Sacred Parchment Puzzle Hints #17

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bouncing by to help out those that are struggling with the Daily Sacred Parchment tasks. Be warned…


Sacred Parchment open


Reminder, I have all of the answers listed in my Sacred Parchment Calendar, so if you want the actual task you will need to go there. The entire 24 will be listed on the days they open. The clues are very specific to the characters, their tasks, and your knowledge of the Simpsons. Think even of last names or things that have to do with them alone. I am having a lot of fun with them myself.

Now for today’s New Puzzle

Parchment Puzzle #17 (June 19th): 

SP leprechaun

2014-06-19 02.03.17

Lil guy that loves to burn things. Issues with “learning”.

Ralph Burn Things


There you go. To not spoil them completely (even though they are pretty obvious) you still need to go to the Sacred Parchment Calendar to get the tasks that complete these. Gotta keep some of it a lil mysterious still. Lol. Keep in mind you do NOT have to finish these in order and they are NOT timed. So you have til end of the event to complete them however you see fit.

As you can see on each one, it tells you the Game Play Level you need to have done in order to see and/or complete the task. Not sure where you are in Game Play Level? Check our Walkthroughs. If you don’t want to try and complete levels or even do the task at hand, you can also opt for the donut pay out to bypass it.

Do you have any favorite tasks yet? Are you guessing them no problem? Like the subtle lil hints they have? Let us know.


36 responses to “Sacred Parchment Puzzle Hints #17

  1. Brianna Richter

    Anyone else having crap luck at the tracks I haven’t won the last 20 times or so

  2. Brianna Richter

    I’ve been able to figure out all of them except for#11 and #17 felt pretty dumb when I saw the answer to#11 but I would have never figured out #17 thanks for the help and best of luck on tomorrow

  3. CapCityGoofball

    This was actually the first one I didn’t get on the first try. I figured it was Ralph because he’s our resident pyro, but the “loves learnding” made me think he had to go to school instead of burn things. At least I was half right! I definitely love the puzzles, and will miss them when they end! I wish they went all the way to July 2nd, not necessarily with more prizes (which would be nice of course 😆) but just for the fun of it!

    • I think they are alotting the extra time for those that may not quite have the characters too. Give them a chance to level up to unlock them so they dont have to spend donuts. I quite enjoy them myself. They made me giggle to read them all.

  4. The puzzles are getting harder for me – this time, the leprechaun picture threw me off because I didn’t remember the episode. Sent a bunch of kids to school, before I tried Ralph burning things. At least this time I got it on my own, even if it took a while 😉

    • The leprechaun one could be tough. It’s the little details you have to look out this case the match the leprechaun was holding. 🙂

  5. In the episode Ralph talks to a leprechaun who tells him to burn everything

  6. I’m stuck on number 19!!! Can anyone help me!

  7. Now that’s a spicy Squeezebox!! Help who does this???

  8. I can’t do the Ralph thing 🙁 I’m only level 24

  9. My Smithers is missing it shows an error by his name when I look for him thru the census anyone know how to get him back

  10. I love this part of the event update. I guess it brings out my inner young detective ( loved mystery detective books when I was younger) did have trouble with todays though. As many, I thought I needed a leperchaun lol

  11. Thank goodness for the info…Good to know I’m not the only one who thought of a leprechaun. Lol…I’m a late starter in the game and am just getting Doctor Hibbert. What are the chances I’ll get the little cat food eater before time runs out?

  12. The Persephone

    But is it about burning or learning? There are two decent options that could have you waste either six or eight hours.

  13. This was from the episode where Marge forced Bart to have a play date with Ralph and he later told Bart that a leprechaun told him to start burning things lol!! Also episode where Bart borrowed chief wiggums master key for the whole town and Ralph later saves Bart 🙂 I Love the whole trivia of the whole thing!!!! Clearly I’m a simpsons fan lol

  14. philipstarkes

    Hey Bunny, email me whenever you get a chance..

  15. Hahaha I was thinking the same thing my wife got the little guy and I didn’t lol

  16. Me too! Have only had trouble with this one! I started any tasks with fire in them….so I’m vision questing now! Lol

  17. Clearly not as bright as I thought I was! I was so mad that this would require a St. Patrick’s Day premium character (not sure where I got that from, but yeah).
    Thanks a bunch! Longtime lurker, first time poster. LOVE this site and all the effort you put in!

    • Thanks for posting… hope to see you around. Seriously glad we could help… it makes all this worth it.

    • I also thought (when I saw the Leprechaun) that this task would involve something from St. Patty’s Day, and I didn’t start playing until just before the Days of Future Future episode tie-in.

  18. today’s is actually the first one I haven’t been able to work out.
    So thank you!

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