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So by now we all know that about a week ago the world of TSTO was “shaken (not stirred) up” a bit when Chester Dupree entered our little games.  A never before seen character, and his unfinished shed, arrived in Springfield for the premium price of 150 Donuts.  Many of us, at the time, assumed it was an add-on character pulled from a small blip of the show (which it was) and that it was a secondary thought when planning Level 41.  After all they needed a premium complementary piece to go with Bernice right?  And who better than her own brother?

Wookie showed us all in his WDTCF: Chester Edition, Chester (and the shed) was first mentioned on the show as recently as 2012 when Homer has a thought bubble of Marge, who has a thought bubble of Dr. Hibbert, who has a thought bubble of Bernice…whew…that shows Dr. H and Mrs. H arguing and briefly mentioning Chester and the shed!

Chester Dupree Origin 2

But was he really an after thought for EA?  Or something planned all along? There appears to be more to it, so it seems.  So, let’s put on our tinfoil hats and ride the Conspiracy Theory Express and see where it leads shall we?

Chesterdupree throw a tizzy

First, stop on the Conspiracy Theory Express is Level 24, the introduction of Dr. Hibbert.  Did YOU ever notice his unlock message?

Tapped_Out_Dr._Hibbert_New_CharacterThinking this is something EA added to the game after implementing Chester?  Check out the URL link to the image (…it’s dated 09-2013 (when we uploaded it) almost 9 months BEFORE Chester was introduced into the game.

Creepy right?  But wait…there’s more!

The next stop on the Conspiracy Theory Express is Level 33…the Cops.  Do you remember that level?  Remember sending all of your characters to jail?  Do you remember what they said when you sent them?  Check out what Dr. Hibbert says when you send him to jail….  about halfway down under The Crackdown Pt. 2:


Crazy right?  Level 33 hit our games in August of 2013!  Clearly this was a running joke EA was trying to expand on.

Maybe someone at EA has a Chester in their family.  Maybe the writers at Gracie Films are poking more fun at a running gag.  A reader did send us an email  recently telling us that Chester is based on a writer’s family member’s brother in-law.  (Of course how much of that you want to believe is up to you, I’m just passing that info along…personally I’m on the fence with it.  But it would make sense)  So perhaps they’re constantly bringing up the running gag?  Poking fun at some family in the game, instead of through the show?

So there you have it, the Chester Conspiracy!  Of course there are other Conspiracy Theories out there…about how Chester was once in a show etc, but these at least are more tangible.  What do YOU think?  Did you remember (or notice) these little Chester sneak peeks?  Do you have a Chester in your family?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

 Now can I take off this ridiculous tin foil hat?  Now to find me some “water” it tastes much better than this darn Kool-Aid!  Beam me up Bunny! alissa tinfoilhat2

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  1. I was making an attempt at “KEM farming” & the row upon row of unfinished buildings made me think of the unfinished shed & Hibbert’s bil.

  2. “The Winter of His Content,” originally aired on March 16, 2014, two months before this post. Chester is the Bully-In-Chief. Once said to have wedgied a kid in half.
    I have him and have not sent the Hibberts to Dine at El Chemistri yet to complete part 6. As a player who sends characters on 4 hour missions 3 or 4 times a day, I like having a great majority of them at Dr. Hibberts office attending the Rager, and Chester is there also throwing the Rager.

  3. Just saw an episode of season 6, the one where Bart sell his soul to milhouse, and we saw Hibbert Family twice, and Chester is in it (with two younger brothers).

    • Season 7, Episode 4: Bart Sells His Soul. I know the part you are speaking of. The Hibbert family (his younger brother and sister actually) are looking for food and end up at Moe’s. The character you are speaking of is said to actually be the Hibbert’s oldest son (who still remains nameless). He appears throughout many more episodes with the Hibbert family (Miracle on Evergreen Terrace, Simpsons Tall Tales, Moe Baby Blues, The Fat and the Furriest…to name a few). I can see why he could resemble Chester. 😉

  4. I can’t remember any of the dialogues mentioned above and I’m pretty sure you guyz photoshoped ’em! All I remember is that once a guy in a black suit stood in front of my door and told me to look into some red flashlight! Not sure why though.

    However, gonna need to buy some tinfoil for my screen and mobile. C ya later! Oh…well, probably not with all that tinfoil around my gadgets. Time to paint my ‘The End Is Near’-sign!

  5. The real conspiracy is why in Krustyland are all the people results of multiple births…..or cloning?

  6. I used to live near Chester a bit of a Deva…ha ha ha ha ha

  7. Wow….straight from the “X-Files”. Well done, Agent Alissa. Now I’ll pay more attention to ALL dialog boxes…lol

  8. Maybe Chester is the only person in Springfield who really alive and everyone else is his imagination growing wild after a bad case of Hepatitis. He misses playing with the kid down the road who he would shred with, bit met an unfortuate accident with steep cliff. Then there’s the girl next door who he thought was a cute as a star that fell from the sky. That and Chucky’s dad who keeps busy making toys for his still born son…. Wait! Wrong theory.

  9. Do you think this has anything to do with the ultimate conspiracy? Why is bread square while bologna is round? It blows the mind!!!!!

  10. Conspiracy extraordinaire! Fantastique!

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