Where Did THAT Come From: Pi Day/Simpson Connection

Hey there Hoppereenos, Bunny back for some more Geeky fun stuff. I already crammed a contest in your face. Did you enter yet? NO??!! Well hurry on up.

Now, where was I? Ah yes, what on earth does Pi Day have to do with the Simpsons. (Other than the local Geeks/Nerds.) Well there is an ENTIRE episode dedicated to Pi…errr…PIE! So Without further ado…let’s get on with it.

Simple Simpson 1

Season 15, Episode 19: Simple Simpson
The Simpsons are gathered round the family TV watching commercials when one perks Homer’s interest. It is of course about bacon. Mmmmm BAAAAAAACCCCCOOONNNNN ***drool***. The commercial pulls a very Wonka-esque contest in that if you find a Golden Ticket in one of their packages, you get to tour of Farmer Billy’s Bacon Factory.

Where you get to see things like the 5 story…Ralphie Wiggum Shredder?

Simple Simpson 3

Homer of course just HAS to find that Golden Ticket. So off to the Kwik-E-Mart he goes to purchase just a “couple” packages of bacon. He begins to open them and gets…THE GOLDEN TICKET…errr…Apu points out it is indeed NOT the Golden Ticket. It is the Silver Ticket. (Well THAT wasn’t in the commercial. What the heck did he win?) It entitles him to judge the pig competition at the Springfield County Fair. o.O

Off the family goes to the County Fair. It is full of the usual Fair items, like the biggest veggies, the biggest animals, the biggest…blue ribbon. Lol. Bart hides the World’s Biggest Brussel Sprout under the World’s Biggest Pile of Mashed Potatoes. (I found this funny as I am actually eating a pile of mashed potatoes for dinner as I type this up. Lol.) While Homer is off judging pigs, Marge and the other two kids go to see how Lisa is doing in the Place-setting Competition.

The Rich Texan is the judge and he is HARSH on Lisa’s setting. He starts to tease and torment Lisa. Making her table wobble so everything falls off of it. (Homer is watching this from the pig area.) Lisa is devastated and starts to cry at the continued tormenting. Homer just can’t take it anymore. He tries to think of something to do…that won’t get him noticed by Chief Wiggum. A disguise is the perfect option. And just what does he disguise himself as?


Simple Simpson 6

Homer…err….Pie Man smashes one of the blue ribbon pies into The Rich Texans face. Everyone cheers and The Rich Texan runs off humiliated. The Pie Man…disappears…for now.

Lisa is so impressed by the Pie Man, she draws an artists rendering of him. Bart comes in upset the he was forced by Comic Book Guy to purchase some very unwanted comics by accusing him of smudging them. He really just wanted to unload them. Homer is once again not happy at someone being mean to his kids and starts to think of a way to take him down a peg. So off he goes to his mystery hideout (the basement…OOOOH BIG UGLY HEAD IS THERE) and begins to design the ultimate Pie Man costume…that Homer can make. Lol. He tries it on…for size. Not even a corset can contain Homer.

Off he goes to exact justice. He heads to the Comic Book Store and smashes a Key Lime Pie in Comic Book Guy’s face….just as Nichelle Nichols walks in (Uhura…from Star Trek…the ORIGINAL series…moving on). She has finally answered his requests for tea and chit chat. To bad she don’t like a man with pie on his face. CBG is devastated. Homer…D’OH! The Pie Man leaves behind a message in his pie tin.

Marge is impressed with the Pie Man too. He is all over the newspapers and the news. She says it is probably Flanders. ***gasp***

Brockman mentions that first their was Pi, then Pie, now The Pie Man. Not even Krusty is immune (though you’d think the he of all people would be used to pies in the face.)

Wiggum is trying to stop this from spreading, so why not do a “Pies for Guns” exchange. They even destroy the pies to make sure no one can use them. Poor innocent pies. 🙁

Where will the Pie Man strike next? Why not the Hospital where all the sick kids are being tossed out to make way for a new Springfield Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Just as Quimby is about to cut the ribbon, the Pie Man shows up.

Simple Simpson 12

Wiggum and the guys immediately open fire. Homer is shot in the arm. The crowd is running off as shots are being fired all over. Marge falls down and is almost trampled, until Homer…errrr….the Pie Man comes down and rescues her. Spiderman style. He tells her to kiss him. She hesitates, but gives in. The kiss seems…familiar. He disappears back into the night…errr…up the fire escape.

Simple Simpson 13

He stumbles back to the Simpsons house and grabs a knife to remove the bullet. He is able to remove it, but Lisa is there watching. She has known for a while due to they have been getting the Pie Man’s mail for weeks. Away to the basement….errr….Pie Cave to talk some more. (There’s the Olmec Head again. WOOHOO!! A Pie Cave AND I get the Olmec Head too in the basement?)

Simple Simpson 14

She begs him to stop before he gets killed. He can’t say no to his girl. Now, what to do with all the pies he has stored in the fridge down there? He had gotten in so deep, he forgot they were food. So they sit together to enjoy some pie. (How many of you are REALLY craving some pie right now?)

At work Homer is being harassed by Mr. Burns. He wants to react, but he promised Lisa. In the lunchroom, Mr. Burns it whipping Lenny & Carl to eat faster. Homer can’t stand by. As he is talking to the pies…yes, he is talking to them and they are talking back. (Just pay no mind to what the cake says. Cake is a LIE!)

Simple Simpson 17

Mr. Burns last straw was turning off the valve in the showers, while everyone was in there showering. Not to mention he sold all their clothes off too. In comes Pie Man and smashes one in Mr. Burns face.

Burns & Smithers go back to the office to track the Pie Man so he can’t escape on the security cams. Luckily for them, he falls asleep on the couch…in Burns office…right behind them. So into the dungeon he goes. Burns tells Homer he now has to work for him and be Burns personal pie hitman. The first victim, himself. D’OH! Not wanting to do community service and help others, he does what he is told and smashes himself in the face.

He follows orders to throw a pie at a poor lil girl scouts trying to sale cookies. The final straw is when Burns tells him to toss a pie at the Daila Lama. He just can’t do it in front of Lisa, but he has no choice. Burns is there threatening to expose him to the world. So he attempts to throw a pie at the Daila Lama, but Lisa convinces him to stop.

Simple Simpson 18

He reveals himself. No one believes it. He would NEVER waste dessert. He isn’t smart enough. He is just too dumb. Everyone keeps saying there is just no way he could do it. He has created a hero that he just can’t live up to. The only one that believes him is his loving Marge.

The Pie Man will live on…with the Cupcake Kid not far behind.

Simple Simpson 19

So there you go. I told you there was a reason for all this Pi….errrrr…Pie talk. WOOHOO!!! Now who is starving for some PIE??!! Well head on over to the Pie Contest to enter and you could be the lucky winner. You’ll have some delicious pies in your belly in the not so distant future. Mmmmmmmmm PIEEEEEEE ***drools***. It ends at 11:59 EST TONIGHT!! (March 14th, 2014)

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