Random Changes Level 42

Well now, for all those of you that said there was just not enough going on. That you were just bored already…HERE YAH GO! Lol.

Roger Myers 5

New Level 42 means changes to the game. Some you may have not even caught the changes. So here we go.

Realty Guide Price Points: Remained at 8 tiers, so this means the previous lower levels dropped down a Price Point Tier. How does this impact the games? Here are the new price points. (Base cost of building times multiplier for that level. Top 8 tier Levels decrease in price until they hit their base cost. Multipliers are 4X, 4X, 3X, 2X, 1.6X, 1.4X, 1.3X, and 1.3X.) Some prices remained the same as the multipliers at top two and the bottom two are same.

Level 34 
Springfield High School – $126,500
Springfield High School
Springfield Knowledgeum – $77,500 (36hr build)

Level 35 (x1.3) 
Spinster City Apartments ($130,500) – $169,650 (36hr build)

Spinster City Apartments

DMV ($80,000) – $104,000





Level 36 (x1.3) 
NoiseLand Video Arcade ($82,500) – $107,250


Level 37 (x1.4)
Bachelor Arms Building ($84,500) – $118,300


Office of Unemployment ($103,500) – $144,900 (36hr build)


Level 38 (x1.6)
Courthouse ($106,500) – $170,400 (36hr build)

Springfield Courthouse

Springfield Grocery Store ($87,000) – $139,200


Level 39 (x2)
Sanjay’s House ($146,000) – $292,000


Level 40 (x3)
Ah Fudge! Factory ($150,000) – $450,000


Level 41 (x4)
Vulgari Jewelry Store ($200,000) – $800,000


Level 42 (x4)
Itchy & Scratchy Studios ($200,000) – $800,000

Itchy & Scratchy


Bernice had her task at the Banana Dictatorship at the top of her list instead of in order by the hours. That is now corrected. Her 6hr task should be back to where it belongs.


Bernice Tasks



Bernice Tasks Fixed


For some odd reason a while back, the campfire was set to be limited to the grass areas and no longer on the beach (I had several on the beach). So if I moved them, I could not place them back. Now it looks as though EA is allowing them to be placed once again along the beach, pavement, and grassy areas.



Changes to Number 1’s Daily Tasks. (Click to see larger image.)

Number 1 Daily Tasks 0619


For those of you that got several of those Beach Towels & Umbrellas during Easter, those are no longer limited to the Boardwalk or Beach. You can now put them on the grass too. So a lil more options for decorating there.

beach towel and umbrella


Still no sign of the Nuclear option returning or the items that are locked out of storage being unlocked. This is frustrating to me as it has put all my 2D and 3D to a hault.

Last lil bit (you know I am always gonna mention this), with so many people having technical issues with their games. Uninstall/Reinstall, Clear Cache & Data, etc…do NOT forget to check the Confirm Donut Spend. It will reset. For the rest, just make sure all your settings are still where you want them to be. (Items Menu, lil Italic “i” in top left corner of menu next to vid camera) Those pink sprinklies are precious and it sucks when you lose them.


Confirm Donut Notification and Sound Volume

Confirm Donut Spend



Got the typical “ROLLBACK” glitch that occurs with some updates. Try the usual Basic Troubleshooting, and if need more help…contact EA.

So there are a few random changes. I am still looking to see if anything more pops ups. I will update this post if I do. Do you like the new items with the Update? Any changes you see that we have not listed? Smithers Error gone? Let us know.

Til Next Time



49 responses to “Random Changes Level 42

  1. i dont know if its a glithc or not but ever since level 42 came out i cant play,i get the device full screen which cant be right as ive got over 300mb. I uninstalled it and that worked for a while but when i woke up it says device full. Help!

  2. EvilKitten812

    Hey guys. I think I may be crazy. I checked over the last couple level update changes and I didn’t see this off hand but I just now noticed that the Popsicle skyscraper and magnifying glass are no longer in my store. I finally worked up enough $$ not to break myself to buy them and they are gone. Idk when or why & was hoping you guys could fill me in. I think I’m losing my mind lol.

  3. Same here. Using a samsung galaxy. Wonder if phone/ device type makes a difference.

  4. Anyone else get 1hour,1hour,1hour,1hour tasks today (6/21)? Lol

  5. I quite like a good graphics glitch as most of them are quite funny and easily rid of. Today I had quite a few and had a frame by frame streak of one of the cats (possibly from Sanjay’s) repeated several times. However, down on one of my All Seeing Eye temples there was a revolving frame by frame graphic of an egg being thrown. Where has my game picked that up from? Weird!

  6. My No 1 tasks dont match what is listed. Today the 21st June I had 1hr, 1hr, 6hr, and then 1hr task. Does not match the new times or even the previous cal you guys produced. The only thing I can think of is that I am in the UK and maybe that has an effect on the tasks to be undertaken.

    • Did you complete all of the tasks yesterday? Any unfinished tasks roll over to the next day.

