Episode Recap: Brick Like Me

Hey there Hoppereenos. Miss me? I know I sure did miss you all terribly. Being sick is no bueno. Well somewhere in my delirious fever ridden state, I had some pretty interesting hallucinations. Things like the Simpsons being turned into LEGO people. Crazy huh? Wait a minute…you mean it was real??? Oh crap!! That means that the OTHER stuff I hallucinated…ummm…errrrr…uh oh!




Oooooh everything is all black and Homer is snoring away…(much like a certain lil fluffy creature was doing the last few days). He opens his eyes to the bright smiling face of…LEGO MARGE!!! WOOHOO!!

Homer reminisces of the day Marge gave him her hand in marriage. As he literally takes Marge’s hand off her LEGO body. Of course Santa’s Little Helper sees this as an opportunity to jump in and grab it. What follow is a great game of chase as the LEGO parts of the entire room are dismantled while Homer and SLH chase each other around (of course accompanied by that ever cool sound of LEGOs breaking apart).  No big deal though, Marge has spare parts in her closet.

At the breakfast table, Bart points out that something seems a lil weird today.

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He is right, there IS something different. Homer is wearing a tie! Maggie, for some silly reason, is HUGE compared to everyone else. She converts her “food” that was a car shape to a bottle after Marge gets after her for playing with it. (“They’re so cute when they’re Duplo.”)


The entire town has changed into “bricks”. Brik-E-Mart, The 99 Stud Store, H&R Brick, First Brick of Springfield, Brick Block & Beyond…to name a few. Lol.

Homer is on his cellphone…errrr…cellbrick to the toystore looking for a birthday gift for his daughter.  Perky Patty’s Princess Shop. He is too busy looking at the phone that he hits Krusty, shattering him into pieces. Homer jumps out and quickly reassembles him…with the monkeys legs. Teeny of course uses this as an opportunity to run off.

At the Elementary, Milhouse is showing Bart what he brought for share day…ewwwwwww a skunk. Bart of course wants to use it to spray everyone, but its been de-sacked. As it sprays out clear studs into his face, he realizes the gypsy skunk seller lied to him. The skunk quickly jumps out of Bart’s hands and takes off down the hallway and into the Boiler Room. It runs into a hole in the wall. Milhouse and Bart quickly start to pull the brick wall pieces apart, but Willie rushes in to tell them if they continue to pull it apart the entire school will collapse on them. Bart points out the their is a skunk in there. “Scottish Steak” is what Willie cries as he crashes through the wall to get the skunk. (Guess he was jonesing for a Skunk meat stew for dinner?)  Of course…the entire school collapses into a pile of bricks. Everyone is a bit shaken, everyone except Chalmers and the Lunch Lady who are making out in the broom closet.


Skinner of course blames Bart for all of this and hands him the assembly instructions so he can rebuild the entire school brick by brick. Bart points out that he can’t due to the instructions say for 12 and up. “Age guidelines are conservative and everyone knows it.” To motivate him, Skinner puts Nelson back together so he can “Haaaw Haw” Bart. Then promptly disassembles him again.

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Homer is at the Android’s Dungeon looking for the birthday gift. Comic Book Guy is happy to meet a fellow AMFOP (Adult Male Fan of Princesses). He tells CBG that it is for his daughter. Suuuuuuuuuuure it is. Lol. (Anyone else notice the one eared bunny comic on the wall behind CBG? A certain lil character that Matt adores. 😉 )

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As Homer picks up the box for Perky Patty’s Princess Shop he feels like he has seen this before. He is literally shaken into a memory…back to a regular Simpsons cartoon drawn memory of him giving Lisa this exact same gift and enjoying putting it together with her. They played and it wasn’t boring. He even goes on to tell her a secret that no parent enjoys playing with their kids. They just don’t like it. Things like tea parties with fake food, Hide n Seek with a LOT of peeking, not to mention the most inhumane torture known to man…CANDYLAND!

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Just then he snaps back to the Comic Book Shop and back to being brick like. It was just a crazy vision. A world where nothing was made of bricks except for toys. CBG points out the sign on his wall, “NO OUTSIDE REALITIES”. Homer runs off out the door without the gift.

