What The Donut??!!!

Well hello there fellow hoppers…errrr…tappers. Bunny here just bouncing on in to show you something that has been driving a few of us nuts round here…(mainly me and some Addicts readers…yes… I know… I am already NUTS!). Lol

What the heck is it that I am going on about this time? Well, let me break it down for you…

schneiper1988 donut download

A few days ago, Quark007 brought something odd and interesting to our attention:

“Hi all!

Did anybody mention this before?!
When I leave 3 graffitis in a friend’s town, a small black box with the donut logo is popping up for a millisecond. Wonder what it is. Tried to make a screen shot but I was too slow.”

Then I got reports that others had seen this “donut logo” too.

kimmmmeee said, “I’ve seen it too. It is only there for such a brief moment and all I can catch is that little rectangle on the right with a doughnut.”

Well now my Bunny curiosity was peaked. I see “glitches” all the time in my town. So much so that nothing really phases me anymore. I had caught bits of what they were asking, but really paid no mind. So off I went to investigate. I went into my neighboreenos towns and made tests to see what triggered this “donut” bar to appear.  I bounced through several neighbors trying graffiti three, then two, then one time. I found that no matter what I tapped, as long as the VERY LAST item I tapped was to graffiti a building…that lil flash of a bar appeared. It happens so terribly fast that if you are not looking for it, you will miss it completely. I tried screenshots, but seriously…IT HAPPENS FAST!! Flashes off n on in an instant. There was thoughts and discussion of using video, so I left it to YOU, the readers, to see who would be the first to capture the image.  I waited…

Well, sure enough (because you are all AWESOME!!!) one of you took the time and caught it…

schneiper1988 was successful. WOOHOO!! (see the full image at beginning of this post)

“Used bluestacks this time and made a video in the hope to catch a good frame and yeah, seems like it’s downloading donuts in the background. :P

donut download

If only I knew where it saves them to. ^^”

Look very closely at their screen grab…notice an odd lil icon bar downloading with a donut in the lower right hand corner of the screen above the neighbor icons? Strange huh?

So now the pondering question keeping me and others up at night in thought… Where the heck are they downloading? Why are they downloading? Is this a glitch? Is this something coming? Is this just a ghost or remnant of the synchronizing screens in the game? Honestly, I do not have a clue. There are odd mentions of donuts all throughout the files, but nothing about a download of donuts. Just mainly standard purchase info. But I am still looking (400 + files is a LOT of coding to go through, most of it is old information. Not to mention all the images.)

I will keep poking around to see if I can find out just what the frak this is. In the meantime, now YOU can go mad watching for it. Seeing if YOU can get a screenshot of it without the use of video. Just try, I dare yah. Maybe you already have been seeing it and thought YOU were going crazy. Have you? Are you? Give me YOUR thoughts on the entire mystery in the comments below. Can’t wait to see what you have to say. 😉



Bunny Icon 2

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59 responses to “What The Donut??!!!

  1. My friend jstutz2nd and I have been pondering this for a few weeks now and I have a theory:
    Every so often Frink visits from ” other Springfield” and vandalized, perhaps the donut meter from vandalism in friend’s towns fills and sends the professor to visit you.
    Just a theory.

    • Frink showed up before the donut download screen did. Otherwise, cool theory. 🙂

    • That may explain why the donuts meter appeaser every time when you use the spray can last in your friends town, its been driving me nuts too…maybe its for this years Easter special task and it has a glitch and has appeared early, I just wish the game designers would let the cat out of the bag already…

  2. i don’t know if any one has noticed but if you tap 3 different icons in you friends town (the last one being the spray can) it appears every time

    • It actually doesn’t matter what you tap first, but as long as the last item you tap is a spray can and you vadalize a building…it shows. It’s cool to see it. So if there’s just one building to vandalize in a town, save it for last to trigger the flash pop up of the donut loading bar. 🙂

  3. I redownloaded tsto before because it wasn’t working and that appeared before I signed that bar appeared ?

  4. I’ve seen the same thing but received no donuts yet, even though have been visiting all of my neighbours for the past 3 days (and yes, I’m friend level 6) 🙁

  5. Thanks Bunny! I will start tagging one building per visit now.

  6. Getting donuts—-
    If you have level 6, when you visit your neighbours do that:
    1. Pick money in your 2 first actons, at the last action leave a graffiti.
    3. Do the same, leave a graffiti in your last action, for 30 times (30 friends) more or less.
    4. Next time you make an acction (whatever) in your friends town, you’ll get a donut.

    • For the past 2 days, I’ve experienced exactly what Aurora describes. I’ve gotten 3 donuts each day just visiting my 90+ friends as long as I save a graffiti for my last action whenever possible. I am also at friendship level 6.

  7. Pretty cool schneiper1988 was able to take a screenshot *thumb up*!
    I didn’t manage to take a video in an acceptable quality.
    Thanks for solving the mystery!

  8. Just out of curiosity… I have multiple friends who “crowd” their Springfield as the one in this photo. Why? Why play the game to just jumble and throw everything together like you don’t care?

