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Hey there Hoppereenos. There is a kinda good size update that hit Google Play Market a lil bit ago.


There are no files attached to it, so we assume just minor fixes to the game. So check to see if your game play and speed has improved, or if you no longer have issues with the Smithers Error, or many other things going on and let us know. We will still keep our eyes out for any noticeable changes on this end and update with the results.



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  1. My Smithers has disappeared after he had an error can not get him back since doing the latest update what do I do to fix

  2. Didn’t do this update, today I’m being forced to. Update want want want, but I don’t, it’s playing fine as is. Sigh, here’s to hoping all goes well.

    • From my worries comes real problems. With this update it has the “forever move” glitch that takes forever to move buildings and decorations, guess I won’t be rearranging anytime soon. Maybe it’ll work better on bluestacks.

  3. My android games (both nexus devices–10 and 4) are crashing a lot less than they used to. The Nexus 10 still has the graphics lag. Now it’s my ios game that crashes out all the time 😉
    One thing I have noticed in the android game when it crashes is that the cache before I clear it is a lot higher than it used to be when it was crashing out 4-5 times per session of going through neighbors. It used to have 90-130 mb of data in the cache when it crashed; now I’m seeing 400 plus.

    • Don’t know if that’s part of the issue. Every update unfortunately comes with fixes that have to be made for some. I blame the old iPhones compatible with this awesome game lol. Happy you have more than one device to feed the addiction. Have you let EA know about you ioS issues?

  4. Hi, l am at my wits end. I love the game and actually downloaded it for stress relief but it’s stressing me out more and more. It often kicks me out or won’t let me enter but the worst thing is it contually crashes when I try to visit friends
    I’ve done everything EA says for trouble shooting – more than once. I’ve also contacted them and only got a form letter saying they got it and they would be in touch, but I’ve heard nothing and it’s been over a week and half. I get the feeling they don’t care that much for us android users (other android users I know are having similar issues).I think I’m loosing friends because they think I don’t visit them. Still the main thing is it’s ruining it for me. Do you know of any others still having problems? Any suggestions are helpful. Thanks for all that do.

  5. I had an update on the Kindle version of the game as well, that came after an update for the Kindle. Now the game is horrible. I have had over 20 crashes in the last 2 hours, can not get thru more than 3 friends without freezing/crashing. I could not even launch the game for an hour. I am not sure if it is a problem with the Kindle or the app. Ugh. I was doing so well with this event too.

    • 🙁

      Definitely contact EA and let them know. Could be something with your game and not the device, so it never hurts to reach out to them. (although it may make you slightly crazy!)

      • I contacted them, here’s to hoping. The really weird thing is both my wife and I had multiple crashes trying to access the same neighbor’s town. Wonder if he is having a massive glitch or something.

    • I’ve been getting that alot as well as I’m basically gonna missout on all the Items due to the crap Crshing when I try to Visit them as well. So hopefully they giveus like a Donut/Emblem Package for the Crashes as a Sorry thing.

  6. I was hoping the update would fix the No. 1’s daily task glitch, i.e being able to tap on Number 1 to open a task, but alas no; Nevermind, can’t ask for everything!! BTW, my No.1’s daily tasks still do not match with the chart you guys so kindly produced (they’re not even close)….I supposed that’s a fix they forgot to do.

    • A lot of players are still matching it time for time. Day for day. The ones that are not seem to be impacted by one of the following…Time delay, tasks rollover, random tasks.

      The times are still exact to this day as the day I pulled them. That has not changed at all in the files. They are still set on 8GMT. This is the time issue. That SHOULD mean 4am EST, but many (myself included) are actually hitting around midnight in MY time zone. That difference is leaving a gap anywhere from an hour to several hours of when the new tasks trigger. Due to this…it is causing some tasks to fall in different days due to the time YOURS launch.

      The rollover created by not completing a task before the new day, is pushing that last task as the first of the next. Causing a difference in timing.

      The rest of the information is still just fine. So my best suggestion is check the main characters that appear in most the groups for a task, and if it is there, send them on it.

      • I appreciate what you are saying, and many apologises for not being very clear before. My daily tasks don’t match despite the fact that I always have a character from each of the groups free at the time my clock is reset (clock resets at 1am BST,) and so far, I have been lucky enough to be able to complete the previous days tasks on time. Despite this, the tasks still doesn’t match, and never have. For example, today, I had a 1hr/2hr/1hr/2hr pattern and yesterday I had a 2hr/4hr/6hr/6hr pattern. I was just wondering if anyone else was still affected by this same glitch, despite their being an Android update yesterday (or indeed, if anyone has ever been affected like this?.)

        Your tip about checking the main characters for their tasks is great, and one that I follow.

  7. Roberto Hernandez

    Grr im tight i havent played in like 6 hours omg im goin crazy im goin to die i feel like a crack addict 🙁 f_________kkkkkk !!! :(((-___-

  8. chris bennett

    Wow now I can’t log in.love them updates!

  9. My game now is crashing for everything I touch (more than before and sometimes when I don’t touch a thing !!)
    It is becoming really problematic… should I contact ea or it is a too general problem?

  10. I hope the update contains the Nuke button.. 🙁
    I plan to re design after this event and I don’t intend to Store every single item MANUALLY…. :/

  11. Well not to sound greedy… but during this great event I am hoping for some kind of new friendship level.
    Yeah well I am far ahead of the schedule and hit the 18000 emblems earlier on today, just think it’s kind of sad some neighbours only seem to get their 60 emblems or only tap the stonecutters lodge and don’t visit their other neighbours.
    So a new friendship level would somehow motivate folks to visit all of their neighbours.

    Anyways just wanted to say you’re doing an amazing job on here, it’s much appreciated.

    Enjoy the World Cup everybody.

  12. I hope this update fixes the android glitch my sister in law has been having. She is obsessed by the game but Cannae logon.

  13. I presume iOS isn’t getting an update?

    • Don’t know. If there are no files in the server…it is an isolated target they are sending the information to. In this case Androids via Google Play. There are still a lot of issues with the Android devices going on.

      We won’t know if iOS gets one until it hits.

      • I think Android always seem to be the Guinea Pig platform when it comes to Updates… I think! 😛

  14. wildthornberry88

    I’m wondering if we’ll be getting anything for the world cup, what do you think? ^^ some of my other online games got events for it but I doubt know whether it’s Simpsons-y enough..

    • EA is based in the West Coast of the U.S., so not sure what events outside the U.S. they will include in the game. You never know what they got up their sleeves these days. 😉

      • Well USA is in the World Cup, and their first game is Monday…so maybe Monday there will be an update for it. Getting kind of bored with this event (only because I am way ahead of schedule with emblems) so it would be a nice surprise.

    • Well actually, in the 25th season that just ended, Homer did become a referee for the World Cup in Brazil so I think it would fit in.

      • Yes, I know…but that is the TV Series ran by Fox and Groening. This is a separate game ran by EA with permissions from FOX and Co… 😉

        In the Series they travel the world. Would be cool to bring that element into the game, but that is all under EA.

    • Why would?d a US company show interest in a global game they have no chance of winning?

    • That is good thinking! I personally think if there will be an update for the World Cup that they will include a Referee Homer Outfit from one of the recent episodes and also I think they may include Soccer Lisa as an outfit! Here’s Hopin for that!

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