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Clash of Creeds- Christmas Royale CALENDAR and Math to Get It All!

Holyfreakinshirt! But, the question is “which Holy” are we freakin’ too???

This “Christmas” event, is looking like it is shaping up to be an equal opportunity offender…especially if you are a Scientologist (I think we can thank Wookie Joe for that one…).

But, it looks like there are LOADS of goodies and gifts and fun in this one, as long as you aren’t offended by the attack on/by several creeds!

Click Below for the CALENDAR to keep you on track to GET IT ALL!
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Simpson’s Chistmas Special Event – Calendar and Math to Get It ALL!

OK.  So…yes…it has been mentioned several times that I was “off the hook” in regards to having to do a calendar.  However,  with all of the INSANE grousing about the event being different, it seems best to lay it all out for you in a familiar format… so you can CHILLAX!!

Let’s cover a couple of basic things…again. 

1.  You WILL get a ton of land tiles over the course of this event.
2. You are going to get a TON of FREE Stuff…including a couple of characters and some pretty cool decorations.
3. You are going to be able to GET IT ALL… waaaaay easier than before, as well as have the chance to purchase a ton of items with game cash…IF YOU FOLLOW THIS CALENDAR AND DO THIS….
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Invasion B4 Christmas – Act One Calendar

Wow!  Can I just say it again…WOW!!!

I have to say…if the first few hours are any indication, this may very well be the BEST CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY/Religious/Non-Religious Update EVER!  It has something for everyone!!  I can’t tell you everything we know…but, I pretty much have to say, I think they listened to our huge (and overblown) debate about Christmas/Pagan etc. last year, and Busted It All Wide Open!  Simply laughing…and laughing…and laughing at the dialogue.

And yes…while there are a handful of duplicate/redundant or re-purposed items in the Crafting Store (aka Jesus’ Carpentry Shop), the very fact that these items are supposed to be handmade by the Son of God (or perhaps a Cuban baseball player) makes them pretty darn special!

But, as always…you are going to Want It All! So…let’s take a look at how many Batteries  you need to earn to Get It ALL!

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