      • All of yesterdays(20th June) tasks where completed( i had a roll over from the 19th) , and I have completed all of today’s tasks. It was an observation that I have noticed on several occasions that I don’t get the same task duration as what has been listed

  7. Comic Book Guy’s 2 hr task has changed from helping Agnes cross the street to read a comic book.

    • That changed a while back due to his new wife Kumiko came into the game. Same with her task. He now helps her not date her. 😉

  8. Josephine Kick@$$

    Fantabulous that those items can now be placed in more areas! I’d seen the campfire on the beach in neighbor’s towns, and really liked it, but was frustrated I wasn’t able to place it there.

  9. Hello hello! Just wanted to let people know that I posted a glitch in a thread not too long ago about my game booting me out while visiting friends. After two calls to EA, two reinstalls and a VERY angry conversation, the problem is fixed however with a catch. Essentially, the game was booting me out because there wasn’t enough memory on my device. So after two reinstalls that took FOREVER on a slow wifi signal and no results, deleting a few apps here and there completely resolved the situation. NOW, I wish I had known of this fix before the reinstalls since after the second one, I lost approx 5 days of progress!!! That’s approx 5000+ emblems, dollars and buildings that I had built during that time. Hence, the VERY angry conversation with EA and my absence from the game for about 24 hours. But, you know what happened…I got sucked back in and am trying to claw my way back up there. SO I’m a little behind but still on track to get all the prizes but wanted to share this tidbit of info before anyone else gets set back like I was. Also, thank goodness for the update since my Sanjay house previously would have cost me $400,000+!!! Good thing I waited to buy it as it’s now a much more reasonable $292,000.

  10. Are there any problems connecting to the servers again with this new update in android? Because I’ve been having this problem since last night. Now my daily Stonecutters task are messed up because I can keep up.

    • Sometimes the servers just randomly go in and out. We’ve been seeing various reports throughout the last few days, but it doesn’t seem to be widespread when they do go out. More than likely it’s just certain areas of their servers impacted at one point or another.

  11. CharmedNDagerous

    I love how even though when your already on the highest level and you get enough exp to level up again but you get that lotto thing instead of the level up, once they add a new level on that lotto thing that would have been a level up still gets counted as on after the update for a new level, lol I’m just a few away from “level 43”

  12. i was all set to have my last number 1 task done by 11:45 this evening.. then forgot about it til after midnight. D’oh!

  13. The prices for the buildings have not changes yet, do you know when there they are going to change?

  14. My second #1 task today was for 6 hours, and I finished the 4 tasks listed for the last two days. Well either way I’m not getting them all done today.

  15. Hmmm after the update still crashing while visiting my neighbors

  16. Is anyone else having issues with being unable to store items? I keep getting a message telling me that I can’t put things in storage.

    • Some items were made unstorable due to glitches with the former nuclear storage option. We hope they’ll be fixed in the future. Until then, only option is to hide them.

      • Thanks for the reply! You said “former nuclear storage option,” so I take it that’s no longer available for anyone? I never had that option, and I do play every day. I use a Kindle Fire HD to play Tapped Out, so I thought maybe it was only available for iOS users. I’d be much more interesting in getting new land available anyway. I’ve had to restructure my town a couple of times already, and I’m almost completely out again. I hope they come through for us in that regard soon.

        • Something that appeared with Stonecutters and promptly was taken away. We all want more land. I’ve managed to use mine to great effect even with some big areas for buildings but am close to being full.

      • That’s happened to me with the boardwalk fence, and flowers, and it kept telling me I was a hoarder! I thought I was out of storage space and sold some things…I’m glad I checked here. They got rid of the nuclear option? I thought they just gave us that!

    • You can sell items that you can not store if you want to get rid of them.

  17. My first question here; I’m a cheap gamer. Is there anything I’d be missing if I wait until the multiplier drops to buy some buildings? Ie the new Studio? Obviously the stonecutter event is limited time so I’m doing all that. I just don’t want to spend 800000$ on the studio right now. I don’t house farm but I’m proud of my 1.3 million $ and would prefer to expand my land. Any thoughts??

    • You’ll just be delaying the questline, nothing big about that. Just know that as of right now, this building’s price won’t drop until Level 44 comes so it may be a while.

  18. maybe you have answered this already but after the event will #1 have any task or just a NPC ? either way ….Who has the best iOS game….WE DOOOOOO !!!!!!

  19. I have been putting the Beach Towel & Umbrella on grass since I first got them during Easter. Even placed pavement under it after putting it on the grass first.

  20. I like the they removed the 20 hours of emblem quests. I had no idea how I was going to get those days done and loosing that many emblems was bad. Now I can do them without having to start everything at 2am

    I really like this event. Has something going on constantly, lots of friend visits and reasons to both visit you friends and your town more frequently.

    I also enjoy they put in more ways to get free donuts. I still but them during the gill specials but being able to ‘earn’ them is way more rewarding.

  21. Are the daily tasks set by #1 different to all people? Cuz I’m looking at your chart for today and I didn’t have that. I had a 6 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour & 4 hour and you got 4 4 hour tasks?

  22. The zombies all lost their “clawing” animation and FP can be collected from your own springfield. Atleast mine were yesterday. Very wierd

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