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Season Recap: The Fuzzy Guide to Season 26

Hey hey friends!

So, courtesy of one heck of a cold (by the time you read this it’ll probably be gone so no need for chicken soup or well wishes my friends), I found myself with some extra time to write and said to myself, “Self… what do you want to write?” I’d finished the last episode recap for Season 27 and thought about doing one big recap for the season. Heck, I’d done that with Season 25 and 26. But wait, there’s a reason there’s no link on the second set of numbers. This walking carpet never did a season recap for 26. With extra time, cold meds on board, and a box of tissues, I decided to go back and revisit the season, mainly just rereading a bunch of words written on this site and re-watching a few of my favorites, in an effort to have one big recap. Here are some thoughts on the the 26th season of the Best. Show. Ever. It’s amazing that as of the end of Season 26, this animated sitcom had ran for 574 episodes over 26 Seasons. Haters can say what they want but that’s some serious longevity. I’m well aware of the “classic” period of the show but can’t agree that it’s just kept going like a juggernaut without some good stuff along the way. All season, we recaped each episode for you. The following are just some thoughts I had about each episode. The long episode recaps are linked in each title if you’re interested. For fairness sake, I’ll throw out a SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn’t seen the episodes as I may discuss plot points. Click more if you don’t care or want to hear more of my thoughts or both.

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Episode Recap: Bart’s New Friend

Hey hey hey amigos. Wookiee back with another episode recap from the current season of the Best. Show. Ever. We really like this as a feature on the site and even though real life and event goodness sometimes delay their arrival, we’re fairly caught up actually. You can see previous recaps here. This one is for Season 26, Episode 11: “Bart’s New Friend”. I know some people prefer to watch these on their own so only click more if you don’t mind SPOILERS. I know everyone can’t watch them so sometimes reading them can be a nice replacement. Also fun to see what others took away from an episode.

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Episode Reminder: Bart’s New Friend

Ooooh, ooooh… new episodes on the horizon.  Wookiee popping in to remind you that this Sunday a new Simpsons episode will be airing on FOX.  This one is entitled “Bart’s New Friend”. Here’s the official synopsis from TV Guide:

“Homer is hypnotized at the circus and made to believe he’s a young boy again, so Bart takes advantage of the situation and enlists him as his new best friend and partner in crime.”

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