Back at the Simpson home, Homer is trying to explain to Marge the weird vision he had. His body was squishy and his hands looked like snakes made of meat. It was horrible. Lol. Marge comforts him by telling him it was probably just a mini stroke. No worries. Homer thinks she is just saying that to make him feel better. She tells him what he saw just wasn’t real. The way the world works is everything fits with everything else and nobody ever gets hurt. Maybe he just needs someone to take his mind off it.

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Cut away to the brick moon and back to the room where Homer and Marge are a mess. Literally. Brick body parts all over the room. Only their heads are lying next to each other on the pillows.

Later Homer goes to the bathroom to wash off. He looks into the mirror to see a Cartoon Homer staring back and screams.

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He asks Marge if she replaced their mirror with some magical mirror. She didn’t. Homer screams more.

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Homer heads off the the Brik-E-Mart talking to himself about the hideous flesh monster he saw in the mirror. He sees the Cartoon Homer reflection in the window though and starts to yell at it to leave him alone.

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Apu, inside the store, only sees what seems to be a crazy Brick Homer yelling and pounding on his glass windows at him. Telling him to go back to where he came from. Apu points out he has every right to be there. He is even in the Advent Calendar, December 18th.

Homer runs off to Moe’s. He tells Moe he is going crazy and needs to kill off as many of his brain cells as possible. So Moe poors him a glass of stud Beer. As Homer goes to drink it, it turns into cartoon Beer. He freaks out. Beer is supposed to be plastic circles. He asks Lenny and Carl if they saw that…but they flash into Cartoon characters too. Homer screams and runs off.

Back at the Elementary, Bart is still trying to rebuild the Elementary. He is getting tired of building the same old boring school. He would make something so much cooler, if only he was given the chance. Willie pops off his legs and uses them for a pillow as he lays down for a nap. Watching Bart must have worn him out. Bart uses this as his chance to create a whole new school. Something that looks kinda…Dr Suess-ish. He put in a rock climbing wall, turned all the classrooms into skate parks,  zip line stair wells, Terminator gym teachers, turned Skinners office into a Haunted Forest with extra ghosts, and a total of TWO tetherball poles. But Skinner wants to know how the children will learn if they don’t feel like they’re in kid jail. He tells Skinner he used all the bricks…plus Ralph to rebuild.

At the Church, Marge is trying to get Homer to go to try to get a grip on what is happening to him. She always finds solace in the air tight logic of religion. Reverend Lovejoy is talking about creation came after table…and how it was started by the Constructor by dumping the bricks out of bag #1. Then came the great sorting. Piles of shapes, colors, windows, and doors. And everything was made of eternal unchanging Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or in the common tongue…plastic

Homer burst in asking what if everything WASN’T made of plastic. He thinks there is more to the world. “Like decals?” Well the Orthodox don’t use them, but hey…they’re a reformed congregation. Homer points out he is not talking about decals. He is talking of a place where nothing snaps together and you can’t just toss your kids in a dishwasher to clean them up. (You can’t? But Cletus said…err…ummm…moving on.) Lovejoy points out a place like that can only exist in some magic rock song. Flanders points out just how perfect their lil world is. Everything fits together and no one gets hurt.

Homer asks why then is he having those weird hallucinations. (Uh oh…did he get in the Bunny Water too?) His hands look weird. They have these lil wiggly looking things, but he just can’t put his finger on it. Flanders tries to avert his boys eyes…by popping of their heads and covering them. Homer is shocked that everyone else can see them too. Grampa yells out that Homer is a freak. They should take him apart and lose the pieces under the couch. Marge sticks by Homer’s side. They take off to find real answers in the one place they can find them. Lovejoy in the meantime tries to find something on fingers in the book, but there is nothing. So he informs everyone that their religion isn’t true. “Sorry about that, really sorry.”

Homer and Marge take off to the Comic Book Shop. Homer feels the only way to solve this is to touch the birthday gift again and send him back to the alternate world for some answers.

