How about some Simpsons 2D Fun?

What’s the scoop milkshakes?

Wookiee showing up in the middle of this Stonecutter amazingness just for some 2D fun.  One of the things Bunny and I love to do on this site is make art out of the random decorations EA has given us in this lovely game.  In addition, I get the chance to watch and re-watch and (you get the idea) episodes of the Best. Show. Ever. and every once in a while, 2D shows up in episodes also.  I thought it”d be neat to show you some 2D art I fiddled with as well as 2D images from the show.  If that sounds like fun… it’s all one click away…


Our first example from the show comes from “Pygmoelian” (S11:E16).  Moe is competing in the beer-tender competition at the Duff Festival.  During one of the events, Moe’s entry is a neat little 2D I swear I’ve recognized in some people’s towns.

Moe 2D

In “The Great Louse Detective” (S14:E6), a mysterious individual is out to kill Homer.  In a strange twist, Sideshow Bob is asked to help out to identify the killer.  Of course, SSB will always hate Bart and has created a sweet 2D of him out of darts.

Another Bart 2D

Wondering what this 2D might look like in real life if SSB made it out of lawn chairs, I gave him carte blanche to build in my B town.

Bart 2D 2

Needs some tweaking but I think he’s on to something.  Continuing on with examples from the shows, we head to “Wedding for Disaster” (S20:E15). Patty & Selma abduct Homer and torture him “SAW-style” so he can’t re-marry their sister.  In a very cute scene showing how much Homie truly loves his Marge, he makes a 2D of her out of chains.

Marge 2D

This is so sweet, Homer asked to try again in my nuked out disaster of a B town.

Marge 2D 2

Up next, “The D’ohcial Network” (S23:E11).  At the Towne Centre at Springfielde Glenne, Lisa finds out that jelly bracelets aren’t cool anymore. When they hit the ground, more Simpsons 2D art is seen.

More Lisa 2D

I feel bad for poor Lisa.  Nerds never get the respect they deserve in childhood. That’s why I love this 2D image from the same season, “Lisa Goes Gaga” (S23:E22).  Lisa often feels isolated, but in this episode, Lady Gaga shows her how special she truly is.  In a cute effort to let her know how much she’s liked, Gaga’s minions do this 2D for her.

Lisa 2D

Our last few are from “Dark Knight Court” (S24:E16).  Someone puts eggs in the horns of the Springfield Elementary Band causing a lot of anger and egg-citement for the citizens who attended the Easter bash.  Of course, everyone is sure Bart is the culprit.  We see some funny 2D band formations led my Mr. Largo when the band storms the Simpsons home.

Bart 2D Homer 2D

Why do I want a bunch of solitary band members to try and make these. Seriously, if any of you want to take a stab at these 2D’s from the show I’d love to see them.  Also, if you have other 2D examples from the show, we’d seriously love to see them.

The last little thing I thought I’d share is really a very simple 2D I did in my Krustyland.  It pays homage to Season 6, Episode 4, “Itchy & Scratchy Land”.  Gotta love a Bort license plate.  Me and my buddy back in the day used to torment his older brother by calling him Bort.  Way too funny and had to be respresented in my town.

BORT Bort 2D

Nothing like a 2D to add that extra something to your town.  Well my Stonecutter friends, that’s it for this little post about 2D in The Simpsons.  I’m off to think about what I might make next in my town.  Definitely open to suggestions although Bunny is the real artist of this blog’s Triumphant Trio.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Love this post!! Great job Wookiee! I’m still trying to find space lol. I would LOVE more space (hint hint EA), but wouldn’t be all.

  2. Great post Wookie!
    Just a little in game screenshot I HAD to show you guys…
    Homer Torture 101:

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