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Everyone’s a Winner on Pie Day

Except me I think.

So… Friday, 3/14 brought us Pi Day and in true display of our geekdom, we celebrated with a mini-contest.  Congrats to granmamaDar for her triumphant (albeit randomly assigned by a computer) victory!

So awesome to give back to y’all but it got me thinking.  Why can’t we all be winners?  Yeah, I know, there has to be a divide or no one will know about earning via hard work or trying again and yada yada yada (I’ll be the first to tell you tee-ball should be scored) but this was a silly contest, right?

Pie Man Promo Image Season 15
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Where Did THAT Come From: Pi Day/Simpson Connection

Hey there Hoppereenos, Bunny back for some more Geeky fun stuff. I already crammed a contest in your face. Did you enter yet? NO??!! Well hurry on up.

Now, where was I? Ah yes, what on earth does Pi Day have to do with the Simpsons. (Other than the local Geeks/Nerds.) Well there is an ENTIRE episode dedicated to Pi…errr…PIE! So Without further ado…let’s get on with it.

Simple Simpson 1

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