Simpsons News: Nothing breaking, just fun stuff to share

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Or should I just say whoa over and over to be topical?  So, I was just goofing on the ultraweb and found some Simpsons news I thought might interest y’all.  I’ll be the first to admit everyone is capable of typing those words into Oogle and finding the same info but one of the bennys of writing for a Simpsons blog is having a reason to always check and also to share.

Addicts News

Like the title says, nothing really breaking in the Simpsons world unless you account for some anticipation and expectations for the upcoming Simpsons Lego episode on May 4th.  I promised myself I wouldn’t write another Lego post though so let’s veer away from the topic and see what my fuzzy fingers found.

First up, just  a neat and short article announcing that Simpsons writer Joel H. Cohen was chosen to be the guest speaker at the Burlington Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneur of the Year Dinner.  Joel Cohen is the guy you can thank or blame for Witch Marge, the puking frog and most recently, the USS Tom Clancy.  He’s written some great episodes and also has a Bachelor’s in Science and left corporate America to write comedy.  Cool stuff.  My favorite of his is “Brawl in the Family”, S13:E7.  Homer and Ned get Vegas wives and there’s a great family fight over Monopoly.  One of the choices was Star Wars Monopoly and had Chewbacca on the box… awesome.  Bart uses Lego pieces to cheat at Monopoly, promise about Legos broken.  Good episode, interesting article, moving on.

The next article has to do with the “War of Art” episode and appeared in one of my local papers.  Just a little rag called the Los Angeles Times.  If you were wondering if the recent episode was more than just some jokes about art and guinea pigs, the answer is yes,  It’s actually moderately topical and I plan on discussing this episode in my Humanities class this week.  I”m a glutton for talking about my favorite show and every week the professor asks if we did anything having to do with art.  Now if only my new t-shirts would arrive.,0,4120972.story#axzz2wwlHqHHT

The last article is just some neat info about how the Simpsons came up with the Mapple Universe.

I love it when another writer covers a good topic so well.  The last mention of Mapple was in Season 25, Episode 2: “Four Regrettings and a Funeral”.  This episode is better known for coming on the heels of Marcia Wallace’s death and also for the show blasting FOX news once again but due to Homer’s regret over selling Apple stock for a bowling ball, there are quite a few references.  I loved this little scene in the episode towards the end.

4R and a F 19

Nuff said.  They created the Mapple universe to poke fun at them and then referenced them by their actual name and are quite possibly done.  Well that sums up this little round of Simpsons news.  Y’all keep on tapa-tapa-tapping in the free world.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

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    • Some of them see a little far fetched, but there’s no way to tell what EA has up their sleeves. Some of the holidays they already do (like Halloween, Christmas, 4th of July etc) but some I just cant see them doing (Harry Potter Day, Dental Day etc). Nice to think about and come up with ideas, but some of them seem a little out there for what EA would actually do. 🙂

    • We can only go by what’s been done in the past. This all is just an uber fan coming up with ideas. Main events that happened previously were Valentine’s Day, St. Paddy’s, Whacking Day, Summer (Squidport and Krustyland in 2013), July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Mix a bunch of episode tie-ins and level updates in there. ANything is possible of course. I’d be a big fan of Star Wars Day aka May 4th.

  1. I started my redesign today (in hopes that another update is still a few days away) I was super nervous and putting even the first few decorations in inventory had me sad since I do love how I had my Springfield. BUT I did want to share something great about EA and TSTO. Granted we all have great ideas for new things they could add, I am just thankful for all they already have. My tablet crashed yesterday and I had to factory reset it. Because of EA I have lost nothing in my game. But I do play other games. They have restarted me at the beginning. Many levels and limited time items gone!!! The only thing those developers will do for me is offer in game currency. And only if I send them screenshots of the game I lost. Apparently they didn’t read the part in the email where I said my tablet crashed. I lost all screenshots and photos of everything (even though I had cloud backup) all in all, we should be greatful that EA helps as much as they do for any issue. Granted there are certain issues that take time to fix, but they (and origin) save all the Springfield’s out there so if your device fails you, your $$ and time are not lost. Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to share the upsides in the game developers lol.

    • I agree EvilKitten. EA goes way beyond what some other gaming companies do. I made the mistake of playing Paradise Cove by Pocket Gems. I wish I had known about Tapped Out back then.

      • I actually talked some of my friends into playing tsto using this same argument. Its not worth time or $$ to get so far and lose it all. Big thanks to EA 🙂

    • For a multinational conglomerate they do seem to follow the principle that the customer is always right.

      I think a reason I keep with the game is EA responses to the customers.

  2. Tom. Keating. I think. That was his name. An art forger who left clues in his paintings like a wrist watch on an old master, that type of thing. He also used lead paint to write a message on the canvas before painting his picture. So the message was revealed under an xray.

    He was a cult hero as he did this to expose the art critics and auction houses.

  3. When are they going to update to level 39? I should currently be on level 40 (going on 41).

  4. This game is getting boring!!!! get off your ###es and give us a update EA!!!!! Really starting to not like you 🙁

  5. So is there going to be a Lego episode? Jeezno one has mentioned it

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