Weekend Update: June 15th – 21st

Lil Bunny Foo Foo… hopping through the Stonecutters… Pickin up the Stone of Triumph…and Boppin Wookiee on the head… Along comes Alissa and she says…Lil Bunny Foo Foo…I don’t wanna see you…Picking up the Stone…and Bopping poor Fuzzball on the head… I will give you ONE more chance…then…NO MORE BUNNY WATER FOR YOU!!!

Weekend Update Addicts

After our last update, SATURDAY: Alissa filled in for Bunny and brought you an all new Stonecutters Showoff!

Now for this weeks fun!!

SUNDAY: Alissa started Sunday off with a special tribute to all the dad’s out there, with a Happy Father’s Day post!  She was then back later in the day with a look at Dr. Hibbert in the newest edition of Mad Men of Springfield.  And she was back later that night with everyone’s favorite, another great Sunday Night Open Thread!

Bunny hopped in during the day to bring you a little hint/help with the Parchment Puzzle #13.

Sacred Parchment open

MONDAY: Another week kicked off with giggles, in an all new Caption This!  Bunny then hopped in with a hint at Parchment Puzzle #14.

Alissa then gave us a look at two of the Emblem Prizes, with a break down of the 4th Emblem Prize, #85 & #600, and a break down of #29 & the Money Pool, the 5th prize.

Wookiee closed out the day with a look at just where those Stonecutter Characters came from.  Did YOU learn anything new?

TUESDAY: Alissa started Tuesday off with a look at if the All Seeing Eye is worth YOUR donuts.  She was back later that night with a look at the fourth Sacred Parchment Prizes, #66 & 67.

Bunny brought you another Parchment Puzzle Hint, this time for puzzle #15.  Were you able to figure it out on your own?

Wookiee then brought a little 2D back to Tuesday, with a fun look at some 2D fun in TSTO!

WEDNESDAY: Bunny started the morning off with another Parchment hint for puzzle #16.

Alissa then broke down the ins and outs of the Abandoned Store, and helped you determine if it’s worth your hard earned donuts.  She then broke down the 6th Emblem Prizes, #50 & #79...groovy.  Have YOU unlocked them yet?


Of course we were ALL over Level 42 and Alissa had you covered with the update rundown and the complete Turbo Tappin’ Quick Quick Guide to Level 42.


Bunny came blazin’ in to let you know about some free pink sprinkles you’ll get back if you purchase Lampwick.

THURSDAY:  Alissa kicked Thursday off with two all new Add Friends threads.  Here for our Vandalize Free Thread & here for our General Add Friends feed.  She was then back later in the afternoon to let you all know about a little iOS App Store Update to hit the Apple Store.

Bunny hopped in to bring you another hint for Parchment Puzzle #17.  She then popped back later in the day to bring you all the Random Changes that occurred with the Level 42 update.

Wookiee brought you another Where did THAT come from, with a look at #908…”The Chosen One”.  He then popped in later that night to send special Birthday wishes to our fearless leader, Alissa.

Happy Birthday

FRIDAY: Bunny got Friday going with another Parchment Puzzle Hint, this time for Puzzle #18.

Alissa then rounded out the day with a look at #314, and if he is worth your pink sprinkles.   She then brought us another look at the Emblem prizes, this time the 7th Prize & the Stone of Triumph.

Homer pulling stone

So what do we have in store for y’all today??  Well you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to find out!

And that sums up this week here at TSTO Addicts.  What do YOU think of this weeks posts? Any favorites? Any that helped you out the most? Anything in particular you would like to see written about or added to? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

25 responses to “Weekend Update: June 15th – 21st

  1. Greetings, i like raise up this, this morning (22/06) sunday morning was a beautiful morning to all man kind.. but for me.. ok, before 8am i play, n visit friends n receive 10 point from friend n 5 point for the emblem. ok, you see..
    after 8am i play again, suddenly.. all my point become less.. i dont why.. no more 10 points receiving from visiting friends.. only 4 points n the emblem not even 1 i receive it. so pls take note. Tq very much. regrads.

  2. Is there a place where you can recommend things to EA because i think they should add Maggie and her Daycare. (the task with merge would actually require Maggie then just like lisa’s babysit rod and Todd quest.

