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Episode Recap: My Fare Lady

Hey howdy hello Superfriends…

Wookiee popping in with another episode recap for y’all. I know there was a newer episode that aired this past Sunday, March 1st, but I realized I hadn’t typed up my notes for the previous episode for y’all and didn’t want to fall too behind. Let’s just say school, a new event, one of my ewok’s birthdays and other assorted life shenanigans kept me pretty busy.  I promise I’ll keep up with these as best I can amongst other game-related stuff.

I kept to the stream of consciousness style for the review. All in all it was an enjoyable episode with some hearty laughs. Certainly not the best of the season but I enjoy the Simpsons no matter what. Here’s my thoughts on Season 26, Episode 14: “My Fare Lady”

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Episode Reminder: My Fare Lady

Woo hoo…. new episode!  How are all my favorite tappers doing?  SO we;re at the period of time in the Simpsons scheduling where we get a bunch of new episodes back to back and like always, the Addicts team is here to remind you of the next one, “My Fare Lady” airing tomorrow on SUnday, February 15th.  This post has lots of clips and speculation so I’ll just throw a big SPOILER ALERT here for anyone who wants to be surprised. Continue reading