Simple Town Designs: Playgrounds and Pastel Fences

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

With Easter in our rear-view mirrors (for most of us) it’s now time to take a good hard look at our Easter hauls and try to figure out just where we’re going to put all that junk stuff!  In particular all those fences!  While the sucking out quest was great (15 free donuts, who wouldn’t love those?!) it left us all with a LOT of fences for our Springfield!  Just what is a Tapper to do with all those fences?  Get creative of course!

While going through the comments over throughout the Easter update I came across a great idea from three of our frequent Tappers.  DeAdBuRgErKiNg™, spankymcm, & LittleLiske all suggested that those colorful Pastel Fences work wonders around a playground area in Springfield!

Now I thought this was a fantastic idea and wanted to share with you all another Simple Town Design you can do with YOUR Pastel Fence collection and design a Playground Area for your town!

Pastel Fence

Basically the design of this is up to you, but for my Playground Area I decided the most logical choice would be around Springfield Elementary.  So I started laying out my plan with that in mind.

I decided my B town would be the best place to try this out in, since I had more open land because my town designs are more scattered.  (Whereas my A town is planned a bit differently and has limited open space).  So from the Easter Event in my “B” town I had quite a few Pastel Picket Fences to work with:
2014-05-14 11.10.11

Initially my playground was going to be much smaller than what it ended up becoming.  I think I had space in mind, but also perception was a bit off because I was initally thinking of putting it next to Springfield Elementary, instead of behind it.
2014-05-14 11.12.11

Once I decided to place the Playground behind the school and figured out my overall size I started to lay out the fences.  This is pretty basic, but one thing I will mention (if you don’t already know) the fences have the pretty bright colors on one side and brown wood going horizontal on the other.  For me I wanted all of the pretty colors to be seen, so I made sure for the far left side the colors were facing the outside, but for the back and the right side that the colors were facing inside the Playground.  This also gave me more space to work with inside the area along the back and right side:
2014-05-14 11.11.12 2014-05-14 11.33.13 2014-05-14 11.35.47

As you can see from the images I also brought over Otto’s bus and had plans for Willie’s Shack in the area too.  Only logical since they’re both part of Springfield Elementary!   I also made sure on the left side I readjusted the fences to line up (sorta) with the side of Springfield Elementary:
2014-05-14 11.34.38 2014-05-14 11.34.50Of course it didn’t quite make it, so I just shifted the school over a bit and everything was fine.
2014-05-14 11.34.59

Now that I had my Playground Area marked out it was time to decorate.  While I wish we had more decorations (like a hopscotch path, jump ropes, a slide, and the roundabout spinny thingy (technical term 😉 )…I’m still pretty happy with the Playground decorations we do have:
2014-05-14 11.37.17 2014-05-14 11.36.45 2014-05-14 11.40.06 2014-05-14 11.37.44
Obviously teahterball is premium, but for me it was a nice little addition.  For me I also like the Choo-Choo Train (from Valentine’s Day) and the Stolen Bumper Car for the Playground.  Reminds me of those little rides you sit in outside of stores, or the ones on springs at parks
2014-05-14 11.41.06 2014-05-14 11.38.13

So armed with those 6 decorations I started to make the area look like…well a Playground.  First, I added Willie’s Shack to the back….back where he belongs:
2014-05-14 11.36.08 2014-05-14 11.37.51 2014-05-14 11.41.00

To finish off the look I added the concrete for a hopscotch/4 square/kickball area.  And then filled in some of the bare spots with tress and flowers.  I also added a couple of benches, you know so Lisa and Martin could read!

The final result looked like this:
2014-05-14 11.59.06

And here it is getting some use by Rod & Todd:
2014-05-14 12.04.43

The Pastel Fences really make the area pop, in my opinion.  And they’re perfect for the child-like atmosphere.  They’d also be great if the Ayn Rand School for Tots is ever added to Springfield!

So that’s it my friends, my colorful fence story!  Did YOU make a playground with your pastel fences?  Do you think it’s something you’d try?  Or do you have a better use for them?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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77 responses to “Simple Town Designs: Playgrounds and Pastel Fences

  1. I used mine around the Stonecutters daycare. Looks great!

  2. Yeah….unfortunately I didn’t even get near this amount of fences…didn’t even get enough for the sucking out (boo hoo)…I had about 1000 eggs of my dominant color before bed last night and just couldn’t stay awake,,,figured I’d end up with enough to convert in the morning to get the non-dominant egg, but, alas…i was forced to update this morning. Even if I got all fences using up my dominant egg…still wouldn’t have had enough to finish the sucking out quest! And I have the maximum friends and was playing all the time (my husband and kids are always annoyed listening to Homer tell me task is done 🙂 I was hoping to convert and at least have an opportunity to win a character I didn’t get or a building since I wasn’t getting the fences. But hey – if you need Easter egg decorations or beach towels/umbrellas – I’m your gal!

    By the way – loved the blog on your Vegas trip….my husband and I long with my siblings and spouses are heading their in December this year. Can’t wait!!!

    • clearly typing too fast and not proof-reading :-). “…along with my siblings”…and “there in Dec…..”. The former teacher in me is cringing!


    I thought they went well with the Guinea Pig place.


    Blocko Store with ride and fences……needs a little something though?

    • Hard to say. I am creating a “kid zone” with many of the items I got. Blocko included. The pastels do compliment it.

  5. I used the pastels to fence-off my “Out of Town Christmas Village”, i.e. a dumping ground for all the Xmas items that don’t really belong in my town after the event ended. It now sits proudly adjacent to “Loveland” (my Valentine’s village/dump) and my brand spanking new Easter Village!

