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App Store Update: New Year 2019

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So an app store update hit our stores a little while ago (if you don’t see it try searching for Tapped Out in your App Store).  At the moment this update just removes the snow from Springfield and returns our games back to pre-Christmas update.  (holy smokes, it’s so green!)

There is a Mini Event Tied to this update.  However that mini event will NOT START UNTIL TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY JAN 9th, AT 10AM ET (1500 GMT).  So PLEASE don’t ask me where it is.  It will not start until tomorrow at 10am ET (1500GMT). 

So I can tell you this update will bring two requested characters to Springfield (one old and one young…), a bunch of buildings (including one, that will cost a lot of donuts, that will solve some land token problems), and a few decorations.  Also, with this update, you’ll see a TON of returning Stonecutters stuff.  So if you’ve been in the market for it, it’s back just for you!

And for those of you curious about the new characters…turn to your character collections to find them.  Still can’t find them, here they are:

An that’s it my friends, nothing to do but sit back and wait until tomorrow morning, 10am ET (1500 GMT) for the new content to hit!  Until then…enjoy your night!

Thoughts on the new content?  Excited for something to hit Springfield?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!