Episode Reminder: Bart’s New Friend

Ooooh, ooooh… new episodes on the horizon.  Wookiee popping in to remind you that this Sunday a new Simpsons episode will be airing on FOX.  This one is entitled “Bart’s New Friend”. Here’s the official synopsis from TV Guide:

“Homer is hypnotized at the circus and made to believe he’s a young boy again, so Bart takes advantage of the situation and enlists him as his new best friend and partner in crime.”


This episode may be one of the best all season.  Way back in January 2014, I wrote about Judd Apatow penning an episode for The Simpsons.  He wrote the episode in 1989 when the show was in it’s infancy and he was just 22 years young. Over 25 years later, the episode is done and set to air on Sunday, January 11th, 2015.

Judd Apatow Simpsons

Here’s a couple clips from FOX’s Animation Domination Channel on MyTube.

Just the clips have me spoiling for the episode but I’ve seriously been anticipating this from the first day I heard about it.  Looks like we’ll see Itchy & Scratchy Land and even more Dizznee parody.  This really could be a classic episode animated with today’s tech.  Question is how much the writer’s messed with Apatow’s original script.  He said this is the first thing he ever wrote.  You can check out this Rolling Stone article about it but I was pleased he said the changes he saw were “hilarious and brilliant”.


What do YOU think is going to happen in the episode? Excited to see Homer act 10 and not because he’s being immature?  Like his new Bart clothes? Ever been on the real Soarin’ ride?   Sound off below.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

8 responses to “Episode Reminder: Bart’s New Friend

  1. Does anyone know what the Movie Theme Song was they played at the end. Was it from Thor?

    • The music during the credits was the background from the Soarin over Springfield bit. During the X-men like scene, I couldn’t quite pinpoint it. Credits just said music by Alf Clausen so quite possibly original and inspired by Thor or the X-Men or both.

  2. Really good episode in my opinion. The part where homer punches the clown and where he punches Bart in bed had me laughing so hard 😂😂😂 idk why either lol

  3. The episode was pretty good. I want that incomplete bridge for my Springfield!

  4. I’m so ready to say GOOD BYE to the Christmas DECORATIONS in my Springfield! 🙁 Come on!!!!!

  5. thank you

  6. Wasn’t there a prior episode where Homer was hypnotized and taken back to his childhood? The one that was a parody of The Body by Stephen King (or the movie Stand By Me)?

    • You’re thinking of “The Blunder Years” (S13:E5) and yes it involves a hypnotist. Homer ends up remembering a traumatic childhood experience. Definitely a parody of Stand By Me. As Apatow wrote this script when the show was still in it’s first season, I don’t think their will be much more resemblance.

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