    We got specially themed fences for Valentine’s and Easter so I was lacking something with a “festive” feel for the Christmas Village. Hopefully there will be some proper Xmas fences in the 2014 event!

  6. Oh wow! I got nowhere near that amount of pastel fences. Lol! (Thanks in part to my device auto updating behind my back while I was distracted playing L.A. Noire. *pauses typing to shake fist at his Kindle*) I ended up sectioning of a small part of my Springfield Park (the Playground area) with them . I decided I’d make my park into a collection of Holiday/Special event decorations. I probably have enough to do a huge thing like this, but I used a lot in a second park (Devoted to all the Easter stuff. SO.MUCH.EASTER.STUFFS.) and I’d have to reorganize. I might just be too lazy for that. Haha!
    But,those pastel fences also kinda fit well sectioning off the Ah Fudge factory,too. Oddly enough.

    I could probably take a few screen shots for you,I just don’t know how to go about getting them to you.

  7. Pastel fences???…thought they were troll combs…

  8. I haven’t been forced to update yet (hoping to get the Blocko store before I do), but I combined my pastel fence with regular easter fence to write ‘FENCE’. It took exactly 50 pieces of fence to complete, and doesn’t look half bad!

  9. Someone in a previous post said to use the fences around Fiesta’s. I can’t remember where it was or who said it but to whomever it was, thanks for the idea! I used them around a little outdoor seating area at JF’s on my Squidport. I was stumped about these fences but I’m loving how they look now!

  10. Michellebe158

    I put my pastel fences around my krustyland bus stop. Looks pretty cool.

    thought we had to accept the update did not know that EA would automatically update it. I had at least 300 in two of my boxes and was planning on buying a truck load of eggs ….was going to try and get the two adult characters in the golden box! 🙁

  12. I made it as the boundary for my Johnny Fiestas. I added the little chair and table cafe seats and a bin, with some potted plants. Very cute and it matches the fiesta theme.

  13. sadly, they don’t fit in with barbed wire and chain link!

  14. I got around 10, put them around my pet shop, which also had some of the easter trees.

  15. I only won eight, and used them to create a seating area for Jonny Fiesta’s.

  16. Bandango Phillips

    That looks really nice. The cool thing is you only needed 2 premium items to include. Another thing is I don’t think many people will be able to do this due to lack of pastel fences. So your design should be pretty unique.

    • Thanks!
      Mine’s fairly large, but there are other versions you can do with less fences. More as accents. But I get what you’re saying. 🙂

  17. I only received 3 of the pastel fences, but I had the same idea to put them along my playground. I have a a river running next to the playground so I started putting them there. I decided since the school is so underfunded they could not afford a full set of the the fences anyway, so I stuck whatever random ones I had laying around. I think it looks cool/funny.

  18. Sweet play spot… can I go?

  19. I placed mine around the church. I’ve got it set up like the church is ready for a outdoor wedding. I’ve got flowers going down the isle. Even added a few of the Easter trees back there too. The pastel fences match perfect with it. I just wish I’d been playing during the valentines event and had some arches. That’s the only thing missing from my wedding scene.

  20. I had the same idea for using them in conjunction with the elementary school! However, I didn’t “suck out” in the fence department and only received about 10 pastel fences. So I used them in front of the school and used the regular chain fencing around the side and back! To me the pastel fences looks like little crayons so it looks great!

  21. Looks great Alissa! I especially like the placement of Otto, I have him in a parking lot a bit farther than I like in my SF. I did win all the premiums, made the sucking out count, but didn’t receive a lot of the pastel fences, only about 20 or so :/ I would like us to be able to buy them with in-game cash, I’d buy tons, I really like the addition of color. Thanks for the post, we need to turn those frowns upside down about “the event” 😉

    • Thanks g-mama! With the 20 you could do a nice back row placement and maybe do the hedges around the sides. 🙂

      • I’ll have to play with it & see, but that’s an idea. I did make a few changes to the play area after your post, mine was kinda boring. That’s one of the things about you guys, you are always inspiring 🙂

        • I only inspire when YOU guys inspire me! Compared to bunny and wookiee I paint my town with finger paints! lol

          • Well, keep feeling inspired, you’re doing a great job of it 🙂
            I can relate, my kindergarten teacher took my finger paints away from me 😉

            I think my lack of talent is why I love TSTO, because I am definitely a stick figure person. I’ve seen 2 yr olds with better art talent than I LOL

  22. Cool

    Sadly I didn’t got much pastor fences. I think 6 or something.
    For so ereason the game is boring… These nothing to do for me than waiting on missions and tasks. During the event I had fun tapping bunnies and collecting boxes. Hope EA comes with something good as soon as possible.

    • Something will be coming soon 🙂

      • Hope so. Til then, I continue to celebrate Easter. Haven’t updated yet.

        Converted my extra dominant pink eggs to my non-dominant blue eggs,
        so managed to open a blue box, which got me 300 gold eggs,
        so managed to open a gold box, which got me 250 pink eggs,
        so managed to open a pink box, which got me my eight Easter tree!

        Might possibly be able to open one more pink box in the morning. Woohoo!

  23. That’s fantastic. I currently have mine around my sub at Squidport but in retrospect it looks a bit daggy. Time for some redesign I think

  24. Wow, that looks great!!! I was really wondering what those pastel fences could be used for. That’s some really cool design work to see. Unfortunately I can’t do anything like that with 8 pieces of Easter pastel fences.

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