EA posting spoilers?

So… reader pakgor pointed out that the TSTO Facebook page posted a spoiler about possible future content and after a quick convo with fearless leader Alissa, she said I can post about it.  We don’t often post spoilers like this but since it is on EA’s official page, why not?  Here’s what they had to say…

“Mysterious men have been spotted near Springfield. What do they want? When will they arrive? What is with their giant stone? Are you ready to discover the secrets of this cult before it is too late? Or just tired of being asked all these questions?”

Woo hoo!  Could this actually be the long-awaited item we’ve all wanted besides the monorail?  You know the song, you know the paddling, you know the symbol….

Stonecutter LogoStonecutter LogoStonecutter LogoStonecutter Logo

That’s right!  A possible Stonecutters event/level/thingy.  This is still at the spoiler level so no promises but if it is true, I am super stoked.  EA also provided this teaser image in their post.

Stone of Shame


Only question I have is whether this is the Stone of Shame or Triumph?

Hope this news is as exciting for you as it is for me.  We will of course keep you posted if anything more concrete becomes available.  Pretty sweet that EA is doing its own spoilers now.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. OK, so maybe I’m getting a little bit too excited (manic..) waiting for the Stonecutters update/event to land, but I just thought of something amazing I’d LOVE for EA to do with this.

    Remember the secret cave shortcut that Homer gains access to after joining the Stonecutters? Well, how about the cave gets added to the mountains at the top of our towns, and on the other side we get new land opened up for…. A SECRET STONECUTTERS BASE!

    This actually makes a lot of sense to me as most people are going to reach the land adjacent to the mountains within a few weeks of first playing, and it also allows EA to give us all a finite amount of new land to work with without killing the servers, like with Squidport.

    Chances are I’m entirely wrong and my dreams will be crushed, but if I’m right then I’m a GOD, and no, I’m not sitting on an ice-cream sandwich 🙂

  2. So really need save on cash? I got 11 million save up lol

  3. Now let’s all get drunk and play ping-pong!

  4. “But there better be some awesome stuff planned for 2014.”
    “Like the Monorail, and the Stonecutters, and a proper version of Sideshow Bob…Bob…

    But more important the stonecutters episode was on on Sunday andi caught it whilst flicking through the channels….this has happened before with APIs apartment, etc either this is spooky paranormal stuff, coincidence Simpsons are on about 100 times a week on some channel or other, channel 4 know someone at EA or I need to find something better to do on Sundays afternoon……:-D

    Monorail monorail monorail

    And thanks for posting spoilers its the one aspect of your policy I wish you would change.

    • Life’s little coincidences are often strange. Absolutely nothing wrong with watching The Simpsons whenever you get a chance. Just was watching The Otto Show a little while ago. I’m stoked EA may come through on one of the big teases in dialogue earlier this year. As far as spoilers… it’s a slippery slope. As long as EA comes through with this surprise, you will most likely see us reporting on stuff they post. You know how I feel about the mono lol.

      • Life is random and coincidences are common like you I am pleased EA backed up their tease in January……here’s to monorail…….

  5. I really hope that this could be an event instead of a level as I think they need something to fill the gap until Halloween. Last year we got squidport and krustyland to fill in some time so I think they need something bigger. Hopefully something that doesn’t end up getting so neglected. I do have plans for my squidport in my next re-design but poor krustyland has turned into a bit of a dumping ground and that’s if I bother to visit it at all.
    You can’t go wrong with 2 events running at the same time either so that it means that you can split your time instead of just one driving you crazy. I will probably end up going doubly crazy now that I have said that 🙂

    • Famous last words. We do see levels in the middle of events but not sure how two events would work from a programming end.

      • I wasn’t very clear there. I had meant about the event running in another game just now too that will be keeping a lot of people busy too. I’m not that greedy that I need 2 simpsons events at the same time 🙂

  6. Prepare for the paddling of the swollen ass, with paddles.

  7. Maybe we get both stones!

  8. If one of the tasks is to burn Homer’s underwear in the Ark of the Covenant, I may just die of happiness. 🙂

    This could very well be the best news I’ve heard all day. Thanks Wookiee!

  9. “Who made Steve Gutenberg ….a star ! ”
    No Homers

  10. Wookie…
    “…anything more concrete…”
    Stonecutters… concrete…
    Pun intended?

  11. Oh please, oh please, oh please let this happen!

  12. They already brought the Egg guy, so why not more from the show?

  13. kinda hope they wait till after the FG event, but somehow I’ll stumble through both simultaneously if I must 😉

    • Good thing is the FG event is 31 days…and a game that should be done at a pace. The bad news is Bunny and I will be working double time on both…good thing we’ve already got a TON of FG content down 🙂

  14. Hmmm, what will they pick? Ralphie asks

  15. Anything to compete with the family guy game!!! Dirty pool EA but I like TSTO more than family guy anyway so who rigs every Oscar night…we do…WE DOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  16. Sweet….that was the episode that said if you are a stone cutter and have an emergency. ..dial 912…ems comes quicker

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