Weekend Update: February 23rd – March 1st

The week went by…yadda yadda…

Stuff happened…blah blah blah…


Weekend Update Addicts

Oh, you mean you REALLY did want to know what went on this week? Seriously? Well frakk. I guess I better put this ice cream back in the freezer, turn off my fav movie, put away the soda n popcorn, cuddle up on the couch with my laptop…and tappa tappa tappa something on the keyboard.


SUNDAY: Alissa started out the week with another cool woman we want to see pop into our lil towns in The Real  Housewives of Springfield: Sarah Wiggum. She then returned back with a lil vid we have been holding on to. It is a cool one to watch with the creators of the Simpsons. Give it a peek. Sunday Night Open Thread: Writer’s Reunion Video

MONDAY: Alissa had us all cracking smiles and making jokes in this weeks Caption This! Gorgeous Grandpa & Krusty Doll. She then returned to remind us that the VD Event was winding down and to take care of those last minute items in Hitchhikers Guide End of V-Day.

Then Wookiee brought us a great back story on our local yokal Cletus Character Profile.

TUESDAY: Wookiee grew tired of waiting for me as I jet setted all over and decided to cut me out of my half and just go ahead with his half of the Monorail post. (Can’t blame him…he has been done for AGES and mine is still “in progress” …much like my towns have been for 4 months now. Lol)

Alissa’s curiosity was peaked, so she prompted a poll with our readers in Monorail Opinions: How Would You Design it?

WEDNESDAY: Wookiee lost his marbles, or cheetos, or something and put up Silly Simpson News: Cuckoo.  You should see the crazy things that go through his fur (and you worry about me?)

Alissa had us all on alert…or did she? Was there an Update Coming? Then she wanted to know ever MORE, but this time with the Wheel Curiosity Poll. Then she brought us the news that many rejoiced in with Valentine’s Day is Gone. With one thing ending…another starts. So she broke down just exactly what this new Event was all about in Social Currency Event Rundown.

Bunny was saddened to bring us the news that we were no longer able to collect unlimited tiles, corn XP & $, taps…as the Glitch is Gone. 🙁

To switch things up a bit, we let an Addict close to our hearts sound off this week in From the Mouths of Addicts: Wookiee’s Mama. What an amazing woman!

THURSDAY: Alissa broke down the first of our new prizes for this event in Friendship Level 1: Unlocking the Olmec Head.  Not sure whether to spray paint your neighbors or not? Check out some great info in the Art of Vandalizing.

Bunny wanted to fill us all in on a back story for the BIG UGLY HEAD in Where did THAT come from Olmec Head.

Then Wookiee wanted to show off some really great ideas for that OTHER town most of us have forgotten in Krustyland 3D.

FRIDAY: Alissa was back at it again with the second prize for the new social event in Friendship Level 2: Unlocking the Singing Sirloin.

Then Bunny hopped in to bring more information and a bit of a background for it in Where did THAT come from Singing Sirloin.

Then Wookiee rounded out the night with a much requested and soon to be celebrated Mardi Gras Episode Guide.

SATURDAY: Well Bunny has a really cool surprise for you all, but you can only see it if you click on the link RIGHT HERE!!! What did you think? Pretty cool, huh? I know I get great joy out of it. 😉

Well keep your eyes peeled later tonight as I will be showing you some interesting 2D lettering throughout our neighboreenos places. I was quite amazed at all that was sent in. Will YOU be featured in this weeks Springfield Showoff? Stay tuned…



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