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Simple Town Designs: Playgrounds and Pastel Fences

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

With Easter in our rear-view mirrors (for most of us) it’s now time to take a good hard look at our Easter hauls and try to figure out just where we’re going to put all that junk stuff!  In particular all those fences!  While the sucking out quest was great (15 free donuts, who wouldn’t love those?!) it left us all with a LOT of fences for our Springfield!  Just what is a Tapper to do with all those fences?  Get creative of course!

While going through the comments over throughout the Easter update I came across a great idea from three of our frequent Tappers.  DeAdBuRgErKiNg™, spankymcm, & LittleLiske all suggested that those colorful Pastel Fences work wonders around a playground area in Springfield!

Now I thought this was a fantastic idea and wanted to share with you all another Simple Town Design you can do with YOUR Pastel Fence collection and design a Playground Area for your town!

Pastel Fence
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