    • Some of us have our town “in progress” or are “remodeling”. It is a VERY time consuming thing to do. Like for me. I run two towns, have a real life, several jobs, and the blog. I am taking my time to remodel both towns to get them just the way I want. So for now, they will be a smooshed in areas until the area I am creating for them is complete. It is not a matter of not caring.

      Also, some are new to the game and got a ton of stuff all at once, so they have no idea what to do with it just yet. I see this too.

      Lastly…those of us that have been playing for a year or longer have run out of room in our towns to put everything, to allow maximum tapping for our neighbors…we put ALL our stuff out to help them find areas to get FP easier. Once the event is over, things will most likely go back to storage or find a new home. To each their own. It is all about personalization and just having a blast playing a game. 😉

  9. I also noticed that everytime I vandalize the last building, the color on the friend point counter dissapears and when it’s done vandalizing it comes back, pretty weird

    • It does change for a bit. Yes. I am maxed on all prizes in my B town as I sped it up for you guys. It doesn’t even register anymore.

  10. *insert Chong voice* Its a conspiracy man!

  11. Impossible to get a screen shot with my GS4!!! :/

  12. Serpentor2000

    I saw it once today actually and didnt really put any thought into it. I ignored it.

  13. I noticed that the other day too, thought I’d done something without noticing at first, then when it kept happening just assumed it was syncing. Glad it got captured, I didn’t even bother trying to screenshot, just too damn fast.

  14. anakinskywalker

    maybe they´re counting our donuts?` could that be possible?`

  15. Maybe it’ s the NSA/FBI for Springfield keeping check on all the delinquents … *shrug*

    Origin ID: sagelike31667

  16. I haven’t figured it out either buy I never took it as downloading donuts. The donut is the games default loading icon. Its loading or downloading something but the donut signifies the action not what its downloading. I’ve heard cleaning graffiti in your own town yield friend points. I haven’t seen that but I’m maxed out so maybe it’s loading the FP’s to the person who’s town you’re in so they collect them when they clean the graffiti? Since it’s a new, unique, never been done before action it may require that millisecond of extra load time to install the FPs to be received. Just a hunch.

    • Yah…like I said, it is similar to the “sync” screens as it is translating information over from one area to the next as you load and move around your town and your neighbors. Just very interesting item to see. Makes me giggle that it even shows up there. I am used to just a spinning donut, but an entire load bar too is what got my attention.

      As for the cleaning graffiti, yes…you get 1 extra FP from every building your friends tag you in. Also, if you haven’t already noticed, THEIR multiplier effects YOUR building payout. So if you click on just the menu, $$, etc you get the standard payout…but if there is a handshake…BAM…LOTS OF EXTRA $$$ & XP thanks to your neighbors tap. 😉

    • nosferatu3342

      That was my thought. Downloading fp information to your friends town. Just do not know why they would need to code the downloading bar to display especially because of how quick it finishes

      • I wonder if it would dissappear that fast if one uses 3G connection? Just too hard to find slow internet these days. *firstworldproblems*
        I actually find it kinda funny that the German team ‘translated’ ‘Downloading’ (ENG) with ‘Download …’ (GER). If it is about syncing, they just proved that they are lazy as…Homer.

  17. Took a maddening few minutes, but here is mine. It is fading in or out, but that will have to do.


  18. I am guilty of vandalizing as much as possible, but have never seen this. Maybe it depends on the device you are using, I’ve got a 4GS.

  19. Mark (@brucejwayne)

    I am hoping it’s loading up donuts so that when we collect the first round of prizes we get a certain amount, BUT i really think it is just a software calculation subtracting the amount of donuts needed to get the next prize as it gets lower and lower on how many donuts needed, the more FPs you get. Just my two cents 🙂

  20. Capital City Goofball

    I saw that the other day, but I thought it looked liked the Origin icon at first. Glad someone captured it and set me straight! 😉 Now I see it every time! Thanks for the info!

    • Thanks to all the readers working with me to capture it. I wasn’t in a location where I was able to set up a proper video for it to capture it. This is why I LOVE our readers. 😉

  21. Pandi (@LadyPandi)

    I looked for it when I saw this article, and yep… it’s there. The first time it was so brief I didn’t even see the donut. But I saw it I did! Very much weirdness. As for catching it, glad someone did… I might have driven myself bonkers trying to, but now I don’t have to! I’m already bonkers enough. 🙂
    Now I wanna know too…

  22. EvilKitten812

    I just tried to test it and nothing. Again, maybe it is too fast, but I watched to corner of the screen as I was going and I didn’t catch anything

  23. I seen it too….

  24. Holly Frak I’m not going crazy. It happens so fast it makes u wonder if u really saw it. I know I tell ya’ll all the time but Thank U for the up keep on info. You all make the game more intersting and helpful. My hubby plays DC universe on ps3 and when he needs info I look it up but am constantly harping how much easier it is to find what I need from my simpsons I jst come here 😉

    • Aww we try to make everything as easy as possible to find. 🙂

    • Heheheh. Well thank you so much. I do enjoy helping others as much as I possibly can. I know if it is buggin me, it has to be buggin others. I really appreciate the community of writers AND readers here working together to solve mysteries. 😉

  25. I haven’t seen that yet but maybe it flashed by too fast..I’ll be keeping a look out and try to get a snap shot

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