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Addicts 5-Year Look Back: Fuzzy Thoughts About Burnout

Reaching back into the Addicts archives once again for another TSTO Anonymous meeting.  This time a topic I think we all can relate to…TSTO burnout.

Something I’m sure we’ve all experienced at one time or another.  Heck, I’ve been doing this site for 5 years and playing the game for almost 6 I’d be lying if I said I never felt burnt out on it.  People change, priorities change and life gets in the way, so it’s only natural to feel a little burnt out over the game.  What’s important is what you do when you’re burnt out and how you handle it overall.

So without further ado, I turn it over to 2016 Wookiee…

TSTO Anonymous

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Addicts 5-Year Look Back: The Start of TSTO Anonymous

Back in when we started this site in 2013 we tried to separate ourselves from the loads of other TSTO blogs out there at the time by being different.  In addition to the traditional gameplay posts we wanted to bring you guys different content, fun content.  We wanted to be different, and what better way for a site called TSTO Addicts to be different than to hold regular meetings of TSTO Anonymous?

These meetings were spearheaded by the one, the only, Wookiee.  While I’ve got a few “classic” TSTO-Anon posts I plan to run over the next few days, I wanted to start out this Look Back series with two of the very first TSTO Anonymous posts, since we’re all Addicts here right? It’s funny to see a lot of the “issues” from 2013 still hold true today!

So without further ado, I turn it over to Wookiee circa 2013…


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