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Light ’em Up: Christmas Lights In Springfield

“So light ’em up, up, up…Light ’em up, up, up…Light ’em up, up, up”

Hey Howdy Hey Hall Decking Tappers!

So Christmas is my favorite holiday/time of the year (in case you couldn’t tell).  I’m affectionately known in my family as a Griswold, because I tend to get a little carried away with the Christmas lights….maybe a little more than Clark….so I’m really LOVING the Christmas lights on the houses in Springfield.  By now you all should know the only way to get the lights in Springfield is via Krusty’s Holiday Wheel (you can check out Bunny’s post on it here), but do you all know which houses you can light up?  Let’s take a stroll through Springfield and see just who can be festive in 2013!  Continue reading