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He grabs a hold and is whooshed back to the basement of the Cartoon Simpson home where he and Lisa are assembling what appears to be the brick version of Springfield. (I wonder if they got extra land expansions.) They are having fun. Marge brings them a flyer announcing Brick Stock, a builders competition coming the next weekend. Homer clears his schedule (Lenny will be on his own with the surfer fight) and plans on helping Lisa win the competition.

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Homer spends all day at work making a mini Duff Brewery for their mini Springfield. It really brews too. He brings it to the basement to show Lisa, but she isn’t there. She is instead in her bedroom with a group of older girls talking about going to see Survival Games. The older girls don’t usually hang out with 2nd graders, but were impressed by her report on Survival Games. Homer walks in and announces him and Lisa are BFFs. The older girls are not impressed. They’re actually grossed out by this. He continues to “embarrass” her in front of the girls. Lisa tries to play it off. The girls understand as they have fathers too. Some of them even have 3. They take off announcing they will see her at the movie Friday. The same day as Brick Stock. Homer is broken up as he really looked forward to this being “their” thing to make the mini Springfield together. Lisa is so happy though that older girls want to hang out with her.

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Homer sulks off confused. He is sad that he finally found something he liked doing with his daughter and he just lost it. He doesn’t fit into her world.

At the Suites at exit 21B, it looks as though the Surfers are winning the fight with Lenny. Too bad no one cares as Brick Stock is going on inside. The Twins are making a triplet of them, Flanders is recreating Noah’s Ark, Milhouse is making Bart…his best friend and Superstar, Comic Book Guy made Keendah Wildwill from the Survival Games (I even see a King Homer on a Skyscraper in the background or is it actually King Kong?) Homer is unhappy again as that is the character that stole his daughter from him. CBG of course explains just why the character is so popular. She is a strong, independent, and resourceful woman. Homer points out she is a lil bustier than he remembers. “My work on that front is never done.” With that, CBG goes back to adding more.

Homer meanwhile wishes he lived in the lil Springfield him and Lisa created.

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Everything fits together their and no one ever gets hurt…until the giant top heavy Keendah Wildwill topples over and smashes onto Homers head…sending him back to the Brick World.

So…apparently the entire Brick Simpson World is all some delusion in the mind of a devastated Homer Simpson. Marge wants to know why. Probably because the real Homer doesn’t want to lose his daughters love, so he instead invents the Brick World where nothing will ever change. How can CBG be so sure though. Because he has devoted his entire life to second rate science fiction of course. Homer wants to know if he doesn’t find his way out, will he be trapped in the fantasy world…FOREVER?? “I’m afraid so.” WOOOOHOO!!! I think Homer is just fine with that. Reality can kiss his “flat plastic butt” for all he cares. He pops off his head and drop kicks it off into the air. “Daddy Daughter time will never end.”

Inventing the lil world was the smartest thing his brain damaged brain ever did. Nothing bad can ever happen. He can take down the Police Copter with no problems. They’ll just toss it in a tupperware container and rebuild it tomorrow.


Marge is of course trying to be the voice of reason in all of this. Can he really live in paradise if it is just pretend? He points out the fact that who in their right mind would give up eating steak in the Matrix to go and slurp goo in Zion? “We don’t have that movie here.” Now Lisa can never ditch him and he can play with her FOR-EV-ER. (Kinda creepy sounding if you ask me. Daddy’s lost it just a lil bit.)

Back at the Elementary, poor Bart is once again putting the School back together…the right way. He just finished…all 12 of them. Skinner said Bart has finally learned his lesson, too bad all that Skinner gets for his birthday is set of the School. On to making a few more.

Back at the Simpson home,

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Lisa and Homer are having a lovely tea time together. Lisa is impressed at just how into the imaginary tea time Homer is getting. Most of the time he just phoned it in, but not anymore. He created a perfect world with no PG-13 movies to take her away from him. In this perfect world Lisa will always be his lil girl, Maggie will always be his giant baby, and Bart will never move out of the house. He will work for Mr. Burns forever, Marge and him will never grow old together, he will never…wait a minute…his perfect lil world isn’t sounding so perfect anymore (Is this Homer’s dream…or Matt’s?) Homer runs to tell Marge he has to go back.

