Limited Time Event Speculation

Hello Fellow Tapped Out Addicts,

No, at least as I write this, I have heard nothing new about level 34 or a limited time event in the near future.  However, just because there hasn’t been any new information on it, doesn’t mean we can’t speculate now does it?  So, I’ve been thinking, with back to school just around the corner, how great would a Back to School Limited Time Event be?  With so many tappers begging EA for game additions like Sherri and Terri, Miss. Hoover, and countless others this would be the perfect time to make those requests reality!

tsto limited event school 1

So, EA, if you’re reading this, here are just a few characters/items that could be added to the event:

Sherri and Terri of course!  They could come with the Jungle Gym and have tasks like “Tattle on Bart” and “Speak Twin”.


Miss. Hoover, after all Mrs. Krabappel can’t teach all of the students herself!  And I’m pretty sure Lisa is tired of sharing a class with Bart by now!  She could have tasks like “Attend AA with Barney” or “Smoke in class”.

Superintendent Chalmers would be another great addition for the Back to School Event.  He could have tasks like “Make Skinner cower in his office” and “Overreact to…anything”.


Springfield University, another building that has often been requested by tappers!   Homer can have tasks there like “Cram like you’ve never Crammed Before” and “Kidnap Sir Drinks A Lot”.

Ayn Rand School for Tots would make another great building addition to Springfield, especially if they made Maggie an actual character instead of just appearing with Marge.

The Jungle Gym, Hop Scotch Area, and Merry-Go-Round would all make great additions to Springfield.

So what do you think?  Would you be excited with a Simpsons Back to School Limited Time Event in your Springfield?

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