Weekend Update February 16th-22nd

What crazy hi jinx have you been up to this week? Do anything exciting? Watch any cool new movies? Been too busy in your “real” world to know what has been happening in Springfield? Well no worries, we have all the week crammed into a nice neat lil area for you to skip around and click to your hearts content.

Weekend Update Addicts

Time for a lil Weekend Update…

After last week’s weekend update posted Bunny posted her latest Springfield Showoff…where you Showed Us Valentine’s Day in Springfield! 🙂

SUNDAY:  Bunny started Sunday morning off with letting us know the 16th President ripped a hole in the time and space continuum and landed back in Springfield.  She then hopped in later in the morning in the latest edition of the Real Housewives of Springfield to tell us all about one of the newest females in TSTO, Mindy Simmons.

Alissa then chimed in to let everyone the Pros and Cons to adding Honest Abe to your Springfield & if in fact he was worth your donuts. She then was back later Sunday night with the latest Sunday Night Open Thread, it was a blast!

MONDAYAlissa gave us our Monday giggles with another edition of Caption This!, featuring Kearney, Mr. Burns and a very intoxicated Barney!  Later in the morning she helped us all Turbo Tap our way through Abe Lincoln’s questline. 

Wookiee dropped in Monday night and showed us another page of his diary to make a point, after a lot of pointlessness, in dealing with EA.  Although I don’t think anything Wookiee rights is really pointless!

TUESDAY: Alissa polled us Tuesday morning and wanted to know if you’ve cleared the wheel yet. (Results were 46% YES, 33% NO…1 left, 13% 2 items left, 5% 3 items left, 2% 4 items left, 1% 5 items left. Less than 1% still have a ways to go.) She then rolled back on in to try to help out with the madness when the Origin Servers went down. (Can we panic now?)

Bunny hopped in to scare us all out of the water with a very toothy toxicshark 2D creation. Are you humming the “Jaws” music now too?

Wookiee tried to get a crazy song stuck in our heads with his breakdown of a silly lil Lego Movie. Did you know Milhouse made a cameo in it?

WEDNESDAY: Alissa decided to take over the day today and put out all the posts. (Shhhhh, in reality us Furry creatures were just trying to distract her while we broke out and went for a joyride. Lol.) She started out the day with a Turbo Tappin’ of thing past with Level 23. Wondering what to spend donuts on? Have some regrets? Well she broke it down with Addicts Reader Hit & Miss: Premium Character/Building Combos. Then she gave us a lil peak into the random emails we get from our readers. Thanks again SOOOO very much for the AMAZING Bunny art Capn’ CAAAAAAAAAAVEman (wandering caveman). I was very humbled by it. 😉

THURSDAY: Alissa started out the morning when she Turbo Tapped us into Level 24. She then wanted to break down the new Gil Deal even more to see if it was really worth it for you. She then wanted to see which crazy lil icons you as readers would prefer for your Gravatars. (Retro won FYI.)

Bunny almost missed her flight due to she decided to write up a quick blurb on the new Gil Deal for Krustylu, the cannon, and Dr. Nick that dropped. (Thank goodness they can page “missing” members scheduled to fly.) Did you buy into the Gil Deal?

FRIDAY: Alissa is keeping us all on our toes by updating the walkthroughs Turbo Tappin’ style. Level 25 was up next. She then brought us some more Addicts Hit & Miss: Premium Characters. You have any regrets?

Wookiee wanted to take a peak into your minds and force you to share at this weeks TSTO Anonymous meeting. What kind of tapper are YOU?

SATURDAY: Keep an eye out today for Bunny to post the Up Up & Buffet edition of Springfield Showoff. Will YOURS be featured?

What did YOU think of the week?  What was your favorite part? How are you doing in the update?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing for you!

Have a great weekend friends! Hoppy Tappin’


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43 responses to “Weekend Update February 16th-22nd

  1. So I’ve been pointlessly researching for hours trying to figure out what the swear word is and how to place the rose bushes correctly how EA wants them so I can get whatever they claim to be awarding! I remember when I first got the new update and they said “see if you can spell a swear word with them”…well I have a crap-load of rose bushes and I’ve tried 3 different combos so far and have turned up empty! I know the update is ending tomorrow and now I’m thinking this has all been a waste of time! PLEASE HELP!!!!! =( If you guys know what the word is or how it should look I’d greatly appreciate being let in on it!

    • I’m pretty sure it was just a joke on EA’s part. A little nod towards those making 2D words with flowers. I don’t think they actually have a set word or a prize in mind. 🙂

  2. Very Cool!! Great Work!!!

  3. I just wanted to apologize to my neighbors that I haven’t been able to visit everyday. I’ve been having force-close issues and I seem to be able to only get through 3 or so towns before I’m kicked out. I’ll keep trying !!

