What Do YOU Frink?

So, there is a lil character in our games that likes to play lil tricks with us Tappers. He has been randomly appearing all over the place. Several towns. Is he tapping from the past? Is he tapping from the future? No one quite knows. GOOD GLAYYVEN!!

The Simpsons Tapped Out Professor Frink Testing Gizmo

What the Frink am I going on about? Well, isn’t it obvious? FRINK! As in Professor Frink. This sneaky lil geeky nerd has been hacking into our games one by one and tapping on our buildings. He isn’t on our friend’s lists (as far as we know) and he is gone in a flash. You don’t even know he has been in your towns. Not until you see the name appear over your handshake after you tap it.

(Thanks goes out to our reader,Β Harry Birnbaum,Β Β for snagging this shot and emailing it in to us.)
Harry Birnbaum Frink Visit

Our Addicts Team Leader Alissa was Frinked too…but he doesn’t just vandalize 3 buildings, he goes ALL out and hits 4 at a time. (NO FAIR!! I wish I could vandalize 4 buildings at a time!)
Alissa Frink Visit 1

Alissa Frink Visit 2

Alissa Frink Visit 3

Have YOU been Frinked? Do you know how he snuck in? Is it a Glitch? WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? WHY? HOW?!!! Let the conspiracy theories start in the comments below. I have my own ideas/theories…but I wanna hear YOURS!! So get to sounding off. πŸ˜‰

Frink 2



Bunny Icon 2

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63 responses to “What Do YOU Frink?

  1. Bryanna Phillips

    That’s not true about neighbors… I have at least 8 neighbors (active) and maybe more who haven’t been active in a month and still get Frinked!
    My family and I just noticed everything that Frink has been doing but still don’t know why…

  2. What is this? The tags don’t indicate that it’s part of an event. Is it a deprecated feature?

  3. Whenever I visit my mom’s Springfield (yes, I’m 41 yo and my mom plays too), I seem to show up as “Frink” to her. That makes me think that it’s just a glitch.

  4. Frink visits my town almost every day. I do not have his lab or his character. He doesn’t usually vandalize me though, he typically just visits like any other friend who opts against vandalizing me. I’ve always wondered about it, because I do not have a friend named frink.

  5. Frink has not visited my town either. I am at level 39 & have been playing for over a year on Android. I do not have Frink’s laboratory. I have seen him vandalize other towns & it always seems to happen in towns that have his laboratory.

  6. Okay, weirdness…just now two people that I deleted for repeatedly vandalizing (yeah, I’m on that *other* friends list page thingy) tapped regular buildings in my town, at the same time as Frink vandalized my school. First time I ever saw that. I’m glad I looked this up because I was gonna say “$#$#%% who the #$#%# is Frink, I don’t remember seeing that name, #$%#$%#$ what the #%#$%#%&@#^ blarrrrgggghhh!!!!!!1111!!!!1!!”…though a bit more calmly than that, and perhaps more rationally because glaven. On the plus side I just hit level 33 and the training walls go well with what I’m thinking for Herman and the antique military shop. But still.

    Anyway, thanks to this site and the rest of the interwebz I’ve been set straight about Frink. I guess he’s the yin to Other Springfield’s yang (or vice-versa). Annoying but fair enough…now to figure out what’s up with one of the two actual people tapping my town as normal…one of whom tapped 3 times, the other once…for the one who tapped 3 times, maybe it’s been less than 24hrs since I deleted him/her and my name is still available? It’s been awhile for the other person so I’m thinking that was some weird artifact of Frink’s…I dunno. Neither one is showing up in my friends list so whatever.

    • Are they on your Facebook?

      • Wow, that was lengthy, I may have had a healthy amount of fermented grape juice when I wrote that…anyway, I’ve never linked my Facebook with TSTO, all my friends are through Origin. If they are friends on FB (doubtful), I don’t know who they really are.

        It happened again this morning, this time it was Frink on the school and someone I deleted earlier in the week on two regular buildings (someone different than the ones in my initial post). At this point I’m more convinced these are weird glitches than not.

  7. I have two towns, and frinks name appears when I visit my own other town. Also when I dont clean often. I am my only neighber in my second town, and I know what buildings I have tapped/vandalized.

  8. Christian Goddard

    The only time I saw Frink was in other Springfields when I cleaned graffti of my friends stuff I thought it was just calling me a nerd for cleaning the graffti

  9. I noticed the “Frink’s” in my Springfield long before these new FP’s came about. Did anyone else notice them before this, too?

  10. HA ha Ha

  11. I’ve had it numerous times, but then again I also have a friend called Frink. Thought that maybe you might be friends with him? BTW Big Fan TSTO

  12. I haven’t had him in this update so far, but in the recent ones I have.
    I think it has something to do with how in the beginning of the game he introduced “springfield prime” to us

  13. Yep I’ve been frinked, I think it started last year after names of neighbours started nappes ring after visiting your towns.

    I thought aboutba hack but I think it is the other Springfield making sure we have some interaction. I assume there’s nothing in the files?

  14. Maybe it’s someone from Shelbyville? :p

  15. WanderingCaveman

    I haven’t seen Frink in a while, but on at least one occasion I’m pretty sure it was a glitch. I had used my B town to tap 3 buildings in my A town and when I switched back to my A town and tapped the handshakes it was Frink’s name that floated up instead of my username for my B town. I figured it was a glitch with the server registering the taps but not being able to identify the tapper, so it used Frink as a default place holder.

