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Episode Recap: Brick Like Me

Hey there Hoppereenos. Miss me? I know I sure did miss you all terribly. Being sick is no bueno. Well somewhere in my delirious fever ridden state, I had some pretty interesting hallucinations. Things like the Simpsons being turned into LEGO people. Crazy huh? Wait a minute…you mean it was real??? Oh crap!! That means that the OTHER stuff I hallucinated…ummm…errrrr…uh oh!




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Weekend Update February 16th-22nd

What crazy hi jinx have you been up to this week? Do anything exciting? Watch any cool new movies? Been too busy in your “real” world to know what has been happening in Springfield? Well no worries, we have all the week crammed into a nice neat lil area for you to skip around and click to your hearts content.

Weekend Update Addicts

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