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Incoming Update: All This Jazz

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just letting you know there IS an update on the server (so look for an App Store download later today) for the next mini-event in TSTO.  This one is called All This Jazz and will run for two weeks.

Update: The update is available for download. There seems to be an issue with iOS however,  it seems to be crashing with the update.  Some folks have reported uninstall and reinstall helped,  others said restarting their device has helped. Personally, I’m on Android so I’m not of much help….

Starts tomorrow, September 23rd, and runs until Wednesday, October 7th.  Standard 2 week mini-event.

What does this mean for Halloween?  Well either Halloween is going to start as soon as this mini-event ends, on the 7th, or it’ll start a week later. (although a week later, the 14th, feels really late)  As I’ve been saying for a while now…it’s EA.  It’s anyone’s guess as to what they’re going to do these days.

All we can control is the present moment in the game, and the present moment says we’ll be getting an update tomorrow.  So look for All This Jazz to start off tomorrow morning at 11am ET.


P.S. If we get an app store update prior to tomorrow, I’ll update this post with that info and some screenshots from in-game.

Here’s a look at the incoming characters