  16. My son and I watched “The Nutty Professor”, the inspiration for Frink just a few nights ago…was a good laugh. Jerry Lewis has little time left with us, I’m afraid…

  17. I started playing in January, and before I had any friends at all, Frink was always visiting me. I think he functions kind of like the “other springfield”, so that everyone can get some interaction.

  18. I think Frink is just the default “friend” that you have to do actions in your town, or maybe his actions appear randomly because he is traveling in time!

  19. I have not seen it yet. I will have to start paying more attention.

  20. Holy Frink! I’ve been seeing that for quite a while and was totally confused! I thought maybe a friend had grabbed that name, but when I checked, none went by Frink! Now that I know there is a new element out there? The intrigue of the game just hit a whole new level!

  21. PewPewShazaam

    I think it’s the GUMMENT!

  22. The sneaky vandals try to hide their identity so they won’t be sent to jail for defacing public property!

  23. I haven’t had him sneak in for quite a bit…hmmm, I think since I put in all the training walls (weird), but theory is he is there because you don’t have enough “protection”. (and that he is a sneaky ornery little booger) πŸ™‚

  24. I play all day every day, almost every hour on the hour and discovered Frink also hits several times a day too!
    The most times a day imsawmhim was about 5 times during the day and like you mentioned 1-4 buildings were tagged, mostly vandalizing buildings, and I don’t mean just spray painting, I’ve noticed the sign on Moe’s Tavern broken and smashed with some of the letters bent and not lit!
    Frink is being a bit if a public menace!
    Did anyone else notice this?

    Maybe this is all leading to some type of update with new Scifi Type Frink Stuff?

    • Oooo I like that theory! Frink sure does Vandalize me a lot, I’ll have to pay closer attention to what the buildings look like when he does!

    • Yeah ive seen frink alot and on the city hall building the graffitti is 2 women figures. I took a screan shot ill upload it to Flickr. Some added fun I think from EA I think

      • If you upload the picture to the TSO addicts Friends Facebook page, then everyone can see it, just post picture on the main page and it will show up under “Recient Posts by Others”.

      • The silhouettes are actually a glitch we’ve seen for a long time now. I got a post coming soon on it. Feel free to upload your pic to Flickr as it will show on the Flickr link here, on the home page. πŸ˜‰

  25. I had been operating under the assumption that it was the game’s reciprocal equivalent of “Other Springfield,” but I suppose it’s much more fun to imagine a dev secretly hacking into players’ towns without the “EA Powers That Be” knowing about it.

    • I think it’s the Other Springfield as well getting in on the action now, but it’s interesting because it just started happening around Christmas. I don’t remember seeing (or hearing) about Frink before then.

      • I’ve had Frink do actions in my town before Christmas 2013. I don’t know which Christmas event you are talking about 2013 or 2014?

        • He was here n there but we didn’t start seeing him showing up more wide spread til just after Thanksgiving 2013. Right around the time Christmas started hitting the files.

  26. I haven’t been Frinked yet but I have had suspicious activity happen in my town. I noticed twice the names of FB friends of mine who can not possibly have visited my town because they don’t play STO. At first I was happy then I realized I never added them to my town. So I checked my neighbors list and they weren’t anywhere. Then I thought ‘well maybe they have a different username on the list’ (if so, then how did their full name appear by the handshake?) and so I checked with them and they don’t even play the game. The other thing that happens (which makes me mad) is that I get tapped on building but there is nothing to indicate I have been visited or tapped. I noticed one time when I accidentally tapped a brown house instead of a character passing by and the handshake with neighbors name floated up. I tapped some more houses and it happened again. So far I have noticed it only with brown houses, Kwik-E-Marts, Gulp-N-Blows and Krusty Burgers. Makes me mad because I used to leave all untapped buildings ready for friends to tap on and now I have to tap on them just in case they have been secretly tapped on already.

    • Hm I have Facebook Friends that play TSTO that I didn’t know about. Their real name shows up. I never added them either (well approved them). I think when you link your TSTO to Facebook it allows YOUR Facebook friends to automatically be friends in your town (if there’s room). Most of them are people I never would have thought played TSTO.

    • I have run into this too. In the Simpsons house many times. Names appearing when I tap the $$ and no handshake was there.

      • WanderingCaveman

        I’ve had a similar situation happen with the Simpson house and the brown house. I’ll clear a handshake and the next time I tap on the building (with no handshake showing) the name that showed up with last handshake floats up.

      • I’ve noticed this too, but only on The Simpsons house, at first I thought that because I clicked it and saw their name again that the visitor was still in my town and saw a stop to clck, but when I noticed it happen more than three times in a row that somthing screwy was going on. Maybe Frink was In Disguise!

        • It is funny…It will keep showing the last tapper name over and over and over. Until you go out and return again. then it will just show $$ & XP as normal.

  27. When visiting, I did notice an already vandalised building that I could tap on. Just thought I’d add that into the mix.

    • Interesting…was that in my town? Or other towns? I have yet to see it happen to me but Frink sure likes to Vandalize my town! Must have read my post about not caring! lol

      • Frink reads EVERYTHING!

        I can’t remember which town it was, but I’ve only seen it once. I’ve not had a ‘Frink’ tap in my town yet. I almost feel left out! πŸ™‚

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