. Whacking snakes with a stable version of the game was much more fun last time!

    • Well there’s no way to really work that out. No telling how many times it crashes, after how many visits and how many friends you have.
      I know it’s frustrating. Try following these steps to get rid of the crashing game.
      As far as Whacking Day and a stable version…I was playing on Android at the time. When Origin JUST launched. It crashed a lot and many people were completely locked out of their games for MONTHS during that time. I think every update brings it’s own set of bugs and problems & they impact different players each time. Hopefully your game will get resolved soon and you can get back to collecting eggs! 🙂

    • I do not have the max friends (around 80 or so) and it takes me slightly over 4 hours every day to visit all of my friends. My game crashes at least once when sending my characters on tasks, at least once while I clear all tasks, and then about every 4 or 5 friends it crashes, and it doesnt matter if I am on 3G, 4G, wifi at work, wifi at home, wifi at a business or the time of day I am playing (I dont have much on my phone in terms of storage)- my game always crashes. Makes for a really fun day 😉

  15. Don’t know if anyone else has seen this glitch, but Nelson’s egg task does not appear at the top of his task list the way it does for the other characters. His egg task is down in his list where his normal 16 hour task would be. Make sure you look for it, otherwise you may end up sending him on non-egg related tasks like I did this morning!

  16. Alissa, thanks for all the good advice! I just added some new friends, placed baskets in my town and left eggs at some of the other towns. All fine – I thought. But when I got back to my town, the baskets where others left 3+1 pink eggs and 1 blue egg were empty! Can visitors steel eggs from the baskets? The number of eggs has not been added additional eggs – the gifts (in total 500 eggs) has vanished! Any idea what I did wrong?

    • You can’t steal eggs from a basket, that i know. I also know there are some glitches going on with the baskets that EA is aware of. (i’d expect to see an update hit soon on a glitch fix for it) My best advice is to report it to EA and let them know what you’ve experienced. Fortunately it’s still early in the event that if corrected soon it won’t impact your overall egg total for the event.

      • Alissa – I chatted with EA about the disappearing eggs from the baskets. They are aware of the issue and are working on a fix for it: Thanks for the tip to contact them!

        I checked this information from our end and found that some of the customers have already reported this issue. Our developers are aware of it and are working for a resolution. We appreciate your patience while the issue is being looked into.
        OK, thanks for letting me know. Will the 500 missing eggs be restored at some point?
        Yes, once this issue fixed, you will receive your missing eggs.

  17. Your breakdown of the supply side of the egg hunt inspired me to crunch the numbers on the demand side. In other words, how many eggs, on average, will a player need to collect in order to win all the pink, blue, and gold prizes? The answer is really, really long.

    I’m going to start this from the gold prizes because of the recursive nature of winning blue and pink eggs in the gold boxes. Bear with me, you will see why that detail makes this approach logical in a minute.

    To get all the gold prizes, you need to open, on average, 50 gold boxes, since the rarest prize (Shari Bobbins) only appears 2% of the time. But, that 50 box count actually begins with your 20th box, since you can’t win Shari on the first 19 boxes. This means that on average, a player needs to open 69 gold boxes to get all the gold prizes.

    Getting 69 gold boxes requires 34,500 gold eggs, which you can only get from either pink or blue boxes. Let’s assume that pink is your dominant color (If blue is your dominant color, just reverse the colors from here out). If pink is your dominant color, you get 100 gold eggs 45% of the time when you open a pink box and 300 gold eggs 45% of the time when you open a blue box. So, each pink box is worth 100/500*.45 = .09 gold boxes and each pink box is worth 300/500 * .45 = .27 gold boxes. Clearly, when trying to accumulate gold eggs, as a dominant pink player, you want to be opening blue boxes.

    If you go the blue box route, the simple math says you need to open 115 blue boxes to get 34,500 gold eggs. BUT, as you clear gold prizes from the gold box, you earn pink eggs. In fact, you will earn, on average, 5250 pink eggs from 69 gold boxes. Assuming you can convert pink eggs to blue eggs at a 1:1 rate (more on that later), you cut the number of blue eggs you need to open the 115 blue boxes from 57,500 to 52,250.

