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Help Our TSTO Addicts Community Send a “Holiday Greeting Message to EA” Part II


Ah…as the old song says, It’s the “Most Wonderful Time, Of the Year!”

A time when all people set aside their differences, and work toward a happier, jollier feeling, when they can be unified in the joy of the season.  A season when we all agree that the trivial differences that separate us, can be put aside toward a unified wish of “Peace on Earth, Good Will to All Mankind!”

Or Not…

So, EA has certainly “done it this time,” in creating a “Winter Update” that has been without question, one of the most divisive of all time (and that is saying a lot!).  Part I of our experiment has been enlightening, to say the least. Our little one-sided poll has produced results that are predictably slanted, while offering some insight into the feelings of the community.

The results speak for themselves…
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Ho Ho Ho On The Way…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in to let you know that the 2016 Christmas/Winter Event is on its way!  After a TON of waiting…it’s finally on its way!

The update has hit the files…which means it’ll be hitting our app stores (likely iOS first) soon.

We’ll be back once it’s arrived with all of the details…for now just know that the forecast is calling for SNOW in Springfield!

2D Santa