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Diary of a Wookiee: Thoughts About “The Order”

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This Stonecutter event really has been a blast so far. EA went back to the tried and true format for all of us and I haven’t had to hear one person complain about Vegas odds, Whells or crappy decorations they don’t want. Seems EA weathered a potential storm and all is right in TSTO Land. Or is it? (CUE THE SPOOKY MUSIC).  It’s time to listen to what the game tells me to do.

2014-06-03 22.36.23

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Chester Conspiracy Theory

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So by now we all know that about a week ago the world of TSTO was “shaken (not stirred) up” a bit when Chester Dupree entered our little games.  A never before seen character, and his unfinished shed, arrived in Springfield for the premium price of 150 Donuts.  Many of us, at the time, assumed it was an add-on character pulled from a small blip of the show (which it was) and that it was a secondary thought when planning Level 41.  After all they needed a premium complementary piece to go with Bernice right?  And who better than her own brother?

Wookie showed us all in his WDTCF: Chester Edition, Chester (and the shed) was first mentioned on the show as recently as 2012 when Homer has a thought bubble of Marge, who has a thought bubble of Dr. Hibbert, who has a thought bubble of Bernice…whew…that shows Dr. H and Mrs. H arguing and briefly mentioning Chester and the shed!

Chester Dupree Origin 2

But was he really an after thought for EA?  Or something planned all along? There appears to be more to it, so it seems.  So, let’s put on our tinfoil hats and ride the Conspiracy Theory Express and see where it leads shall we?

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