    115 blue boxes is clearly more than you need to clear the blue prizes, since you are guaranteed to get the rarest blue prizes by the 81st box. (Technically, you may not have acquired one or more of the more common blue items at box 81, but the odds are heavily against it). So, we can safely assume that the average person will have cleared the blue and the gold prize lists at this point.

    So, what if you want to change out some of the blue boxes for pink ones, so that you can earn the pink prizes too? Since the odds are better for you in the pink box, you only need 31 of them (on average) to get all the pink prizes. That is 20 boxes to get the 5% prizes and 11 boxes before those prizes are available to win. Since pink boxes only give you 1/3 as many gold eggs as blue boxes, you only get to decrease the blue count by 10, to 105. This drops the number of blue eggs needed from 52,250 to 47,250. 31 pink boxes will cost you 15,500 pink eggs.

    So, on average, a person who is dominant pink will need to earn 15,500 pink eggs and 47,250 blue eggs, or 62,750 total eggs to win all the prizes.
    Just a reminder, the numbers above are averages based on the odds. The luckiest player would clear the pink prizes with just 13 pink boxes, the blue prizes with just 13 blue boxes, and the gold prizes with just 20 gold boxes. This player would get roughly 2400 of the 10,000 gold eggs he/she needs from the 26 pink and blue boxes. The remainder would come from an additional 26 blue boxes, meaning the luckiest player would need enough pink and blue eggs to open 52 boxes, which is 26,000 eggs minus the pink eggs earned in the gold box, which would be around 1000, for a grand total of 25,000 eggs needed.

    On the flip side, the unluckiest player would receive the rarest prizes with the 81st box of each color. By the time that player opens 81 pink boxes and 81 blue boxes, he/she should have earned roughly 15,550 gold eggs (enough for 31 of the 81 gold boxes). He/she needs another 83 blue boxes to earn the other 25,000 gold eggs needed to get to 81 gold boxes. Again, he/she is earning pink eggs from gold boxes. Roughly 6,385, in fact, reducing the number of eggs needed for those 83 blue boxes from 41,500 to 35,115. Add that 35,115 to 40,500 for the 81 pink boxes and 40,500 for the 81 blue boxes, and you have a maximum total need of 116,115 eggs.

    In summary, a player will need to gather between 25,000 and 116,115 eggs to win all the pink, blue, and gold prizes, with the average number somewhere around 62,750. For a 35 day event, that comes to about 1793 eggs per day.

    Back to the 1:1 egg swap assumption. If you set up a system with your neighbors where you take your pink eggs to their town and trade 100 pink eggs for 50 blue eggs AND they take their blue eggs to your town and trade 100 blue eggs for 50 pink eggs, THEN you have essentially traded 150 pink eggs for 150 blue eggs.

    Even if you can’t manage to get a 1:1 system going and you convert your pink eggs to blue eggs at the 100:50 or 2:1 rate, you are still better off than you are keeping the pink eggs. Remember that a pink box is worth .09 gold boxes and a blue box is worth .27 gold boxes? Well, even if it takes you twice as many eggs to earn a blue box, the value of a blue box is still .135 gold boxes, which is better than the .09 you get by keeping the pink eggs. The moral of the story is, if you are a pink player and you are shooting for the gold prizes, convert as many of your pink eggs to blue eggs as possible, regardless of the conversion rate.

    For me, 1793 eggs per day is way more than I am averaging, so I am focusing on the one prize I really want – Shari Bobbins. I am converting all my pink eggs to blue eggs and hoping that every blue box I open has 300 gold eggs in it so that I get to open as many gold boxes as possible. Wish me luck.

    • Wow! That’s a lotta math! But good luck with your Bobbins quest! 🙂

      • Thanks! I did just read in another post on this site that when someone gives you eggs, it isn’t really a trade. You don’t have to give up any eggs in the transaction. That improves the numbers slightly, but I don’t see any way to calculate how much.

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