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Help Our TSTO Addicts Community Send a “Holiday Greeting Message to EA” Part II


Ah…as the old song says, It’s the “Most Wonderful Time, Of the Year!”

A time when all people set aside their differences, and work toward a happier, jollier feeling, when they can be unified in the joy of the season.  A season when we all agree that the trivial differences that separate us, can be put aside toward a unified wish of “Peace on Earth, Good Will to All Mankind!”

Or Not…

So, EA has certainly “done it this time,” in creating a “Winter Update” that has been without question, one of the most divisive of all time (and that is saying a lot!).  Part I of our experiment has been enlightening, to say the least. Our little one-sided poll has produced results that are predictably slanted, while offering some insight into the feelings of the community.

The results speak for themselves…
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