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Treehouse of Horrors XXIX – Act 2 Calendar and Math You Need to Get Everything

I fell asleep with my iPad on my chest…after reading a bunch of whiney comments about the calendar.  It wasn’t a deep sleep, as I rarely sleep well when I am bothered by conflict…especially when I am one of the “conflictees!”

“Go back to the Gregorian Calendar!” and “I’m chart challenged!” and “Please…I HATE the new calendar!” Man…seriously?  The turmoil of formats dug deep in my psyche!

To say my sleep was restless as I mumbled cranky epithets back into the ether, would be an understatement.

And then, I felt a tap on my shoulder…along with a breath on my neck so cold that I was instantly awake and whipping my head around to see who was bothering me!
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