  4. When I am not tapping out, I am painting. Check out the plate I painted. Mmmmmm dooooonuts. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y174/mollysowner/simpsonsplate_zps375c30d2.jpg

  5. Hey, I tried to squeeze in on a conversation Alissa and SeaPeach were having about “rubber” and a Ren and Stimpy episode but the “reply” buttons are gone…while I’m not familiar with that episode the word “rubber” takes me back to a scene from Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life”…

    Dad: The mill’s closed. There’s no more work. We’re destitute. I’ve got no option but to sell you all for scientific experiments.
    [The children protest and cry]
    Dad: That’s the way it is my loves. Blame the Catholic Church for not letting me wear one of those little rubber things. Oh, they’ve done some wonderful things in their time. They preserved the might and majesty, even the mystery, of the Church of Rome, the sanctity of the sacrament, and the indivisible oneness of the Trinity. But if they’d let me wear one of those little rubber things on the end of my #@©&, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now.
    …John Chapman’s dialogue that follows the scene is one of the funniest there is…but Alissa may already be about to ban me now…

  6. Hey addicts I’m too lazy to crunch the numbers but maybe you can sometime. I’m wondering if it’s better to leave characters in Krustyland to ultimately do a ticket exchange or in Springfield collecting cash?

    • For me…I found that a waste of time. I seemed to earn more in Springfield than in Krustyland exchange. But that is just one Bunny’s opinion. After getting all the Krustyland items…I have really not been back in since.

      • Ok, fortunately for Carly (unfortunately for me) I am not too lazy to crunch numbers.
        (a) if you don’t do the 30,000 tickets for $100,000, it’s not worth it.
        (b) for most comparable tasks, it’s a wash at the $100,000/30,000
        (c) for a very few tasks, it’s better in Krustyland (esp. at $100k/30k)
        Bart 8h Eyeballs of Death
        Bart 12h Scratchy’s Flea Dipper
        Cletus 24h Tooth Chipper
        Comic Book Guy 8h Eyeballs of Death
        Homer 6s Krustyland Rubbish
        Homer 24h Mount Krustmore
        Lisa 6s Krustyland Rubbish
        Lisa 30m Death Drop
        Lisa 8h Eyeballs of Death
        Milhouse 24h Mount Krustmore
        Nelson 24h Mount Krustmore
        (I didn’t calculate this with Bart at Kamp Krusty, Homer as Mr. Plow or Lisa as Sacajawea, in which case these would also be a wash)

  7. I have been mostly tied up with IRL stuff. I have been focusing on accumulating 10,000 hearts, and I am within easy striking distance. Not wishing to lose spins when EA ends Vday, I will spin them off. Originally I hoped to accumulate 100 spins, but I have too many lazy neighbors (not you bun-buns)! Here’s hoping (or hopping) for 50 brand spanking new Choo Choo Choose You trains!

  8. Hey there Bunny! Just wanted to say thank you! Your my inspiration for the Choo Choo Choose Me Train! The boardwalk benches work pretty good and i love what you did with those Love benches!

    • Awww well thank you! I am glad that my creative town inspires others. I have fun playing around in it. 😉

      I wanted something to look like railroad tracks and they seemed to fit just right. I also wanted some sort of area for people to go for a ride on the trains, so I created some cars to ride in/on. Lol.

      • exactly my thoughts! i tried to use iron railings, fences, even lamp posts but dang it they would not lay right lmao! You have a great imagination and insight! Keep up the great work! Alot of talent under those fuzzy ears! 😉

  9. Pandi (@LadyPandi)

    Wow you guys had a busy week! I spent most of the week sending my people on 12-24h tasks, I’ve finished the wheel last week on both of my Springfield’s so that’s getting old… I mean, how many bird feeders and flower carts can one use?! My small town has (about) 8 heart shaped ponds.
    Anyway, this week I adopted a kitty from http://www.catsontheweb.org/ , a no kill cat shelter. He is a beautiful long-haired black kitty, 3 years old, housetrained (yay!) playful and friendly. They do everything before you get the animal, fixed, shots, screened for bad things… so it’s a great deal on an awesome pet.
    I think he is the bestest kitty ever, but I may be biased. His name was harley (no) but we changed it to Fezzik, because he’s a big oaf, but really sweet.
    http://flic.kr/p/kmbWUm How could anyone not love that face. 🙂 lol

  10. last night i went into my game it said my name but when it went in it was not my town but I coould do everything as if it was my town including visiting their friends. which I was not one of them..I could have spent all their money and donuts but im a nice person well semi nice i did tk some of thier flowers and rearrange them to say Hi ..:) Do u know if this has happened to anyone else?? I did eventually make it bck to my town after backing out and reentering for the third time.

  11. Lol. I like to say Aminals all the time. It makes me giggle. 😉

    I don’t mind the work…I enjoy it. It is more fun than a job.

  12. That’s alotta work just for carrots and water…saw “Walking With Dinosaurs” lastnight with my son…pretty good for what it is…awesome amination…that’s right, I say it that way…am-in-a-shun…it’s more funner that way…but to be honest, I’m dyslexic.

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