  3. I know this is off topic but I recently came across a picture of Zeus Quimby and I was wondering when did he come in to the game was it a episode tie in early on in the game or what?I have been playing close to year now from just before haloween and what heapend before that I know only by seeing characters and building’s in my friends towns but I never saw this Parthenon building to witch this (im guessing it’s a skin) Zeus quimby Is linked.Anyway best regards and keep beeing the best as you already are

    • Zues? Hmmm. Got an image? It may have been just a icon for dialog. Doesn’t sound like anything I’ve seen in the game. If you send us an image I’ll be able to tell you if it existed or not in the game.

        • Yah. It does not exist. If you look at the page itself, it is someones personal blog addition to it. NOT legit. There is also comments at the bottom stating that the entire thing is just the persons “idea” of a character they would like to see. Had this actually been a legit character you would see images, dialog, splash screen, and so much more from the actual live game. This is just someone’s wishful thinking is all.

          Another reason I do not trust other sites. When you allow anyone access to edit and add anything they desire…they will. Including random fake items. We only post actual live game tested information here. We have back up to the details and information to go with it to ensure its accuracy. If it is just wishful thinking, we state that it is wishful thinking or what we “WANT EA to put in the game” so there is not confusion.

          Sorry. Cool character idea, but never actually in the game itself…ever. I can quite clearly confirm it even more so as the date the person put it in play…the Halloween Event 2013 was live and taking over our TSTO games. That Event in its entirety is documented very clearly here on our site.

  4. Josephine Kick@$$

    LMBO@ your intro! I can picture the whole event, and Wookiee sitting there holding his head saying “what did I do this time?” 🙂

  5. Oooh, I just read the blurb on Chester which would make him 114 donuts after completing that part of the questline…but then there’s Luann at 150…I have 136 and counting (thank you Krustyland and Stonecutter’s Table bonus)…neither are limited time…one comes with a couple of quests and stuff to unlock, the other a multiplier that I can definitely use with a regular sized quest…I’m familiar with both (though I had to refresh my memory about Chester)…ack, so very difficult to choose!

    • LuAnn’a questline is certainly longer and unlocks the Fleeta’s. Also comes with a building for money earning. Chester has the Rocket Car with multiplier but no building. Just based on LuAnn’s amazing outdoor animations, I’d lean her way.

  6. Thanks Alissa – I got all excited thinking it was part of one of the new animations from the Stonecutter building spying but nothing I could see or think of. I did wonder if it was something like an old questline or something like that but I’ve only ever seen glitches related to what’s going on now. I hope I get more like this – it was really cool! 😀

  7. Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone knew how many donuts I would need to get the stonucutter table and Satan’s Anvil? (I don’t think I will be able to get to the end and get everything 🙁 )

    • Here is the breakdown of each item and the cost of donuts to “buy out”.

      Sacred Parchment: 100 Donuts
      #36 Krusty: 100
      Chest of Sacred Artifacts 125 Donuts
      #85 (Willie) & #600 (Skinner): 200 Donuts
      Money Pool & #29 (Mr Burns): 225
      #50 (Wiggum) & #79 (Disco Stu): 250 Donuts
      Stone of Triumph: 300 Donuts
      #5 (Jasper) #12 (Carl) #14 (Lenny): 350 Donuts
      Stonecutters Table: 425 Donuts
      Satan’s Anvil: 375 Donuts

      • Thank you Bunny 🙂

      • me again, how they earn so many donuts? is there a cheat tool ? pls let me know.. i’ld love to have it n modify my donut. i have 0 donut right now. duh..

        • As any kind of “altered” game is against policy…we do not speak about them, promote them, or encourage them in any way on our site. Sorry. It is just too risky to the user. You are putting something created by a stranger into your game. Giving them access to all your personal information and log ins. That is VERY risky. Think of it as handing your Credit Card over to a stranger. I would not risk it.

          In the end, what you do with your own game is up to you. You do so at your own risk. You just will not find any of that here. We prefer to keep in good standing with EA as it benefits us and our readers in getting the access and information required for this site and for YOU. 😉

  8. I just tried to post but I think my ipad ate or moved my post…

    I love graphics glitches as I’ve had some really funny ones and they’re easily rid of but today I’ve had loads. Firstly I had one of a frame by frame of a cat streaking along, all the different stages of its graphic (it might have been the one at Sanjay’s house or the Crazy Cat Lady house one). But then I had another one over my All Seeing Eye temple. It was, again, a frame by frame each stage of an egg being thrown (not an egg shell, the white and yolk). Where has my game picked this up from? It usually just picks things currently visible but this has stumped me. Any idea where it’s from? Thanks.

    • It’s a texture glitch. Those eggs are left over from Halloween 2012…sometimes they just randomly appear in the game creating that texture glitch you see. 🙂

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