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Episode Recap: My Fare Lady

Hey howdy hello Superfriends…

Wookiee popping in with another episode recap for y’all. I know there was a newer episode that aired this past Sunday, March 1st, but I realized I hadn’t typed up my notes for the previous episode for y’all and didn’t want to fall too behind. Let’s just say school, a new event, one of my ewok’s birthdays and other assorted life shenanigans kept me pretty busy.  I promise I’ll keep up with these as best I can amongst other game-related stuff.

I kept to the stream of consciousness style for the review. All in all it was an enjoyable episode with some hearty laughs. Certainly not the best of the season but I enjoy the Simpsons no matter what. Here’s my thoughts on Season 26, Episode 14: “My Fare Lady”

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