Homer runs to the Comic Book shop to tell CBG he has to go back home. CBG points out how perfect his lil world is. Why would he want to go back? Homer misses burning his mouth on pizza and David Blaine’s stunts where he could really die. All he has to do to return is open the box back to his reality…but CBG isn’t going to let that happen. So evil CBG builds a fort around the shop and a gate to close Homer off. As the ultimate collector, CBG has every playset ever made. Like the Pirate Ship rolling down the middle of the road to get Homer or the Ninjas flying in. Who can help him? Who? WHO!?

Bart of course hears Homer’s cries for help. He builds an awesome robot to go and help Homer. He is going to send them all back from where they came from…Denmark. (LEGO headquarters for those that don’t know. Lol.) His robot shoots Lions, Barfs lightsabers, and even shoots Skinner out of its cannons. Bart is going to enjoy playing with the robot forever…or until it all falls to pieces. Luckily its fall is broken by Android’s Dungeon and Homer is able to get inside to find Perky Patty’s Princess Shop.

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He finds it in the rubble and opens it, turning him back into Cartoon Homer. He kisses Brick Marge goodbye.

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Homer wakes to find Lisa standing over him at Brick Stock. He explains how he had a crazy dream in a land made of LEGO bricks where he learned important lessons about parenting. “Isn’t that kind of the plot…” (as the two main characters of the LEGO Movie roll on by in the background. Lol.)  “No…No it’s not…it’s a new plot…” (Riiiiiiiight. Lol. Everything is awesome, right?)

Homer is shocked though to see Lisa and wonders why she isn’t at her movie. It is because she changed her mind. She knew how much this meant to Homer. He tells her it is OK and to go to the movie with her friends. If he has learned one thing…it is that he can’t stop her from growing up. “I love you, Dad.” “Me too lil girl.”


Or is it? Cut to Lisa and the older girls at Survival Games. The girls are gasping and swooning at the characters and their dribble of the oh so difficult choices of having to pick between to completely dreamy guys. Homer can’t believe just how terrible the movie is. “When do they get to killing the children?” Marge shooshes him. Is Marge actually buying into this…”SHHHHHHHH, she’s trying on dresses.” “I just wanted to see kids fight to the death is all.” “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”


A lil something extras…Promo Videos:


So there you have it. The episode that many have waited quite some time to see. What did YOU think of it all? Pick up on all the references to the different movies? Favorite parts? Parts you wanted to change? Sound off in the comments below.

(p.s. keep your eye on our blog over the next week for something a lil more LEGO Simpson coming your way. Shhhhhhh. 😉  )

Til Next Time…

I go sleep some more…

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  1. What was Ralph’s joke when he was in the school wall?? I couldn’t understand what he said….Thanks

  2. …but I **like** playing Candyland with my grandkids 🙂

  3. freaknstein8

    My favorite episode…even if it hadn’t been the lego one…but that just made it a thousand times better!!! 🙂

  4. That was one of the best episodes I’ve seen in many many years, harkoning back to the golden years IMO. Humor worked w/o going Family Guy (minus the Bendereque butt joke), had tons of heart.

  5. CapCityGoofball

    I wish the actual Lego set looked like the show. If it did I would buy it! The heads in the real set just creep me out, and I’m an old school Lego fan.

  6. Haven’t read the your text yet, but srsly: One of the BEST.EPISODES.EVER! I haven’t seen the Blocko-movies yet except from a couple of trailers, but the episode yesterday seemed to be pretty close to the humor of those movies. And those quotes…’Yo soy language lab!’ or ‘It seems like our religion is not true!…Sorry about that. Really sorry!’ 😀 😀 😀

    Not to forget the scenes between Bart and Skinner! Especially when Homer shouts for help and Skinner says ‘Don’t even think about it!’ 😀

  7. Wish that we had episode tie-in content for this, a few Lego buildings or characters would have looked great in tapped out 🙁

    • I agree. But it’s possible it was a licensing issue that caused them to not be able to release LEGO items in the game. We’ll never really know for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the reason.

  8. Hi Bunny good to see you up and hopping about

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