SHOWOFF REMINDER: Watcher In The Woods

So while we are all around awaiting the arrival of new content, I figured it would be fun to play around some more in my B town. I have been working in it off and on. Designing groupings and areas at a time.

While working on one section, I found I wanted a lil more inspiration. I think it is almost done, but want a few finishing touches to complete it. Since I draw inspiration from others, I decided this would be a could topic for this weeks Springfield Showoff.

Here is my wooded area. It is a combination of “Olden Times” on one side and “Futuristic” on the other. I really wish they would bring back the Fort Sensible so I could have it in my B game too. I have it in my A game, but want it in the B game as I think it would work great with the Mayflower. (Yes, Bart set half the place on fire. Lol.) Click on the photo to open it in a separate screen and see all the lil details tucked into all the corners.

Forest area


Now, I want to see what YOU have done with wooded areas. Did you make a trailer park? Campground? Creepy haunted forest? What buildings did you use? Kamp Krusty, Lincoln’s Cabin, Brown Houses, Guinea Pig Rescue Center? SHOW ME!!!

Do you want to be featured on the next Springfield Showoff?  Post your images to the Addicts Flickr, share them in the Comments below, share your images on our Facebook Page, Link them to our Twitter feed, or email us your screenshots at We can’t wait to see YOUR designs! (Need help with images, just ask.) 

HOPPY Tappin’

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30 responses to “SHOWOFF REMINDER: Watcher In The Woods

  1. Is it just me or don’t any of you guys think Springfield should have a trailer park???

  2. Some screenshots from a month or 2 ago, but haven’t changed ’em much since then.

    Springfield Forest:
    Haunted Forest:
    (Ignore the 2 Aspirational buildings – they were there only temporarily, ’til I could figure where I wanted ’em in my town. :-p)

  3. OK, as promised. Mine is also in 2 parts. Nothing special, only because my redesign is purposed to make space for new exciting updates lol
    Part 1 is the campground area

    Part 2 is fort sensible and the guinea pig rescue center

  4. cool! I like how you split up the town with the Springfield sign, that was an interesting idea! I spent a lot of time today redecorating but now I want to do some more. I swear, if there was a store all button id redo everything. I’m itching to, but taking everything down is the part I dread the most.

  5. Here’s my wooded area in two parts… the top part is a cabin/resort area:

    The lower portion is Fat Tony’s compound, with plenty of trees and training walls for privacy:

  6. So today while I was in my Krustyland and I was popping some baloons at the sideshow you booth. I know, exiting stuff. But wait there’s more. The first baloon yielded 10 tickets, the second had 20 and the third had 5. Just as i was about to close the windo I noticed there was something different about the picture on the third baloon. It was pink and not tickets but donuts. Thats right, 5 free donuts.

    Ive never had that happen in the sideshow you booth before. Is something new or just a very rare occurance? Has any one else got free donuts from sideshow you?

  7. I just wish my lake would be blue again. Updated and still green…. yuck…

    • It needs a complete coding change to turn it blue again. I was hoping the new stuff would hit today but it looks like EA is bein a lil sneaky again. Lol. So we wait.

  8. My wooded area is my favorite part of my town. Ive been redesigning stuff the past few days, for 2 reasons: boredom and the lack of space for new content. 2 birds, 1 stone

    • Lol. My Bunny B town was a sad sight, so I figured I better start putting something in play. A town is next, but want to get all the land there first. Lol

  9. Right now my most wooded area…is my inventory!!!

  10. Looks great bunny, is your friends list full in that one?

  11. I just finished my wooded area Tues. I’ll try to post the pic a Lil later.

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