Sacred Parchment Puzzle Hints #1- #10

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bouncing by to help out those that are struggling with the Daily Sacred Parchment tasks. Be warned…


Sacred Parchment open


So first of all, let’s get caught up to today. I have all of these answers listed in my Sacred Parchment Calendar, so if you want the actual task you will need to go there. The entire 24 will be listed on the days they open. The clues are very specific to the characters, their tasks, and your knowledge of the Simpsons. Think even of last names or things that have to do with them alone. I am having a lot of fun with them myself. Let’s break them down.

Parchment Puzzle #1 (June 3rd): 

SP axe

Sacred Parchment Puzzle 1

A pointed haired girl. Her favorite instrument is the saxophone (or as Homer calls it the Sax a mah phone).

Lisa sax



Parchment Puzzle #2 (June 4th): 

SP bottle

Sacred Parchment Puzzle 2

A hardworking Shopkeeper. Father needs to feed 8 hungry babies.

Apu Feeding




Parchment Puzzle #3 (June 5th): 

SP mr teeny

Sacred Parchment Puzzle 3

A Celebrity around town. Has a monkey on a leash.

Krusty walk teeny



Parchment Puzzle #4 (June 6th): 

SP puppy goo goo

Sacred Parchment Puzzle 4

A young boy. Has a very strong obsession for a silly lil puppy dog.




Parchment Puzzle #5 (June 7th): 

SP bird watching

Sacred Parchment Puzzle 5

Likes nature. Birds and Binoculars. “Principal”.

Skinner Bird Watching



Parchment Puzzle #6 (June 8th): 

SP bagpipes

Sacred Parchment Puzzle 6

A Scotsman. Likes to play his instrument of “War” that look a lot like bagpipes.

Willie play bagpipes



Parchment Puzzle #7 (June 9th): 

SP cosplay

Sacred Parchment Puzzle 7

Someone who says everything is the “Worst Ever”. Likes to dress up or “Cosplay” as his favorite geeky characters.

Comic Book Guy Cosplay 2



Parchment Puzzle #8 (June 10th): 

SP panda

Sacred Parchment Puzzle 8

The riddle itself is answered in the picture, a Panda. This person is seen carrying a Panda.

Moe smuggling panda



Parchment Puzzle #9 (June 11th): 

SP train

Sacred Parchment Puzzle 9

A person who likes trains. Seems religious.

Reverend Lovejoy Ride Train



Parchment Puzzle #10 (June 12th): 

SP ride bike

Sacred Parchment Puzzle 10

Son of a King, or a “Prince” (think last name). Has a cute lil bike with a flower basket they like to ride around on.

Martin Ride Bike


There you go. To not spoil them completely (even though they are pretty obvious) you still need to go to the Sacred Parchment Calendar to get the tasks that complete these. Gotta keep some of it a lil mysterious still. Lol. Keep in mind you do NOT have to finish these in order and they are NOT timed. So you have til end of the event to complete them however you see fit.

As you can see on each one, it tells you the Game Play Level you need to have done in order to see and/or complete the task. Not sure where you are in Game Play Level? Check our Walkthroughs. If you don’t want to try and complete levels or even do the task at hand, you can also opt for the donut pay out to bypass it.

Do you have any favorite tasks yet? Are you guessing them no problem? Like the subtle lil hints they have? Let us know.


39 responses to “Sacred Parchment Puzzle Hints #1- #10

  1. I’m level 39 and I don’t have Martin or Smithers so I can’t fill these two. How do I get these two characters??

  2. I don’t have any of the characters for The Sacred Parchment questions for puzzles 7-10. How do I get them?

  3. I can’t figure out who this is: “Four wheels transport the son of a greek poet”

  4. DOOH! Found the answer! Never mind!

  5. The picture for CBG’s cosplay task tripped me up at first and I sent Carl on a rare celebration of his Icelandic heritage because of it. I then thought better of it and sent CBG to do his thing at the same time.

  6. I have been able to get through them as they came until TODAY!
    Art lessons? I spent what few donuts I had! Lol

  7. you can also make burns and smithers exercise for puzzel 10

    • You sure about that? Some others thought that’s what it was and it didn’t work.

      • I was glad for the event calendar myself, as I didn’t (and still don’t) know Martin’s last name. I would have never figured that one out on my own without the calendar.

  8. Jessica shaffstall

    Did anyone else get 20 free donuts from ea today? I forgot what the dialog said but I got 20 free donuts 🙂

  9. So far, the clues were rather obvious. Only one I wasn’t sure about was the last one: Martin riding his bike, or Bart and Kang running away on a bike? With Kang some sort of “royalty” from another planet it seemed to fit there as well. Started both tasks, and after Bart and Kang were done running away and nothing happened, I was sure which one to use 🙂

    • I recognized the bike and knew his last name. Lol. That and most tasks are simplistic in the stick to main characters. No premium or limited time so all can play. 😉

  10. i’m stuck at today event. marge goto jail visit some friends. i can’t make-it to build the prisoner stru.. feeling down. so sad.

    • You haven’t build the Penitentiary yet? You have lots of time. These ones don’t expire until the event is over. So you can keep playing to unlock it. That or pay donuts to skip it. Just play all you can and try to unlock the prison.

  11. Josephine Kick@$$

    I usually start the sacred parchment tasks before I go to sleep, then it’s done in the morning 🙂
    The pictures, once I took a good look at them, helped me figure out what went with the clue 😀


  13. I love this game and especially with so much input from the team. I am a granny and sometimes I can not figure things out so I look at bunny’s blog and presto I am right again!

    • Awwww well it is not just MY blog. I got an awesome team here with Alissa and Wookiee. We are more than happy to help out. Glad to see you are benefiting from our madness. LOL. 😉

  14. Mike ( not S )

    Have you done anything about what the table does? How many Stonecutters can use it? And can they sit in different places or is it assigned seating? Thanks!

  15. This is maybe my favourite part of the event… I just wish they were even more puzzles!
    I love you that you post every single detail of the game… sometimes I just enjoy reading the post even when I already know the info… but lots of times you really help me! Thanks!

  16. Favorite task, maybe ever—-Mr. Burns taking a dip in the money pool!! Just makes me smile!

    • It’s a great one for sure.

    • Definatly a new favorite! 😀

    • Burns in the Money Pool instantly became my favourite couple days ago. But it was short lived. It’s already been replaced this afternoon by Homer pulling the Stone of Triumph. That task reminds me sooooo much of the episode, it’s nostalgic, hilarious, and quite amusing.

    • Seems like they tried to 1up FGTQFS Did it with style. But Uncle Scrooge has a money bin. Smog has a mountain

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