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EA posting spoilers?

So… reader pakgor pointed out that the TSTO Facebook page posted a spoiler about possible future content and after a quick convo with fearless leader Alissa, she said I can post about it.  We don’t often post spoilers like this but since it is on EA’s official page, why not?  Here’s what they had to say…

“Mysterious men have been spotted near Springfield. What do they want? When will they arrive? What is with their giant stone? Are you ready to discover the secrets of this cult before it is too late? Or just tired of being asked all these questions?”

Woo hoo!  Could this actually be the long-awaited item we’ve all wanted besides the monorail?  You know the song, you know the paddling, you know the symbol….

Stonecutter LogoStonecutter LogoStonecutter LogoStonecutter Logo

That’s right!  A possible Stonecutters event/level/thingy.  This is still at the spoiler level so no promises but if it is true, I am super stoked.  EA also provided this teaser image in their post.

Stone of Shame


Only question I have is whether this is the Stone of Shame or Triumph?

Hope this news is as exciting for you as it is for me.  We will of course keep you posted if anything more concrete becomes available.  Pretty sweet that EA is doing its own spoilers now.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

Limited Time Event Speculation

Hello Fellow Tapped Out Addicts,

No, at least as I write this, I have heard nothing new about level 34 or a limited time event in the near future.  However, just because there hasn’t been any new information on it, doesn’t mean we can’t speculate now does it?  So, I’ve been thinking, with back to school just around the corner, how great would a Back to School Limited Time Event be?  With so many tappers begging EA for game additions like Sherri and Terri, Miss. Hoover, and countless others this would be the perfect time to make those requests reality!

tsto limited event school 1

So, EA, if you’re reading this, here are just a few characters/items that could be added to the event:

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